The Great Secret to Becoming a Manifesting Master

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The Great Secret to Becoming a Manifesting Master

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“In order to acquire anything in the physical universe, you have to relinquish your attachment to it. This doesn’t mean you give up your intention to create your desire…and you don’t give up the desire. You give up your attachment to the result.”  ~Deepak Chopra

Would you like to manifest a life that is abundant with love, filled with peace, and overflowing with positive feelings? You can create a deeply nourishing healing life for yourself, and it’s not that hard.  The trick begins with the decision to master your mind. Just be willing to make space for a feeling of mastery of it in your life. Often the mind thinks like a beggar, and it cannot tap into the vast infinite realm of resources that are everywhere around it.  It is only when the mind stops seeking, starts relaxing into itself, that it becomes rooted in the most empowered, authentic, and divine expression of who we truly are and can manifest whatever we want with effortless ease.

Manifesting is an art form and a metaphysical science which deals with how naturally and effortlessly we can allow our desires to show up in the physical world.  Basically, manifesting just happens when you get crystal clear on what it is that we want, remove any limiting or negative thoughts about receiving it, hold the intention it’s now coming our way, and take massive inspired actions following our intuition.  Manifesting is not difficult to do, in fact we manifest things everyday without realizing we are doing it.  We desire a pizza and call the pizza guy and it is delivered hot and fresh to the door in 15 minutes.  Yet, when it comes to bigger desires that feel beyond our realm of resources, we tend to fall into old limiting belief systems that stop us from believing that our dream is possible.

One of the greatest secrets I’ve discovered to becoming a manifesting master in this life, is learning how to live in a state of detachment from the mind. This means you realize that you are not these desires or thoughts that pour through the mind, yet you are the witness and consciousness behind it all. Detachment in this sense does not mean indifference, apathy, or lacking excitement for your desires. It’s not a feeling of disconnection, isolation, or some strategy for creating a false disconnected state so that you can later achieve your desire and become momentarily happy. Having the intention to manifest a desire and being detached from the outcome is a very fine thin line to walk, and learning to dance along it makes you into a manifesting master!

 Everything you want in life manifests effortlessly from this place of healthy detachment. It is a spiritual practice from FEELING connected to the Infinite Source in all things (who you truly are). From this deeply connected space, you don’t need to become attached to any thought or thing. This type of detachment is comes simply from quieting your mind chatter and connecting with your heart and soul.  Your soul is already perfectly aligned with the entire Universe, inherently abundant, extremely confident, and deeply at ease with all aspects of yourself. When you are in tune with your soul you feel relaxed, centered and can find stillness within your body.  Your mind is then delighted here, and lives in a state of gratitude for all that is, and are ok with any result that may or may not occur.

“When we recognize that nothing has to go right for us to be happy, and that people don’t have to behave for us to love them, our walk home can become surprisingly simple.” ~ Hugh Prather

The inability to be detached is the main hindrance to manifesting our desires. If we are super clear about what we want in life, and have no resistance to receiving it, our desire will manifest within a very short time.  Yet, if we we feel disconnected from our soul, we need the outcome to find happiness and inner peace, and the body falls lower in vibration.  We feel we need to work overtime to arrive at our destination, and live from a place of stress inside. When we are vibrating at a higher soul level, it’s actually effortless to manifest any outcome or circumstance. It basically shows up in your life because we are so connected and thus available to it.

True detachment is a very advanced state to live from because you are allowing yourself to be absorbed in a deep trust with life.  You are totally surrendered to this connection with your highest power and infinite creative energy within.  There is no need try to achieve any outcome, or fall into a state of lack or neediness about anything anymore. You know you already have access to an infinite resource of intelligent power, which can attract everything you need.  You are simply happy within yourself and your life as it is, and you can feel it to the core of your bones.

The more you can practice relaxing into your soul, the more you naturally open yourself to this meeting with the magical manifesting world around you. Through the deepest release and sweetest surrender, you find your personal intimate connection with the all-intelligent, all-powerful, unconditionally loving creative Source (God) that flows through us all.  The more you practice this, you establish a relationship with it, and eventually find real peace with everything that occurs.  There is no need to worry, hope, or fear anything in the future.  You simply feel connected to the entire Universe in all its glory and awesome power, and can feel ok with every single thing that occurs.

By spending time developing your intimate connection with the Source that flows through every breath you take, every movement you make, you begin to feel it is everywhere you are.  From this ever-present state you just know you are always on the right path, and can never make a mistake.  You stop believing in coincidences because you know that each moment is perfect, divinely synchronized, and contains the magical resources to manifest any desire you wish to materialize.  Manifesting then turns into this fun creative mysterious spiritual game to enjoy, instead of some serious achievement affair where positive results are needed to make you happy. These are a few of the signs that you are on the path to becoming a manifesting master.

