The Greatest Healing Habit

The Greatest Healing Habit 
By Jafree Ozwald

Throughout the course of a lifetime we are each bound to experience some form of pain and suffering.  It is inevitable that at some time and some place, we create a situation that is void of pleasure and filled with trauma.  This happens because we become deeply unaware that we are powerful manifesting beings who are creating each experience, and unconsciously slide into playing the role of a victim of our lives.  Whenever a repetitive trauma happens to you, the most important question to ask yourself is not, “why is this happening to me?” yet rather “what can I do to transcend this vicious cycle?”

In the world of manifesting, there are truly no accidents or coincidences that can exist.  We are each fully responsible for every thought we’re entertaining, which inadvertently attracts the situations and experiences we encounter.  Anytime you find yourself continuously returning to the same series of thoughts, beliefs and experiences that spout up an emotional well of trauma and mental pain, the greatest response that you can have is one of self-love and forgiveness.  When you can consciously shift your attention back to loving you, the world around you (and inside you) has to respond in a more sensitive healing manner.

If you think you first need to find a sufficiently good reason before you can forgive yourself (or others) from the past, then you might remain in internal battle of pain your entire life and never discover what the experience of total freedom, healing or enlightenment is. The ego mind is never completely satisfied with anything, and by simply choosing to forgive because it feels lighter inside your heart, is the only reason you need to evolve.  The moment you choose forgiveness your energy shifts from living in the spinning wheels up in your head, and down into the kingdom of love, empowerment and abundance of the heart where the bliss of pure being abides.

The greatest secret to healing your life is to turn forgiveness into a habit.  The more frequent and quickly that you step into the feeling of loving yourself, letting go of the past and truly forgiving yourself (and the other), the easier it becomes to slip into this healing sensation the next time trauma comes around.  Just like any new habit is formed, it may initially take some time in the beginning to flip on the forgiveness switch, yet it’s an easy one to get addicted to because it feels soooo darn good.  

Self-forgiveness is one of the greatest healing experiences we can choose to have.  Don’t be deceived if think your life is going “just fine” and believe there is nothing inside you that needs forgiveness. Our childhoods are filled with very subtle traumas and there are sooo many old judgments about ourselves and others, heavy societal beliefs, negative ideologies, and unforgiving habits that have been formed along the way which we are unconscious of.  The only way you’ll know the truth is by taking a deep long look inside yourself, into your past, and notice where you are not 100% at peace.

Most of us have a subconscious basement stuffed with past trauma, and in order to function in this world we have had to lock the door and hide the key.  All this old pain is hidden from our daily lives until we get close to another human being, fall in love, or open up to having an intimate conversation with someone.  Then, these wounds suddenly come to the surface and the opportunity to experience forgiveness begins.

The experience of forgiveness is not difficult, in fact it’s as easy as relaxing into your body.  When you are relaxed inside you can effortlessly let go of the cycle of hard heavy thoughts your mind is swirling in.  To step into the forgiveness vibration right now, start with taking a deep breath into your belly, and feel what is the heaviest thought pattern and weight you’re carrying inside.  Notice what is around your heart, or weighing on your back and shoulders.  Feel whatever tension, tightness or pain you’re holding, and notice how often it occurs and when and where it happens most often.  The deeper you can allow yourself to consciously feel this pain, to let it in all the way to the core, the deeper the roots of forgiveness will reach inside and penetrate every cell of your being.

After you have felt the very root of your heaviest belief system you’ve been attached to, tell yourself that you are taking responsibility for creating this experience and are now going to create something new.  If your mind continues to go back into the pattern of criticizing, blaming, belittling, comparing or degrading you, then take this as your golden opportunity to turn on your forgiveness engines.  Each time you can take responsibility for any hard and heavy thoughts you’re entertaining, the more empowered you’ll feel to reverse that negative flow, forgive yourself for this addiction to negativity, and let it all go.

The habit of forgiveness is the most powerful, revolutionary and life changing pattern that you can choose to create.  There truly is nothing more effective and transformational that you can do with your time here on Earth.  It will heal your life in the deepest and most traumatic of patterns, and cure you of any illness you are facing.  It may take you weeks or months to train your mind to repetitively fall into the forgiveness habit, yet it’s the greatest healing habit that will dramatically improve every area of your life.  Consistently choose forgiveness and you’ll attain mastery over your mind which soon equates to finding success in your relationships, financial status, and physical, emotional and mental health.  


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Enjoy this enlightening day today!
Jafree Ozwald

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