The Extraordinary Magic of Self Love!

The Extraordinary Magic of Self Love!Written by Jafree Ozwald

"Love gives you the first insight into eternity.  Love is the only experience that transcends time.  That’s why lovers are not afraid of death.  Love knows no death."  ~Osho How often do you have unconditional love and deep acceptance for yourself just they way you are?  Many of us get wrapped up in looking for approval, appreciation, acceptance and love from the outer world, and don’t realize that there is a vast infinite supply of it already within.  Self love is one of the most powerful habits and healing gifts that you can learn to give yourself.  You are truly the only one who can be there 100% for you, and accept who you are no matter what happens in your life.  While other people may have a deep appreciation for you, only you have the power to let in their love and feel it inside.  The interesting thing is that you are only able to feel another person’s love for you when self love is present in your life.  By loving yourself, you allow in love from "outside" yourself.

"Appreciation of others and the appreciation of your self is the closest vibrational match to your Source Energy of anything that we’ve ever witnessed anywhere."  ~Abraham-Hicks

When you activate the habit of letting in deeper feelings of self acceptance and self love, the world becomes a truly magical place.  By bathing in the vibration of love, you actually experience the entire world from a softer more empowered perspective.  The mundane becomes sacred, and everyone you meet feels deeply connected with the Divine.  The simplest of experiences you have each day become doorways to the Divine.  There is a higher awareness in you of a natural effortless connection with your Divine Essence.  This helps you to receive the most loving relationships, abundant wealth, peak health, and most satisfying career in your life! One of the magical aspects of practicing Self Love is that it becomes super easy to manifest anything you want into your life.  The vibration of love is the foundation for manifesting the highest levels of success in this material world.  When you completely love and accept all aspects of yourself, you send out such a strong energetic vibration into the Universe that you become a massive manifesting magnet!  You’ll experience that everyone and everything around you simply wants more of whatever you’e got!  Even if someone just receives one brief glance flowing from this deeper self loving feeling inside, they can be intimately impacted for the rest of their life.

The energy of love physically vibrates at a much higher frequency than any other emotion we can choose.  Those lower vibrational feelings such as fear, greed, lack, impatience, or frustration only block you from manifesting everything your heart desires.  Through increased levels of Self love you will naturally shift the vibration within your mind-body, transforming yourself into a powerful Source of magnetic energy that attracts those divine experiences, relationships, and financial opportunities into your life!  We’ve found that the more love you shower onto yourself, the more the Universe showers its abundance of every kind onto you.   "You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection."  ~ Siddhartha Gautama (The Buddha)  The people who don’t make loving themselves a priority in their day are usually caught in a belief that loving yourself is selfish and egotistical.  This type of self love we’re referring to is not egocentric, yet one that truly goes beyond the ego and can heal every needy, wounded, angry, prideful part inside you.  This true self love is more heart-centered, and is about moving through those feelings of being a separate needy ego.  It’s about finding that direct connection to the infinite source at the very core of your being. 

Discovering this true Self Love is like believing you were the moon, who needed light and warmth from others on the outside, so that you could reflect that energy back to everyone.  Then one day you realized that this love is not coming from outside you, but inside, and that you are truly the Sun who is always radiating, and shining its light onto everyone and everything.  When you turn you attention to WHERE the source of love is right now, you simply find out that you were always the Sun and forever will be this brilliant loving light.

"If the light is in one room, the only way to light up the other room is to open the door. The only way to discover new things is to open your mind."  ~Allen Steble

What’s even more interesting about loving yourself is the physical impact it has on your health.  The vibration of love has also been scientifically proven to alter the shape and structure of actual water molecules.  Since your physical body is made up of more than 70% water, it is continuously impacted by vibrations of negative or positive words you send into it.  According to many scientific studies done on water molecules, your physical body is directly affected by the words, sounds and thoughts it is exposed to.  Check our new webpage below for actual photographs of water crystals impacted by love vs. hated.  You’ll notice there is a world of difference!  When you send your body loving thoughts and energy, each cell in your body actually relaxes and takes on a healthier more powerful configuration.   It has also been proven that strong states of Self love boost the immune system in our body, allowing us to more effectively fight off invading mirco-organisms and viruses.

"Love is letting go of fear."  Gerald Jampolsky

You may equate imbuing your body-mind with Self love like putting high performance rocket fuel into your body’s engine.  It supports the entire organism in running more smoothly and operating at a peak state of health and well-being.   Self love will literally create a physical healing in the body. The more loving energy you send towards yourself and towards each cell in your body, the healthier you will be and the more energy you will have.  Learn how to love yourself in the most profound ways!   Instantly download our NEW Guided Self Love Meditation at:

Sending you soooo much love,
Jafree Ozwald

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