The Hidden Power of Relaxation


The Hidden Power of Relaxation By Jafree Ozwald   Along the road of life, you have probably experienced glimpses of success from intense amounts of efforting.  Most likely there is a deeply conditioned belief system inside you that thinks, “In order to become a powerful manifestor and manifest everything I want, it will take years of training, and require lots of hard work and persistence”.  This belief that we achieve our desires only through hard work is a great maniacal illusion that can become an everyday block to your Manifesting Vibration.  The benevolent Universe is much more loving than this.     “Misery and despair is what is left after you have gone through all the trouble of trying to satisfy the Ego with money, knowledge, things, and power, only to find that the Lower Self can never be satisfied.”  ~Babaji

When you stop all efforting and meditate upon the simple sweet experience of life as it is, success finds a way of flowing to you.  You will never imagine it’s this easy, yet it happens.  The moment you stop efforting, and relax fully inside, the Universe FEELS this and fills you trusting, resting being with rewards.  This may sound irrational and illogical, yet this world is filled with paradoxes.  In the everyday world of manifesting, the key element to reaching your highest vibration, is about letting go.  When you have discovered how to get super silent inside, you can approach your daily life from a relaxed space within your bodymind and start attracting truly miraculous manifestations.

“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.” ~Zen Saying

A relaxed bodymind is proof to the Universe that you trust in its all-intelligent all-loving conscious presence  Being relaxed is empirical evidence that you are ONE with the Universe.  In this state, your chakras (energy channels) transform into a receiving mode, allowing your desires to be delivered easily from the Universal warehouse.  When your bodymind is relaxed and at ease, you step into the house of abundance.  How else do you think you will feel once you have everything you want?  In the world of manifesting its always the key to focus on feeling the “end result first”.  This is your way of communicating to all creation that you are fully aligned with your highest soul’s mission on this planet at this time.

“Once you have conquered greed nothing can limit your freedom.”  ~Buddha

We refer to relaxation as a “hidden” power because when you are consciously relaxed, you become aligned with the Universal God-force, naturally propelling yourself forward towards your highest goals.  Relaxation is absolutely vital to your success as a manifestor.  You might be thinking this approach just makes one more lazy, yet this is about conscious intentional relaxation.  What is lazy in that?  It simply takes you deeper inside your God-Self so you feel supported inside and can remain centered in the highest vibrations of love, peace and oneness.  This is the only way you can experience what you truly want in your life.

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”  ~Oprah Winfrey   One highly effective technique to start on the path of relaxation is to practice meditation.  Experiment with simply sitting quietly doing nothing but following your breath (not your mind).  If you have an overly active mind and need assistance cultivating the power of peace within, we have a super powerful program that will bring an amazing amount of love, inner peace AND awaken the manifesting being within you.  It’s designed to turn you into a manifesting magnet and will help you to fully relax into this amazing life ahead of you.  We call it our Manifesting Master Package and you can read more about it and download it instantly right now at this link…enjoy!  Click Here to Instantly Download Now!

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Sending many divine blessings your way, Jafree

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