The Golden Secret to Shifting Out of Suffering

The Golden Secret to Shifting Out of Suffering     
By Jafree Ozwald  

As the grand master law states, whatever you focus your attention on is what grows and manifests into your life. This means no matter what you hold your focus on, it becomes magically magnetized into the field of energy around you, and will soon manifest into physical form. This is why it is soooo crucial to learn how to meditate and stop your mind in its tracks.  When you can keep your attention fixed on what you want, you can instantly stop investing your time in thinking about what you don’t want, and remain focused on what you do want.

The most profound life shift that you can imagine starts the moment you have the awareness to remain focused on the positive thoughts you most want to have 24 hours a day.  By being intimately aware of every thought you’re thinking and each feeling that you are feeling, you can keep your mind from wandering down those undesirable territories of fear, lack and laziness. Keeping your mind focused only on what you want in life can be very tricky, unless you have deeply trained your mind to remain centered in pure awareness itself.  The thoughts you’re thinking simply pass through the mind, yet you sit back as the witnesser, resting within as the untainted watcher.

Most minds are constantly filled with desires of all forms and subtleties. When the mind is always focused on wanting something, it makes you unable to spend time enjoying life, feeling grateful, and being at peace with what is.  Living in a constant desire mode, the mind and body get caught in imagining you are “needy” and lacking something in life.  Whenever you believe that through fulfilling any desire that your life will become better, it causes you to remain trapped in a perpetual whirlpool of subtle desperation.  That which is unreal seems to be real, and you end up living in a dream world that can never find Reality.  This is because the ego is never satisfied, and can never ever discover the feeling of being totally fulfilled even moments after a desire manifests.  The ego just keeps chasing the dream, until one day it tires and realizes that the only reality is the one where the mind is absent, still and silent. 

 The grand master secret to shifting from suffering to instant success is not found through increasing your consciousness through meditation.  The golden secret here is that you’ll be transcending your ego through the minutes you spend in deep stillness and silence. In this sweet stillness, you drop deeper into your true enlightened essence in an easy and effortless way.  The silence paves the path for the soul to rise above the ego, allowing you to see beyond the culmination of ideas that cloud the mind.  The silent mind is the most powerful mind of all, and with it you will find it is impossible to experience anything that is without pleasure.

Only through practicing daily meditation can you discover that all struggle and potential suffering is bliss and ecstasy in disguise.  When there is a gentle merging with the core of your consciousness, then everything you do comes from “success consciousness”.  This is where there is no winner and no loser, because you see everything is Divine.  From this place, your life becomes a big orgasmic release into the unknown and you can naturally, effortlessly and easily remain focused on what your life purpose is and remain on a perpetually expansive experience of life all the time.

Through increasing your consciousness through meditation, you also empower yourself to manifest anything you want to experience in your world.  You become a manifesting magnet for success and everything you want in life simply finds its way to you.  The great secret to mastering meditation is learning how to let go of life and surrender your mind to its source. This means that you are no longer identified with the mind, and you are more identified with the source from which consciousness springs from. This is the path of total freedom and always leads one instantly out of suffering and into the vibration of success. 

Anytime you are in a safe quiet space try holding your breath in a way that is not forceful or exerting stress on your body.  It will slowly quiet the mind chatter and instantly bring you into a state of meditation. You don’t have to try to control the mind or force it to be quiet or still.  The stopped breath will simply pull you back into a state of witnessing, and return you to look at life from the sweet source from where all thoughts arise from.  This is the key from where you can shift out of any state of suffering and step immediately into a light, loving or successful feeling. 

When you simply can remain in the infinite center of you, you gain control over your entire experience of the existence.  As I’ve mentioned before, whatever you focus on is what manifests into your life, and when you simply hold your divine attention on the infinite source of your being, you will naturally experience a state of joy, freedom and ecstasy that is beyond anything you could buy with a zillion dollars.  This place of profound freedom can only be discovered through the greatest surrender, and the tremendous joy you find will bring true inner peace into your life everyday. You’ll soon find yourself walking down the street bubbling with happiness and suddenly feeling blissed out for no reason at all!

 Enlightening Homework Assignment:  Whenever you can over the next 7 days of your life, let go of all the ideas you have about who you are, where you’ve come from and where you’re going.  Instead of thinking about your problems, opportunities and who you think you are, think about the spaciousness from which you (and everything else) came from.  Deeply let go of any efforting to become someone new, and simply rest into the source from which everything arises. You’ll soon find a feeling of lightness or love growing inside you. When this lighter feeling comes, simply focus on it and watch it grow! Give yourself completely over to the divine exploration of this light loving feeling. Let your entire being drop deeply into this lightness and when you are in touch with this greatest light feeling you can fathom, imagine it is anchoring in every cell of your body by holding the peak of each inhalation to lock it in.  

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Sending lots of love, laughter and healing,
Jafree Ozwald

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