The Greatest Life Teaching

The Greatest Life Teaching      
By Jafree Ozwald  

What is the greatest teaching in life?  It’s the one that will instantly open your mind, enlighten your soul, and transform your heart into a trusting ball of love the moment you let it in.  Of all the thousands of enlightening teachings to choose from in this multidimensional Universe, there is one that is light years beyond them all.  If you ignored this one simple teaching today from your life, you’d be removing the key to experiencing your soul and your ability to live your life’s purpose.  Living without this one golden nugget of wisdom that you’re going to receive today, your life will feel like a constant struggle, which is often empty, desperate and meaningless. 

The great golden life teaching you most need to learn is this.  Know how to remain at peace, centered in your truth, and intimately connected to the divine trusting loving God-source, no matter what is happening in your outer world.   It’s not that hard to do when you’ve learned how to trust life and truly surrender your ego.  Once you get this one, it feels like winning the super powerball jackpot every single day!  You’ll feel a mountain of confidence beneath your every step, and be unscathed by others judgments and opinions.  Nothing that happens in the media of this world will frighten you in any way when you are rooted in Source.  You instantly become a spiritual leader for your entire community, who need your peaceful expansive lightness to be a living example for them to guide them back home. 

  To root yourself in the most peaceful infinite Source inside you, you must first embrace and transcend all the suffering in your life.  Realize that each experience of suffering is just an attachment to a thought from the past.  That is all that it truly is.  Once the thought is released there is only this divine presence here to bathe in again and again.  By naturally finding this effortless state of inner calm, you will realize without a doubt that you are the God Source and can manifest, create and accomplish anything you desire in life.

You will quickly learn how to remain intimately and infinitely connected with this sweet soulful experience by practicing one thing.  Letting everything be as it is.  Let go of your life and the life of the world around you.  It is always changing and to attach your mind to it is becoming attached to a dead thing.  The only thing that is alive is this present moment.  When you’ve discovered this, you’ve found the difference between creating success and suffering in your everyday life. 

The secret to true inner peace is finding what is REAL and attaching yourself to it, instead of to the mind.  The mind is not real; it fluctuates with ideas and experiences.  What is real is what does not change.  It is the constant ever present awareness that is at the core of you!  It provides you with the ability to conquer any demon in your path.  No matter how big it is, every negative force will fall before you when you have established just one deep root in it, and true inner peace is the natural by-product.

 It takes tremendous courage embrace your suffering in all its flavors and work though all the past karma you’ve created.  Life is pulverizing you daily with distractions.  Your job is not to make excuses that keep you stuck in your ego trip and to find where is your strongest root source of peace within your being.  When you discover it, your life becomes a genuine flow of lightness, laughter and love all the time! 

“Only he who has courage is a true living being. One who has no courage is like a dead man, even though he lives.” ~ Mahavatar Babaji

True inner peace is not just a lack of conflict; it is the sweet effervescent blissful connection to the spiritual source of your being.  It is a state of absolute allowing, where you become as passive, powerful and pervasive as the unbounded sky. This is the deepest truth of who you really are. To find it you cannot add anything extra onto your already busy life; you must simply release whatever is unnecessary and deeply let go of all those limiting thoughts about who you believe you are.  When your ego trip becomes less entertaining than the infinite source of spiritual bliss, then the greatest experience of life will find you.  Yet, you must practice letting go of the mind, every moment, on the deepest of levels, if you want to experience true freedom.  You cannot lie to the Universe for that is merely lying to yourself.

  This divine inner peace can only be found by looking deeply within at your patterns and seeing them so you can step beyond them the next time they arise.  By meditating on what IS, letting everything be as it is, the divine totality of existence shows itself to you and only then will you learn how to truly relax.  This is where the divine aspect of inner peace is found.

If you’re already an avid meditator, or think you are one, then see how long you can hold your attention on the infinite source of consciousness within you.  This leads you instantly into total divine peace and your full power.  All of life awakens in your field of awareness and everyone becomes vibrantly alive within your presence.  The Buddha was said to have a vibrational healing impact on every being within 200 miles of his living body.  When you can hold your attention on your source of consciousness, the deep profound peace that radiates from it will have the same impact or perhaps even more!

You are a being of light and love.  You would not be reading this email this far into it if you were not.  You would not be able to handle this information if you were not ready for it.  It is important that you honor the power within you, and not be attached to this world and its wild appearances.  For when you see that everything is an emanation of the mind, you have discovered the secret to transcending it all.

You can remain in a state of deep profound peace 24 hours a day by devoting your life to your spiritual enlightenment.  You cannot force this or push the mind into it, yet you can invite it, tempt it and motivate it to believe in the benefits of letting go of your fear.  A fearless life is the only life that is worth living.  By committing yourself to the spiritual path you are taking on a life without fear, which allows everyone to come home to the peace within their heart in your presence.  As you let the light into yourself, you allow others to do the same for themselves.  Each time others see you bathing in the Light, they are inspired to reach a brighter place within their own being.   

The good news is that there truly is no effort needed to find this enlightened peace filled state of bliss within. It’s revealed instantly when you have totally given up and truly drop the mind’s “searching habit” for something better.  Only in this divine release can you arrive in bliss, and find complete quietness and stillness inside. You will see that through egoic efforting you are engaging the mind and disrupting this natural enlightened peaceful space that’s already inside you.  Do your daily tasks, yet do them without attachment to your ego’s agenda and you’ll find life is totally enjoyable in every way!

There will be times when your life will appear to be going so smoothly and it may seem like all your karmic issues have totally disappeared.  Yet, if you’re not experiencing tremendous joy, deep gratitude or divine bliss, love and truth all day/night long, then you know your karma on Earth is still not complete.  There are old patterns hibernating in the back of your mind, remaining in latent form until you’re energized and conscious enough again to take them on.  It’s ok to enjoy the weeks of smooth sailing and be entertained by life, yet remember that Mt. Everest is there still to be climbed. 

Total enlightenment is why you are here.  Please don’t be misled by old comfortable habits of the mind. The most amazing experience of life is awaiting you in resting as pure consciousness itself. The mind will try to make a big deal out of everything and anything.  Many thoughts are coming your way and until you realize they all stem from nothing and fall into nothing, then the mind thinks they are still real and that it has a big job to do!  True success is about being absorbed by this pure consciousness that is beyond the mind.  Doing this everyday and sharing this love with whomever you are with is the path of the spiritual master. Be patient with this process… you signed up to take many years to perfect it and get it right. Yet, as we near 2012 things are going to be manifesting happening faster and faster!  If you’re ready and truly committed, now is the time to dive in!  It will take you less than 90 days on our program below to totally transform yourself and instigate a massive enlightened awakening in your life…enjoy!!

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Remember that life is a FUN enlightening adventure!!

Sending lots of love, laughter and lightness your way!!
Jafree Ozwald

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