The Greatest Secret of Life

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The Greatest Secret of Life
Written by Jafree Ozwald

“That which is real cannot be threatened, and that
which is unreal does not exist.” ~ A Course of Miracles

Do you know the difference between what is real and what is unreal?  It may seem like a ridiculous question, yet most of us never take the time to sit down to deeply investigate this inquiry.  If we never question reality, how can we have a clear understanding about what is real and what is not real?  We humans have a tendency to fall into habits of complacency, blindly chasing after what is unreal, and never discovering that which truly satisfies our soul. We may spend a majority of our lives frantically running on the wheel of desire, seeking something we believe is “real gold”, yet later discovering it was only a vein of fools gold.  We are all fools for the Divine, constantly seeking to satisfy the ego which cannot be satisfied.  If we don’t stop to explore and understand the difference between the unreal and the real, we will never be able to rest, relax and realize the sacred living purpose of our soul’s journey here.

The first secret to discovering that which is real is learning how to deeply and consciously relax into your body.  You must use your mind to convince your body that it’s completely safe to let go, surrender to life, and trust you are held by a higher power who is caring for your every need.  Only through this level of deep vulnerability can we truly relax and find real clarity inside.  When the body and mind are at ease, we naturally reach a more sensitive receptivity which is capable of experiencing that which is real.  Through deep relaxation, something instantly drops your mind’s perpetual addictive search for better, happier or more.  As the gears of your mind tend to slow down and relax, you’re able to hold your attention on that which is real. This is where life begins to truly become interesting.

So perhaps you are still wondering, exactly what is real and what is unreal? Well, that which is real is permanent, eternal and does not change.  That which is unreal will always change, shift and cannot remain the same. The real is beyond the form and the formless.  It cannot be threatened, afraid, or have resistance to life.  It can only welcome each life experience that is presented.  The unreal is exactly the opposite of the real.  It feels continuously threatened, insecure, is always trying to defend, fix itself, change others, and circumnavigate it’s way through life so that you experience more pleasure and less pain. The unreal is the ego trip which is programmed to avoid pain, seek out pleasure, and constantly try to micromanage your experience of reality.  The real is the source of unconditional love, which allows you to transcend your perpetual desire for pleasure and constant avoidance of pain. The real is the eternal essence of your very being, and the only thing which will truly satisfy your soul.

In a more practical context, everything which is born in the mind’s imagination is unreal, and that which is felt within the deepest silence of your heart and soul’s essence is what’s real.  When you discover what is real, it is unmistakable and obvious. There is such a profound sensation of gorgeous relaxation that the most tantalizing phenomena of this world cannot compare.  All problems instantly melt away in the presence of the real, as you realize you are carried and guided through life by something much bigger than you.  If you can always keep you attention on that which is real, you are guaranteed to have an extremely empowered life and become a highly advanced being who can manifest anything at pure will. This may sound outrageous yet it is true, and shows you how often most of us are spending our lives focusing on what is unreal.

Once you can get into the habit of learning how to differentiate the real from the unreal, you stop getting wrapped up in the drama of your mind and the minds of others. You understand that it is all a grand master play being performed simultaneously on 7 billion stages.  You recognize that the mind is the servant and not your master, and is continuously producing movies only for your mere enjoyment and entertainment in life.  I find the secret to success with any spiritual practice is an infinite reservoir of curiosity and patience.  Once you stop taking your mind so seriously, you have energy to start taking the source of unconditional love in your heart more sincerely.  Once you realize how liberating and deeply satisfying it is to reveal and melt into that which is real, you naturally stop buying into the mind and are truly free from suffering in this life once and for all.

“There is nothing to practice. To know yourself, be yourself. To be yourself, stop imagining yourself to be this or that. Just be. Let your true nature emerge. Don’t disturb your mind with seeking.” ~Nisargadatta Maharaj

If there was a practice to practice throughout your lifetime, it would be to continuously reveal that which is real, by being vigilantly aware of that which is unreal. By knowing and noticing what is unreal, you will completely stop believing in the greatest lie pulled over mankind’s eyes.  This great lie I’m speaking of is the belief that you are not an eternal all powerful being.  Once you see the truth of who you really are, that you are divine, formless and beyond time and causality, the veil is pulled back and you begin stepping into your most enlightened nature.  You must be very relaxed and grounded to not let your mind get sucked into the world of the unreal.  It helps to feel as if you have an eternity of time to dive into this profound exploration.  Having this eternal approach based in a realm of childlike curiosity can make all the difference in the world as to how often you are able to realize what is real.

