The Magic of Synchronicity

The Magic of Synchronicity

By Jafree Ozwald

“Always remember deep in your heart that all is well and everything is unfolding as it should. There are no mistakes anywhere, at any time. What appears to be wrong is simply your own false imagination. Perfection knows nothing about wrong and right, good and bad, happy and sad. It knows only itself as Perfection. And you are That.” ~Robert Adams

We live in a world that is filled with magic, divine intelligence, and perfect synchronicity. We all know that there is a higher power, creative force and an all knowing energy flowing through everything, yet are we relishing in it’s magical flow all throughout the day?  When we step back from our typical analytical busy mind, we can see that this conscious intelligent matrix that surrounds us is real, and extremely alive. We are the living breathing pulse of the ocean itself, there is no real separation from it. Unless we are caught up in the mind, flooded by thoughts and desires, only then are we blind to this divine perfection that is the cosmic make up of our very soul.

How do we know we are living in a state of synchronicity?  When we’re living in total synchronicity with life, everything works out in the most positive, easy, and effortless ways. You make a spontaneous appointment with a friend and it becomes this perfectly coordinated event that fits intelligently together with all the other events of your day.  Our every day interactions with people simply flow in the most creative, expansive, and spontaneous ways. In each synchronistic moment, we feel tapped into the God source itself, having full access to an unlimited source of divine creativity.  We might even reach an orgasmic feeling when living in a state of synchronicity for an extended period of time.

I believe that the synchronicities that we experience in life are proof that there is a higher power and intelligence running the show. Perhaps we are thinking of an old friend we haven’t talked to for years, and on that day they spontaneously text us a message or call us on the phone. Or perhaps throughout our day we take a moment to stop and look at the clock and it’s exactly 1:11 or 2:22 or 3:33, or 4:44. When we are aware of the signs, we begin seeing them wherever we are.  Noticing the signs is a form of communication from the Universal intelligence that we are on track and aligned with our soul’s destiny.  Then, when we suddenly get hit by a 30 second déjà vu out of no where, we open the door to a psychic hiccup in the matrix, which awakens us to how everything is predestined, and we are following the destiny that our soul is here to experience and explore.

It’s truly magical the connection that we can experience by aligning our mind, heart and soul with this great Universal intelligence. We can see the perfection within ourselves and how this is reflecting back to us in the Universe. Synchronicity is our most natural state, which is appropriately termed as ‘super natural’ because it is the greatest natural life experience we can access. There is a feeling of being ONE with the entire universe, and within this sensation we discover our inherent ability to connect with our very own soul.

Life is meant to be a spiritual experience. We are not supposed to miss out for one moment on the sweetest most succulent part of it.    All of our soul’s want to wake up from the nightmare and realize how incredible and magical each moment of life truly is. This daily positive synchronistic miracle is our reward for opening up to our spiritual nature. If you feel stuck on this path, here are a few steps you can take to adjust your sails.

The first secret step to experiencing the magic of synchronicity every day is letting go of any tight, contracted, or controlling relationship you have with time. When schedules are too tight and there is no room to be spontaneous, it is harder to feel your intuition calling you in a certain direction.  It can feel almost impossible to notice the magical synchronistic world around you when you’re late for a meeting. By establishing a new relationship with the clock, you can become the master of it instead of it making a slave out of you. Just think about the day that you’ll arrive on your deathbed. How will you want to look back at the way you lived your life?  Do you want to feel as if you were rushing against the clock and a slave to time your entire lifetime?

The initial step in letting go of time means is opening your mind to trusting the feeling of timelessness. This basically feels like everything is going to be perfect even if you’re a few minutes late or a few minutes early.  You are getting a taste of your soul, which is eternal, and feels as if you’re carrying a deep feeling of trust in your body. This timeless trust allows you to relax and become attuned to your highest intuition. The body is relaxed and the monkey mind is no longer in charge, allowing the heart to hear the divine guidance trying to poke through.

“Nothing matters so much that we should throw ourselves into a state of panic about it. No happening is so important that we should let ourselves be exiled from inner peace and mental calm for its sake.” ~ Paul Brunton

The second step to living in complete synchronicity with life comes down to our willingness to stop any resistance, avoidance or internal battle with life. We simply have to get tired of the struggle before we can completely surrender. It can come down to letting go of living in fear, being deeply aware when it’s plaguing our emotions, and choosing to explore a complete and deep release of it.  Once we trust that our inner guidance is never wrong and is always showing you the way, we have nothing to fear anymore. Our guidance will notify us about the when, where, what and how. Intuition is never wrong, it’s only our minds interpretation of it that can be off. We simply need to learn how to listen and we will find and everything always falls into perfect place.

Whenever we worry, withhold love, or are living in a state of fear, we interact as if we are deaf and blind to God.  The mind is busy focusing on what we don’t want to happen, worried it will happen because we cannot stop focusing on it. As we keep putting energy into it, we become completely unaware of the ocean of love we are swimming in. If there was one thing that stopped us from knowing ourselves as synchronistic beings, it would be our minds entertainment of fearful worry some ideas.

The positive purpose of fear is that it wakes us up and makes us more alert.  We start perceiving and seeing the world differently, which then forces us to become even more conscious. When we can welcome our fear, and greet it head on, we suddenly become vibrantly alive. We become excited about the risks we can take in life and we stop hanging out in our head being entertained about some fantasy of reality.  When we are in fear we actually start reaching out to find a more spiritual experience of life.  Fear motivates us to be extremely conscious and listen to the all intelligent energy that is inside of us and surrounds us.

The third step to living a fully alive synchronistic life is perhaps the most challenging one of all. This is all about establishing is solid connection and relationship with our inner guidance. When we are listening to our intuition, always trusting that our gut feeling knows the bigger picture, and sees the future that’s coming, we have to surrender our ego in order to trust it all the time. Being aligned with our intuition is an inner dialogue with our most gentle nature all day long. This relationship automatically manifests an experience of synchronicity everywhere we go.

“Whatever your labors and aspirations are in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul.” ~Desiderata 

When we are attuned with our divine inner guidance we are the magical flow of the entire Universe. There is no separation anymore, we are the same flow, and realize that we never ever were separate. It is in this recognition that we find our most empowered, magical, manifesting state of being. Then we can truly be free to sit back, enjoy the ride and trust life in the most intimate ways.  The real fun begins with the choice to give up fear and let the Universe know that we have 100% trust in our inner guidance.

Life is worth taking the risk to trust in it.  When you do, you’ll be deeply surprised at the many healing ways you are rewarded. Each time we trust in life, we start seeing, feeling and attracting more of these sweet and powerful magical moments. The synchronicities become abundant, and are just the Universe’s way of showing us the spiritual infinite eternal being we truly are. The more we allow for and this natural timeless, fearless spiritual existence to come in, the more magical our daily experiences become. With a little practice this all will organically multiply, and the world will feel like it’s continuously blessing us for everything that we do. 

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Enjoy coming home to your heart tonight!
Jafree Ozwald

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