The Magic of Total Surrender


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The Magic of Total Surrender  
By Jafree Ozwald

“The greatness of a man’s power is the measure of his surrender.”  ~ William Booth 

The word surrender is often greatly misunderstood. Surrender is not about “giving up”, failing at life, or the loss of anything. Surrender is one of the most beautiful experiences life has to offer, and it is much more enlightening than you can imagine. Surrender is the gentle release of your ego’s constant effort to get someone “better” than here now. It is bowing down to the Divine essence with yourself in this now moment. It is what liberates you from your ego and allows you to instantly manifest the radically joyful life that you deserve and desire. Surrender frees you from any suffering you are experiencing…instantly! The person who can fully surrender to this moment invites in such a profound clarity that they that start realizing that they are living in paradise on Earth. 

Notice what happens anytime you deeply relax and let go of everything.  How do you feel about your life, relationships and your future?  The experience of letting go of the need to be in control of your life is such a huge relief. It’s similar to the feeling of submerging your feet in a hot bubble bath after standing for 12 hours in uncomfortable shoes.  An enormous release occurs the instant you stop pretending to be the general manager of the Universe, and open your mind to seeing and feeling the bigger plan which your soul is here for. 

The sweet feeling of surrender creates the energy and space for the Universe to fill you up with what you were seeking. Through surrender, those feelings of emptiness caused by constant striving, pushing and trying to attain something better than “here now” become pleasantly filled with divine goodness. The deeper the let go, the more abundance, inner peace and joy will come rushing into your life. You will find that you are pure conscious intelligent energy at the core.  Through surrender you discover what real love is, eternal peace, and deep fulfillment is.  Only through surrendering can you discover the greatest experiences we can have. 

When you consciously surrender to the Universe, you are essentially allowing the Universe to guide you and support every decision you make. If you persist in thinking that you are separate, alone and must strive harder to manifest what you want in life, you are fighting the Universe and swimming upstream. To be in control of your reality you must first surrender to it.  Only through surrender can you release all energetic ego roadblocks which were hindering your path to enlightenment and the manifesting abilities that come with it.  If you cannot surrender it is because the ego is protecting itself and afraid to evolve.  The ego is easily threatened and can pretend to be a spiritual warrior by covering itself in armor.  The true you is like sunlight, it needs no protection or defense.  It is warm, loving, expansive light energy who’s only requirement is to enjoy itself. 

If you cannot surrender and feel your heart is covered in armor, you are blocking everything that is amazing from entering your life.  How can love enter your body if the heart is guarded all throughout your day?  The moment you choose the path of surrender, the armor falls away and all your subtle hidden shields around your heart become useless.  Only in this space are you able to experience the profound state of peace that brings about your enlightenment. It is only through relinquishing the need to control, defend, manipulate and protect the heart that you can find true and total freedom on a deep soul level. 

“That which is real cannot be threatened, and that which is unreal does not exist.”  ~The Course In Miracles

By giving yourself permission to trust in the perpetual progress and often hidden evolution of your soul’s journey, you’ll find the Universe simply takes your hand and guides you directly towards that amazing life you have been yearning for.  The God Source never forsakes those who trust in its perfection.  By surrendering to this moment, you are trusting the entire perfection of the Universe.  This empowers you to attract the experience of seeing, feeling and knowing the perfection.  Only through this understanding can the Divine Awakened Being you truly are become fully realized.  It is only from this space of deep 100% trust in the Perfection, that anyone has the strength of awareness to awaken. 

Perhaps the best reason to learn surrender is that the all expansive trusting feeling feels soooo good in your body!  Your heart relaxes, your chest releases, your mind opens and you feel a warm sensation of peace throughout every cell inside.  Trust liberates your mind from its normal goal orientated approach to life, so you can start seeing the unlimited possibilities that are available here!  It allows you to tap into the greatest love available to humankind!  Why would you want anything else?  There is no more need to struggle.  You have efforted enough.

Surrender leads to trust and trust leads you into surrender.  Yet, they are always three sides to every coin.  What is the path between these?  This is the ultimate exploration, for you will go beyond both the experience of surrender and trust.  You will find it only in that silent timeless space that is free from any effort at all.  It is in this timeless gap between both trust and surrender that you become enlightened.  There will come a day when you’ll need to drop surrender, as there is also some effort required.   Instead of trying to walk along and follow the path to freedom, you have become the Path itself.  This is when you will have discovered the Divine is you.  

“God is there only if you surrender. Surrender makes anything God.  Surrender gives you the eyes,
and everything that is brought to these eyes becomes Divine.” ~Osho

The best news of all is that practicing surrender instantly creates an incredible magic in your life.  That magic is already here now and happening, yet surrender removes the blinders so that you can see and feel it again.  By letting surrender take control of the steering wheel of your life, you can manifest anything you want with effortless joy and ease.  Through true and total surrender to the Universe there is no goal you cannot reach and nothing you cannot accomplish.  When you turn everything over to a higher power and trust that all is unfolding exactly as it should, all you can see is the perfection.  This is where the real magic exists and makes you truly unstoppable in your spiritual journey towards the brightest life you can imagine.

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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