The Magic of Slowing Down

The Magic of Slowing DownBy Jafree Ozwald

In this hustle and bustle time of year, we can easily lose our center.  We can get caught up in the outer world, thinking about the next thing to do or get done, and forget how important it is to relax, slow down, and truly enjoy our lives.  We can become attached to our thoughts of desired outcomes, distracting us from being in awe of the awesome magical life force that is always pouring through us.  As you learn how to slow down, you naturally become more open and receptive to the ALIVENESS available in each moment.  You feel more engaged and exposed to each new moment.  Life becomes a very magical multi-dimensional situation where you are spontaneously becoming more conscious, awake, and engaged in the actions you are partaking in.

Of course, knowing how to truly “enjoy life” is the essential key and ultimate mystery here, making every thought and activity worth the ride.  Yet, when you purposely and consciously "slow down" you are doing much more than moving, thinking, and speaking slower.  Your body is becoming acutely attuned to the present moment.  In this space, you automatically begin to savor each moment of your life as if you were eating the most exquisite chocolate dessert on the planet, fully experiencing all the richness and aromatic flavors.  Slowing down is really the secret to tasting the raw succulent nature of existence.  In this state, you can feel the joy of being alive more intimately, as if it were coursing through every atom of your being.

Always being late, behind schedule, and trapped in the eternal super "soccer mom" rushing experience is like watching the movie of your life in black and white.  There’s no relaxation foundation for pleasure to seep in.  While the slower, conscious, meditative way of living is like seeing that same movie in rich high definition color.  When you stop rushing, you immediately engage all of your senses which allows each moment to take on a new electric fully alive quality.  When you rush, you often miss opportunities that are beckoning to you as you run by them.  Even the possibility of experiencing your soul can get bypassed in the multitude of fast paced life experiences.  Life is so precious!  You only experience each moment one time.  It can never be repeated.  Each moment must be deeply savored and taken in.  There’s always a precious morsel to be found even in life’s most unwanted experiences.

When you approach your "to do’s" with a more meditative and conscious tempo, you are able to truly connect with people, and explore the opportunities that naturally are coming your way.  Slowing down allows you to open the doors to receiving more richness and abundance in your life!  Living from this place you notice that life has always been giving its riches to you, yet you were perhaps too busy or rushed to receive them.  It’s like you were driving alongside a beautiful Hawaiian beach sunset at 300 mph, and as soon as you slowed down a bit you could take in that God-awesome view all around you!  When you are constantly on the go, your mind is too full and busy to hear the deep wisdom inside;  that eternal knowingness that comes from your heart.  Through slowing down and truly being present, you are able to re-kindle your ability to hear your higher intuitive wisdom inside.  By embracing this slow dance with life, you create spaciousness where you can hear that quiet inner voice of wisdom guiding you along your path towards prosperity. 

Here are two slowing down steps to experience more of this unbounded magic in your life:

1. Bathe your Ego in the Energy of Timelessness!It’s  your ego with its relentless mind chatter that is addicted to rushing through life. It has been trained to rush because it is afraid that something bad will happen to its stable existence if it doesn’t get everything done today. The good news is that you can escape this rushing energy and enjoying yourself instantly by just focusing on the feeling of timelessness. Give yourself 5 to 15 minutes a day to feel the truth that we are all timeless infinite beings that can never die.  You have all the time in the world (literally speaking) to experience whatever your soul wants to experience.  You can easily help your ego feel the amazing spaciousness of timelessness by just repeating the mantra, "I have plenty of time.  I am timeless.”  Think about this over and over as you go through your day.  As you focus on this relaxing, expansive quality of timelessness, your ego will start to let go and relax into this vastness, allowing you to begin to truly enjoy the exquisite beauty within each new moment. 

2. Do an Active Meditation at Least Once a Day.Any activity you do can be a meditation when you are really present to it.  Do the activity super slowly and engage all of your senses as you do it.  For instance, when you go for a walk, go barefoot, and feel what the ground is like beneath your feet.  Connect with your breath, and the earth below, as you look up at the sky, and sense the air and energy around you.  Really be present.  Any time your thoughts wander off, and you forget that you’re simply walking, gently pull your mind back to your feet and your breath.   Fall into the now and become fully aware of what is happening inside you and all around you.  Practice this meditative attitude with any activity you normally do such as eating, speaking, showering, driving, washing the dishes, etc…

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May you truly savor each moment!

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