The Magical Path of Bliss

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The Magical Path of Bliss 

By Jafree Ozwald

"A person returning to their higher self

is like a raindrop returning to the sea." – Deepak ChopraThe Magical Path of Bliss occurs when you are completely inspired about your life & totally relaxed within your body at the same time. To get to this experience requires a release of all doubt, worry & concern to become unusually present to what is happening in the Now. This amazing experience will happen when you let go & disappear into something bigger. Some call this a Samadhi experience, a Satori, or an awakening. Yet there is this special "secret force" inside you, that is always guiding you to live from this place of bliss. It’s found by going into the deepest & highest places inside yourself, and comes out in your life to manifest all the peace, prosperity & love you can handle.Meditation is the key to finding your secret force. This word "meditation" may have some convoluted concepts attached to it, so please unravel any mis-conceptions as they are revealed to you.Meditation is not about mind-control, affirmations, chanting some mantra, channeling some wild experience, or concentrating on some candle flame for hours. It’s an expansive mind-blowing playful inner experience of an alert witnessing consciousness. It happens through inner stillness, & silence only. These are the passage-ways that open the doors to this infinite inner world within.The Universe rewards you with total ecstasy & joy the moment you find this stillness. Especially if you discover it within a mind that is caught in the societal conditioning & constant chaos of emotional turbulence caused by your 60,000 thoughts a day. When the mind stops, everything stops with it, & a pure silence spreads to every cell throughout your body. This experience creates a place inside you of peace, & a magnificent surrender to the divine within, where you may easily discover the true meaning of your life. All problems are magically solved from this place as well as all disease & fear are dissolved from within the core of this stillness.There are two ways to achieve stillness of the mindbody. They are through a burning desire to be still & the constant awareness of the silence that exists beneath the chaos. By just focusing the mindbody on stillness everyday can be extremely helpful down the road, especially in the most stressful of times. It gives you the understanding of how to control your thoughts, & maintains an ever-present experience of pure awareness or consciousness inside. Meditation is the path of the greatest surrender. It’s about releasing your lifetime of suffering & discovering something much greater inside yourself than who you thought you were. It allows you to tap into your eternal soul & get a taste of infinity. It is how you discover your highest self & the amazing peacefilled power spot it exists in!HOW TO MEDITATE FOR 15 MINUTES. Sit comfortably & start to breathe deeper & slower consistently for approximately 60 seconds. As you do this gently practice focusing on relaxing your body, & just sitting peacefully in silence. Release any thoughts as they come up for you. Do not follow them. Just release, & release & release. Make it simple. As you continue to practice releasing & relaxing, let your awareness soak up the pure consciousness that is present. Do not get caught in "how to’s". Just keep letting go & allowing yourself to melt deeper & deeper into the the silence/stillness inside. Do not try to change, analyze or resist anything. Just practice infinite patience with yourself, & accepting whatever happens inside as you sit & breathe. Notice reactions to thoughts, but don’t get attached to them. Watch ideas, plans, desires, past & future etc…while you sit. But do not get attached to any thought you are having. Just be in the experience of Now & maintain a present moment awareness of the eternal "is-ness" that exists as you! Remember it takes no effort for your consciousness to observe itself. Just sitting still & quite in a room alone is enough effort in itself. The ocean of being inside you is who you really are. Be present to its depth & this pure silence will awaken you & magically grow outside of you! Be very gentle with yourself, & let me know if you would like any further guidance or assistance with a one-on-one personal coaching session.

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Peace & prosperity consciousness to you!Jafree Ozwald

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