The Greatest Enlightened Secret to Freedom

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The Greatest Enlightened Secret to Freedom

By Jafree Ozwald

“Everybody wants to be extraordinary. That is the search of the ego; to be someone who is special, unique, and incomparable. This is the paradox, the more you try to be exceptional, the more ordinary you look because everyone is after extraordinaryness. It is such an ordinary desire.” ~ Osho

Enlightenment just happens the moment we are void of all thoughts, attachments and beliefs. When we are empty, truly empty and not hankering for anything of this world then we are totally free. In this divine emptiness we discover the most magical space, where we see how every moment of life contains infinite possibilities. Our lives change from behaving like a tight fist to more like an open hand. We feel ready to receive whatever goodies life throws our way. The pain of living like a tight fist who needs to fight for money, power, freedom or love is just the habit of the ego who must forever struggle to survive.

Letting go is not always easy. We often do a lot of suffering in the process of it. Yet, this is the divine struggle. Discovering this sacred empty experience of life is an extremely powerful spiritual playground that is impregnated with the magical state of enlightenment. Through being empty we feel totally connected and at one with everything. When we finally let go of control and let the all intelligent Universe run this show, we instantly know what its like to be spiritually at peace. We feel the cosmic womb is all around us, and that we are constantly being fertilized with the most succulent experiences life has to offer.

The great enlightening experience of dropping into this cosmic womb is one that all the ancient masters and mystics have discovered throughout time. It may just fall upon you one day by accident, or you might sit down and surrender yourself to it. Either way, its a deep conscious letting go of your life, your future, and attachment to any desire the mind gets hooked on. By welcoming the great empty void, you will see that there is no such thing as a coincidence or accident. Everything is guided, divinely guided all the time. Every action, thought and curiosity is brought to you through divine intelligence.

“The very search to be ordinary is actually extraordinary, because rarely does somebody want to be a nobody. Rarely does somebody want to be a hollow empty space. Yet, this is really extraordinary because nobody wants it. So when you become ordinary, you become extraordinary.” ~Osho

Emptiness is the greatest hiding place for the most awesome treasure in the Universe. It’s the perfect space one would least suspect enlightenment to be found. This is not a graveyard feeling of emptiness, its a rich emptiness, like that of a 20 mile deep hole in the ground with a billion pounds of gold at the bottom.  This emptiness will empty you of all of your suffering. In one instant, you let go of all of your struggling and suffering.

It is like each breath you breathe is the breath of God and tastes like sacred music to the soul. When emptiness is pouring through your veins and every heart beat, you cannot help but make this connection with your soul. Its not something created by the mind. It only happens when there is no mind, desires or thoughts percolating inside. It’s an actual spiritual experience of being absorbed by “no-thing”, which requires a complete let go of the mind.

The sacred emptiness just happens through us naturally and spontaneously when we drop attachment to everything in our world, including ourselves. We must let go of who we think we are, what our lives are about on every level, and explore becoming void of any thought or thinking. This is when the real magic seeps in. When we are trusting in something much deeper, much greater than ourselves, we surrender totally and tap into our soul inside. This connection is our natural enlightened state. The place where we discover our inherent capacity to receive the feeling of Divine grace and perpetual gratitude that is always ours to experience.

“You are the pulsing heart of the emptiness, the mountain strength of the vastness.” ~Pamela Wilson

If all of this pointing towards emptiness seems impractical, or ungrounded to you, try this emptiness breathing technique. Lay down on your bed and breathe fast and deep for 2 minutes. Then, let go of the breath and release all the air from your lungs. Don’t move a muscle and be totally still and silent for as long as you can. When the air naturally wants to enter your body gently allow it to come in without any constraint. Just be an empty open vessel for the life force to enter you. Notice what happens in your thinking when you are truly empty. How does your mind shift in its thinking? How does your consciousness change? There is so much to be explored inside of us, and the journey all starts with directing your attention inside and being curious about everything you find.

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Get ready to live a fully open enlightened life!

Jafree Ozwald

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