“Attachment leads to suffering.” ~Buddha

It’s a good thing to remember that attachment is the number one cause of suffering in this world. Whenever we are suffering about anything (on a mental, emotional or physical level) it is certain that we are attached to some thought inside ourselves about something. Attachment in the most raw definition means we cannot surrender to trust and let go.  We are clinging out of fear and losing the outcome we desire. We can be afraid of losing anything in life, all based on our wounding and karma from the past.  When we discover how to trust in the state of detachment, we find the spiritual state of connection, and our manifesting abilities ascend to an entirely new level.

Attachment is a form of poverty consciousness which stems out of feeling disconnected to our spiritual Source. Out of desperation we attach ourselves to certain thoughts, beliefs, people, and habits in hope that a certain positive “Source-like” feeling will manifest, and bring in all the happiness and satisfaction we were missing. This approach is obviously coming from ego; that fearful needy place which deep down is neglecting and ignoring its innate connection to Source. The ego is always desperate and always trying to make you feel secure, because it’s too busy to relax into the unconditional loving Source that is here now.  The great cosmic joke of course is that the Source is always right here, right now, and always available to tap into. When you become free from the mind’s attachment to anything, you start feeling the infinite love and energy within this Source, and know exactly how easy it is to manifest any life you desire.

When you are non-attached to the mind and are feeling connected to your soul, your core identity remains centered with the infinite Source instead of your ego. You realize that YOU are the Source of love, peace, and empowerment. It is not found outside you, yet from within in. From this enlightened space, your ego takes a step down and simply feels grateful for life just as it is. Then, the Universe seems to hand over every wish, want and desire you have. It does this for mere joy of feeling your heart soften more and see the smile on your face become bigger.

Behind every fear, anxiety and pain, an attachment is hiding. If you are unsure where it is, or what exactly you are attached to in life, just check your body. A feeling of tension, clenching, or anxiety always appears. Talk with that part of your body, listen to it closely for a few minutes and eventually you will notice a message inside the tense, tight, or contracted sensation. The more you understand the reason for these attachments, the easier it is to step back from them and not buy into their story.

Freedom from attachment is a healing process. When you are truly free, it means you’ll have TONS of extra time, love energy to consciously manifest the life your heart really desires. The process to shift out of any attachment is this. First to identify where it is located in the body, breathe into the tight sensation, feel the pain, listen to it’s story, let go of its story, and relax into the Source beyond it all…and repeat until the tension/story are gone. It helps to remember that happiness does not depend on ANYTHING in the outer world, yet your level of surrender to your heart’s connected to the Source within.  The more often you practice this surrender, the less chance you will ever get attached to anything again.

Every moment is an opportunity to release those hidden attachments stopping you from manifesting your dreams, yet sometimes they are tricky to find.  If you are accustomed to living with stress and tension each day, and your mind is too loud to hear what it’s message is for you, simply look inside yourself and ask, “Who is attached?  Where do I feel I am lacking in my life that is causing me to be overly hooked into this particular thought, belief, assumption or outcome? What is that missing part of “me” that desperately needs XYZ to manifest in order for me to be happy?  It is vital to remember that it is always your mind that is attached, and not you. You are not your mind. You are the soul, who is eternal, infinite, unbounded and cannot be attached to anything.

The more clear we can become about what we are attached to in life and why, the more enlightened we become.  When we can identify the lacking feelings we are holding onto, we stop blaming the world for how we feel, and reclaim our power again.  Seeing what actually is creating our need for attachment is the key to unleashing our freedom.  The limiting feelings we regurgitate about ourselves are the secret gateways to forming new paradigms of being and seeing reality. We have the power within ourselves to release our blocks right now, and thus attract any desired outcome in life that we choose.  We no longer need to engage in states of unnecessary suffering ever again.

“You are given the gifts of the gods, you create your reality according to you beliefs. Yours is the creative energy that makes your world. There are no limitations to the self except those you believe in.” ~ Seth


My invitation for you this week is to recognize all of your attachments each day and let them go. Breathe into your body so deeply that there is no more room for the mind to enter.  Be free from the mind.  Let yourself feel into the still, calm, ever loving Source that is beneath all needy feelings.  Whenever you feel stuck just ask the magic question, “What am I attached to?” It’s that simple!  As soon as you see it, let it go by simply making the choice to surrender to trusting in something much greater than you.

Yes, this is your week to practice saying good-bye to every limiting belief that you are attached to and choose to find real freedom in your life!  Reconnect with your soul, the infinite presence in you, and be free from all attachments forever. If you would like more assistance with this, I’ve created a super powerful online program that will train you how to become the master of your mind.  This is a practical down to earth daily manifesting program that is a highly effective personal experience and is 100% guaranteed to dramatically shift your life in the most enlightening ways in the next 90 days or less!

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Sending lots of loving connection and sweet lightness,

Jafree Ozwald

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