The Greatest Love Secret of Them All

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The Greatest Love Secret of Them All 
 Written by Jafree Ozwald

“When you become the deepest valley of reception, then the highest peaks of consciousness can be given to you. Only a valley can receive a peak. Be absolutely feminine, receptive, like a womb.” ~Osho

Love is truly the greatest energy we can welcome into our lives.  The quality of love opens the heart, quiets the mind, liberates the body and soothes the soul.  Love instantly makes everything you’re doing easier, and over time you find that your entire life has becomes this long enjoyable and compassionate ride!  With love in your heart you start being gentle with yourself when you normally would come down hard, and this gentleness in turn is reflected out onto others in your community.  Everyone around you starts to feels their heart softening, opening and then they feel more lovable themselves.  Love is perhaps the more powerful and contagious force we can cultivate in our lives.

By practicing being gentle with yourself, you energetically train others to treat you the same way. People who get close to you can feel how you feel about you, and tend to want to align with where you’re at in your inner journey.  The more often you are gentle with yourself, the easier it becomes for others to be gentle with you.  By deepening in this gentleness, soon you find that your body becomes more and more relaxed, trusting and able to receive a greater and deeper love.  The heavy jaded commentary of the world stops harming you because deep down you’ve stopped harming you.  The world mirrors back the energy you throw at yourself.  The day you become a consistently radiant self loving being, truly nothing can harm you again.  Those dark self abusive hidden cracks in your mind are filled with lightness, compassion, and laughter, as you see a compassionate reflection in every being’s heart, eyes and soul. 

The more closely you can look and see how the world is your mirror, the more you’ll naturally want to deepen your devotion to being gentle with you.  This devotion to being gentle with yourself is the secret to the greatest love in the Universe. It is the master lesson we are all here to learn that creates the most profound clarity for dealing with life’s most challenging people.  When you are simply gentle and soft with yourself, you can be with any painful situation that arises in peace.  You may notice others reveling in their pain, anger or fear and you have compassion.  You understand that they are simply craving for love, and you can offer them the gentleness which you’ve cultivated inside yourself with yourself. 

Any time a child or adult is not completely gentle with you (or someone else) in any way, you can know that deep inside them they are not being gentle with themselves.  All mentally, emotionally and physcially abusive acts in this world are people begging for love.  Any form of aggression in this world is a type of desperation that screams “I am wounded and I don’t know how to love myself”.  We all can get caught in a deep illusion that we are unlovable, unworthy of love, feeling powerless and incapable of creating it for ourselves.  It is the wounded child inside us all who doesn’t know how to relax, trust and surrender to the infinite source of love within. When we realize the greatest love secret of them all is the simple sweet devotion to being gentle with ourselves no matter what, any old self abusing pattern or behavior changes, and we will see a completely new human being manifest before our very eyes. 

“Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, ‘You owe me.’ Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky.” ~Hafiz

The commitment to being gentle with yourself whenever you become emotionally dramatic, stressed out, or brimming with tension, is the most important commitment you’ll make in your life.  If we could measure your level of commitment on a scale of 1-100, where do you feel you’re at right now?  What would it take to move just one degree closer to 100%?  What would it feel like being gentle with yourself no matter what occurs for the next 24 hours?  Consistent practice and deepening of your commitment to being gentle with you is the greatest love secret you will ever discover.  This is a magical decision will transform everything in your life.  It will turn everything around as you will soon discover the all powerful divine manifesting being you truly are.

When you are consistently gentle with you, the Universe will reciprocate and be outwardly gentle with you.  Your life will feel as if you were being carried through the worst storms above the highest clouds. When this commitment to gentleness with yourself is rooted in your heart, you can feel that the Universe is truly taking care of you, and that trusting feeling allows you to relax ever so deeply into the calming flow of life’s amazing river.  You simply stop worrying about everything and anything that may arise in your consciousness.  Old personal issues and your most dramatic problems seem to dissolve like butter on a hot summer day.  As challenging issues are approached with such a devoted gentleness, the contracted energy inside the problem instantly expands, softens and is open to being transformed.  Your greatest life challenge can suddenly become a golden opportunity to bring more depth, lightness, freedom and laughter into your life.

Try out this simple exercise that will empower you in the most amazing ways.  Whatever your greatest problem, emotional issue, or challenge you’re facing right now, give it a voice, and imagine writing that message with chalk on a magic blackboard in front of you.  Close your eyes for a moment and do this now.  Now read the message and notice any images or movies in your mind that may show up on the blackboard around it.  Looking at, hearing, or feeling into these images, imagine thousands of golden lights are sparkling around the edges of your magic blackboard.  Feel how this golden vibration shifts the images and the words on it.  See how they rearrange themselves and create something completely brand new.  Now read the blackboard you’ll see a new message has been created on it.  What does it say?

 The deeper you can relax your body, and do this exercise when you’re at the peak energy in your day, the more powerful this enlightening exercise will become.  With practice you’ll be able to transform any problem you’re having within minutes.  As you continue to practice, you will get very good at shifting the stuck or challenging energy inside of issues that arise inside you.  In time you’ll come to a place where you can allow your mind to truly soften, stop and rest deep inside your being.  When this occurs, dive into the very innermost core of your being, beneath where all thoughts and feelings come from.  Here you will discover something very magical and mystical, which I describe as the infinite source of love. 

“Your task is not to seek for love but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it” ~Rumi 

Have you ever thought about where is the infinite source of love?  Spatially speaking, where do you think the source of love physically is coming from in this Universe? It seems to be inside your body, yet what if it is also coming from outside your body as well?  Imagine what would it feel like for the infinite source of love to be infinitely radiating from everywhere in the Universe and inside everything?

The mysterious act of just looking towards where this infinite source is at is extremely powerful. It is how you can instantly shift from being desperate and needing love, to relaxing into finding love.  This simple yet continuous innocent looking towards the infinite source creates an eternal arrival.  This looking is not coming from a searching lacking energy, yet from a childlike curiosity that just doesn’t know where the infinite source of love is at quiet yet.  The more we simply look into the source of infinity, something inside has to stop suffering.  Deep down you feel the source that will never end and this energy transfers into every cell of your being. 

The more quiet your mind gets the easier it is to sense into where this infinite source is truly at.  Take a few moments here to try and direct your attention towards where you think this infinite source of love is inside you now.  Pull every ounce of energy and attention you have to focus continuously in this sacred direction.  When you discover it, something will relax very deep within you.  Continually finding this infinite source of love is one of the most rewarding paths we can walk in life.  Eventually you are living at the source of love each day, and everywhere you go, you know your heart is your home.

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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