As you can see, my invitation here is a big one for you today. I want you to take this divine moment right now to dive inside yourself and swim into this exploration of what is real and unreal profusely. Simply know deep down, without a doubt, what is real and what is unreal.  Identify that part of you who is eternal, unchanging, and without form.  Then notice that part of you which is made of form, subject to life and death and is not eternal. See if you can become acutely aware of that which does not change and also that which is constantly changing.  Give yourself time to swing back and forth between these two worlds.  Give yourself an abundance of time for this exploration.  This recognition needs to be deeply rooted in your consciousness in order of you to stop falling back asleep and getting caught up in the dream again.

If you are ready to have a visceral experience of that which is real, take 45 minutes this week to sit very still and become very silent.  Let the body become unmovable, as if it was a large old mountain.  Let the mind relax, become receptive and soft as if it was a new flower, blossoming for the first time.  Feel the merging and blending of this great mountain and this soft flower inside you.  You’ll see in this meeting there is an energy pulsing at the center, in your heart, and a subtle silence forming in between your heartbeats.  Let yourself fall deeper and deeper into this silence.  Become so intimate with your inner silence that you totally relax, surrender and dissolve, and there is no more “you” left.  This practice of surrendering to silence can only create massive clarity in your mind, and free you from a future filled with more suffering.

We are all creatures of habit naturally.  We simply tend to stay on track and repeat the same thoughts and feelings we had the day before. When you get into the habit of exploring, understanding, opening and resting in that which is real, you will slowly remove the hook that used to pull you back into the unreal.  You begin living a life devoted to perpetually revealing that which is real.  In this highly conscious state you actually will stop the cycle of suffering completely! This is the greatest secret of life that you will ever discover!  Imagine how liberating it will be to never have to go through another experience of suffering again.

Suffering is a habit. It is a choice that each of us make every day.  We can choose to resist life or welcome it.  We can chase after our dreams, illusions, goals, desires and longings in a way where we think achieving them will make us content, or we can trust the Universe is providing our every need and rest, relax and come home to that which is real inside our heart’s and souls.  You have an eternity to figure this one out, so it doesn’t really matter how many days, weeks or lifetimes you are caught chasing the unreal.  There will come a time in life when you get tired of suffering and you are burning with intense desire to truly be free.  The opportunity I’m presenting you here with is to have total freedom in your life now. Take on this mission and do not procrastinate. The time is ripe for being deeply aware of what is real and unreal, and this awareness will allow you to celebrate and enjoy every aspect of life today.

Do you know why are you here, what is the purpose of your life, and why you are creating your reality?   Whenever you stop to really think about what you are and who you are, do you notice what happens?  Just be aware what happens to you when you sincerely ask this question to yourself.  Do you come up with an answer that truly satisfies you?  Whenever we start searching for an answer to a problems that cannot be resolved immediately, we might assume that the answer is not inside us, and have to go searching “out there” for the answer.  We all have been programmed to believe that the world “out there” is more likely to have the answers than the world “in here”.  This illusion is what begins the perpetual search out there for that which already within you.  Once you discover what is real, every question you formulate in life can easily be answered from within.

Looking at the nature of the mind, you can see that it’s a lot like being inside a movie theater.  The projector is constantly displaying images onto a blank screen that give the audience a muti-dimensional sensual experience of life.  The blank screen, the projector’s light bulb, and the purely conscious observing audience all represent the real.  They are that which does not change and remains constantly the same. The mind and ego (who we think we are) are the dancing shadows of light and dark, which appear to be our real Self, and yet are the temporary movie images which come and go.  In this divine theater of your mind, the unreal always seems to be the most captivating, mesmerizing and hypnotizing play, while the real can at first seem quite bland and boring.  Yet, once you discover the unending source of peace, stillness and freedom within that infinite eternal spirit inside, your definition of reality expands.  Something awakens inside you that knows without a doubt, that you are that which is beyond this world and not subjected to the illusions created in the mind.

“Let go of the idea that you are not aware of yourself as the ever-present, changeless inexpressible Reality. When you want nothing, seek nothing, expect nothing, then the Supreme State will come to you uninvited and unexpected. That is all.” ~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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