The Essentials to Raising a Whole Healed Child

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The Essentials to Raising a Whole Healed Child By Jafree Ozwald

“Every situation, properly perceived, becomes an opportunity to heal.” ~ A Course in Miracles

Children are natural sponges, they absorb everything around them.  When you surround your child with an environment constantly overflowing with positive, light-hearted laughter and fun-loving joyful energy, they absorb this energy and effortlessly begin to discover this natural state of healing inside.  If your child’s environment is filled with control, stress, arguing, negativity or disorder, they will assimilate this energy into their body and take it on as their own. Whatever we focus on, we feel, become and radiate back out onto the world. It’s really that simple.

 Once you completely drop the personal agenda you have upon your child, they become the easiest beings in the world to be around.  The conflict between parent and child first arises out the “shoulds” that the adult imposes upon them.  When we loosen our grip upon our inner “should-a-holic”, we start to relax, and can feel a deeper connection with their free soul and spirit.  This gives them the space to grow, expand and be the freely creative wild being they truly are.

Children naturally are the most open, spontaneous and creative beings you’ll ever meet.  They are the most receptive to change.  Their minds are not stuck in the past, or fixated upon a certain mindset from years of skeptical thought patterns. They are fresh, alive and always growing up and out of their old skin and ready for what is new! This means that your child is your greatest teacher.  You are the one in training, learning how to let go of the mind and truly be alive again.

Naturally, children are born with the connection to spirit and feel as big and bright as the Universe.  The only reason we need to empower our children is because they are picking up on the small, powerless and unconfident aspects inside ourselves. Every child is a natural loving healing being from birth, yet they are constantly duplicating whatever the “big people” share with them.  If you want them to develop in the most profound and inspiring way, then give them the energy of timelessness, spaciousness and freedom.  Then this is what they will give you back to the world. They need you to play the role of the mature adult who can show them how to unconditionally accept themselves, approve of themselves and love every part inside.  The more we can show them patience, curiosity and the willingness to learn, the more beautiful gifts they will have to give the world as they mature.

“Do you know how beautiful you are? I think not, my dear. For as you talk of God, I see great parades with wildly colorful bands streaming from your mind and heart, carrying wonderful and secret messages to every corner of this world. I see saints bowing in the mountains Hundreds of miles away to the wonder of sounds that break into light from your most common words.” ~Hafiz

The first essential secret that you want to bring into your child’s heart and mind is a feeling of safety, inner peace and silence. This means you will have to cultivate it within yourself in order to give it to them. Spend at least a half hour of conscious time together each day where you and your child just play, connect, be silly, day dream and don’t need to engage in any dialog.  This time is sacred bonding time on a spiritual level, where your consciousness is merged, and heart is opening to higher states of acceptance.

Let your consciousness become not two separate beings, but one consciousness when together. Feel into the consciousness of your child and merge with that consciousness. You can explore this technique doing anything together. Perhaps you want to take a nap together, tell stories, read, draw, paint, make funny faces, or simply gaze into each others eyes lying on the floor.  The key is the intention that you hold, which is a willingness to listen from a deeper level to who this being truly is and what their soul is truly all about.  Allow a gentle smile and soft eyes to permeate your face during this experience, and reach out with your feelings and get a sense of what is happening inside their body and mind.  

The second essential secret is to feel into the infinite source of love within yourself, and then send this flowing source of love from your heart into theirs.  Imagine you are radiating a golden white light from your heart, and it is pouring all over them, flooding their entire body, breath and heart.  Breathe this golden light into every cell, bone and fiber of their being for as long as you can.  This source of energy and love is coming from an Infinite Source, not your mind, so you won’t feel drained after.  

Ask their soul if they can receive more of this loving light from you. Imagine this warm cozy feeling is filling them up from the inside, dissipating any fears, anxiety or heavy energy they may have picked up from you or others.  Remain in eye contact as much as possible and relax into this soul gazing experience.  Be free to giggle or laugh if needed, yet just look with eyes of love.  After you feel this light has transferred into them, lay down on the floor with them and give them a big snuggle and tell them you love them sooooo much!  

“The love that you withhold in life is the pain that you carry.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

If on any level you notice that you are hoping, wishing or demanding that your child is different than how they being right now, you are not loving them.  Love is patient, kind and accepting others as they are.  If you are always trying to improve upon your child, they will receive this message as, “I’m not OK as I am” and surely develop a complex around this growing up.  Of course we really want our children to be like us, and be the best human being they can be.  Yet, children are highly sensitive beings that simply absorb the base foundational feeling or vibration their parent is sending out.  If you are coming from fear and control, that is the way they will see the entire world to be.  Any demand or expectation we place upon a child is coming from a place of fear.  

Simply remember that love is infinitely patient, super gentle, deeply kind, and does not ever expect perfection. It loves the person exactly as they are. When you apply this simple understanding as the base foundational law for interacting with your child, within a few days or hours you’ll start to see them shift in how they relate to you.  A little miracle will begin to occur as your child starts to feel its safe to share this loving sweet energy inside themselves with everyone, and this can engage a life long self loving healing process.

  Every child on this planet is born with the power to be a confident, loving, empowered, whole human being.  These qualities are naturally found inside of us at birth, and blossom into our world when given the right nutrients.  When a child understands that they are loved beyond understanding, they find the power within themselves to become a totally confident, loved, and completely whole.  

The moment we stop throwing any fearful negative energy onto these amazing little beings, they instantly feel this shift inside, and discover on their own that life is a great divine and SAFE playground to be enjoyed and explored.  It’s truly amazing what happens when a child meets with an unconditional source of love, that can often come in the form of an animal or a very conscious human being.  What occurs after is that they receive this energy, feel it as their own, project it onto the people around them, and then receive the feedback from the world that they are this great loving being as well!   

If you feel a child has been traumatized by life and needs help empowering themselves, gaining trust and the ability to live a calm peaceful life, I have created a special Guided Meditation Audio Journey for Children that will help them in a profound way.  This guided inner experience will take them on a journey to explore their inner world, and introduce them to meet with their own power animal!  This animal will teach them how to access their own self confidence, self love and healing power within.  This is a soft enjoyable healing audio experience that may even be used to help them fall asleep, yet will reprogram their subconscious mind to experience an inner healing and outer empowerment in their life.  Enjoy!

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Sending lots of love and lightness,

Jafree Ozwald

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