The Infinite Power of Patience

The Infinite Power of Patience

Written by Jafree Ozwald & Margot Zaher

There is a perfect timing within everything. Within every thought, feeling and action there is this divine alignment.  The cycles of the seasons, planets, stars, and galaxies are always in perfect harmony. One cannot hurry the ripening process of a fruit, force a baby to develop faster, nor increase the planet’s momentum around our Sun. The planet is moving through space around the Sun at the perfect speed of 67,000 mph. We wouldn’t want it to move faster or slower since it would throw everything off balance! We are part of a vast Universe that is carefully orchestrated with the most Divine Perfection. Once we are tuned into this perfection that is already here now, our lives emulate a divine synchronicity everywhere we are.

“The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.” ~ Arnold H. Glasgow

The tomato falls naturally from the vine when it is ripe, and just like you, it naturally knows when to hold on and when to let go. When you learn to live each moment relaxed in your body, you naturally live in divine harmony with the Universe. Your entire energy field opens up and you become receptive to whatever the Universe brings your way. Through deep relaxation there is a sense of acceptance, and a deep feeling of being in alignment with everything. Relaxation is simply practicing, “Being With What Is” whether it’s your innermost thoughts about you, or your ideas about the outer world. Through relaxing, you naturally become patient and are in tune with the cosmic timing behind everything and can truly see that the world is perfect just the way it is.

“He that can have Patience, can have what he will” ~Benjamin Franklin

So where does impatience come from? It is an ego based energy that stems from not choosing to be at peace with what is. It’s an old habit brought on by not loving yourself, your body, your friends, family, and your experience of this world just the way it is. You tend to push or rush through an experience when love is not present. Rushing is truly an act of violence to your soul. It’s all about the ego trying to make the river flow faster because it thinks once it gets through this experience THEN the goodies will arrive and it will finally be happy, rich, fulfilled and at peace. The big joke is that the ego never arrives at peace because it’s a wanting machine! As you may have already noticed, your ego wants everything that it wants right now! It is not willing to wait another day. It acts like a spoiled child yelling for Mother to fetch its favorite chocolate. It wants exactly WHAT it wants WHEN it wants it, and not a moment later. It doesn’t care whether the season is right, it just NEEDS to be satisfied now or else!

“Misery does not exist in reality but only in mere imagination.” ~Ramana Maharshi

By rushing to get things done, your body becomes contracted, your mind narrows and your being misses this divine moment. With all this constriction you block the flow of your Manifesting Vibration, causing things to manifest with massive delay and perhaps never come to fruition. The ego is impatient simply because it feels separate from this divine ocean of existence. This suffering is caused by years of believing in the Great Illusion, that you are not connected to the Infinite Source of love, intelligence, and power. The ego is obsessed with its own private agenda. It has its own “separate” desires, time schedule, and has completely forgotten about merging with God and experiencing bliss. Whenever your ego is in charge, you will rush through each life experience and actually miss the greater mission of your life, which is to celebrate your life, and ridiculously enjoy this amazing divine existence.

“Patience is the companion of wisdom.” ~ Saint Augustine

By practicing relaxing into each experience of your life, you will magically increase your Manifesting Vibration and always bring your desires more effortlessly to you. Patience is a major aspect in the process of consciously manifesting what you desire. With infinite patience, you can send any request into the Universe and it will easily manifest! It is important to let go of attachment to your future outcome and patiently allow the Universe to answer your request. The most Divine timing is waiting for you. The question is can you relax enough to wait for it?

“Hurry up…and wait.” ~John Oswald

One of the best ways to master patience is learning how to live in society in a relaxed, open, and receptive body. This means living IN the world, yet not OF the world. Being connected to the big rat race, yet not rushing to get ahead of the other rats. Whenever you are late for an event, instead of rushing and freaking out about what might happen, enjoy the excitement of the journey there. Know that the more you rush, the more impatient energy you are creating. Whenever you “have to” wait for someone, instead of being impatient choose to see that you “get to” wait. This is your opportunity of the day to practice relaxing into your magical manifesting vehicle! What if every time you had to wait, it was actually the Universe offering you this amazing gift to take a mini-vacation and enjoy yourself deeply! Waiting allows you to deeply sink into a vast spaciousness where you can taste the beauty of your infinite soul. Waiting is really just a form of meditation. Doing nothing means your mind and heart are completely in the now, and not focused on the past or future, and receiving the divine blessings of existence. Be patient and all the goodies you desire will spring forth into existence.

“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.” ~ John Quincy Adams

I invite you to wake up tomorrow morning and consciously choose to meditate for 15 minutes on the idea that you are infinite, eternal, and will never die. Return to this awareness throughout your day and you’ll experience a tremendous shift in your ability to be patient and also see an increase in your manifesting abilities! If you’d like to dramatically improve your ability to manifest anything you desire, I recommend doing the Super Manifesting Program!  It will help you to permanently integrate the knowledge that you are an infinite Soul who has absolute power to create anything you desire. This simply powerful daily experience will help you to see, feel and experience the true power behind this amazing manifesting body-mind you live in…enjoy!

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Sending infinite patience your way!
Jafree Ozwald 

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