The Magical Power of The Manifesting Mantra

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The Magical Power of The Manifesting Mantra  

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“Our mental and emotional diets determine our overall energy levels, health, and well-being to a far greater extent than most people realize. Every thought and feeling, no matter how big or small, impacts our inner energy reserves.” ~ Howard Martin

Did you ever play with magnets as a child? If you hold two magnets together with their attractive magnetic pole facing each other, their pull to be together can be soooo strong that it’s challenging to keep them apart. You can literally feel the magnetic fields tugging to be together, and become one unified mass. This is the same principle of how a manifesting mantra can work with magnetizing a desired outcome into your life.

Scientifically, your body and mind are a natural bio-magnet computer that is continuously communicating with the Universe. Your thoughts and emotions act like a radio tower, constantly sending out signals for contacting similar types of people, circumstances and experiences. There is an bio-magnetic sphere of energy that surrounds you called your aura, which creates a measurable signal showing the type of energy you’re sending out into the Universe.  It is always communicating a frequency through your emotional state about what you want and don’t want to manifest into your life.

There are many case studies dating back to 1939 using Kirlian photography, that physically prove there is a real tangible magnetic field of energy that surrounds us all the time. The photos show our strongest emotions radiate as certain colors or frequencies all around our body.  This energy is what connects with the “like-minded” atoms in the Universe which eventually manifest your ideas into your reality. 

Scientists have taken their research further and have found that the bio-magnetic aura of an immature tree leaf will match the full-grown size that the leaf will become later in life. When the leaf reaches its full grown size, the previous documented aura is exactly the same size as the older leaf. We are just like these leaves in that we emanate the particular thought-vibrational energy that we will one day grow into. It’s good to know that for the rest of your life you are creating this magnetic energy field that will constantly be working on attracting your future life to you.

“Every intention sets energy into motion. Whether you are conscious of it or not.” ~ Gary Zukav

When we consciously choose a particular future outcome that we wish to manifest, we can decide through a powerful statement or affirmation that this (or better) is now coming our way.  If we repeat this intention with a strong positive emotion behind it, it becomes a powerful manifesting magnet for attracting and creating this desired outcome to you. The more often we repeat the affirmation, resonating with it an ever deepening positive feeling, the faster and easier your desired result will manifest for us. 

The difference between repeating an affirmation and a manifesting mantra, is all about where the energy is coming from. Affirmations are simply positive statements that are not yet emotionally aligned with the intention and consciousness found within the magical manifesting mindset. There is still a belief in separation from the Universal source, and a feeling of disconnection from our natural manifesting abilities. Deep down, affirmations are coming from a place of hope, desire and lack, and not fully believing that every thought and feeling is physically creating our reality in each living moment of our lives.

A magical manifesting mantra is born out of the acceptance that we are naturally manifesting magnets, who are constantly creating our own enlightened or unenlightened experience of life. The mantra vibrates with the feeling that we are the masters of our reality. This mindset can evolve out of the playground from using daily positive affirmations, and yet it holds a more powerful, advanced and effective approach to manifesting, because it knows deep down that we are the most powerful, magical and magnetic beings in the entire Universe.

We can turn any typical positive affirmation into a manifesting mantra by speaking it out loud, not just from the head, but letting it reverberate from the heart, belly and soul out into every direction in the Universe. This happens naturally by first getting in touch with the most magical manifesting feeling we can find inside ourselves. When we speak the positive affirmation into the Universe from that magical space, a magical feeling arises.

A manifesting mantra is magical, because it is built on trusting the Universe is supporting us on the most intimate loving levels. It is affirming that everything in life is happening for us, and not to us. We are not victims of our lives, yet the conscious co-creators of everything in it.  Through consciously repeating a manifesting mantra inside, we are training the aura around our body to participate in this magical manifesting mindset.  This allows us to co-creatively move deeper into the present moment, which allows us to become more aware of the fact that we are super powerful manifesting beings in our world.

If we repeat a manifesting mantra one time, it can have a more powerful effect than repeating an affirmation 100 times. The crop that we harvest from the manifesting mantra all depends on the quality of emotional, mental and energetic soil the affirmation is being planted in. Planting affirmations in fields of trust, relaxation, joy, gratitude and abundance will only result in a rich full crop at the end of the season.

Consistent daily use of a manifesting mantra will transform your life on a deeper energetic level, creating even higher vibrations, and a more powerful magnetic auric field around your body. It’s repetition is fine tuning the feeling of living each moment in the manifesting mindset. Continuous practice of this Manifesting Mantra Meditation will create a powerful manifesting mindset, increase your consciousness about your environment and what you are attracting into it. This gentle awareness generates a feeling of being deeply connected to the Universe, and an understanding that we are in a constant intimate exchange with it, continuously co-creating our unique version of reality.

“Always remember deep in your heart that all is well and everything is unfolding as it should. There are no mistakes anywhere, at any time. What appears to be wrong is simply your own false imagination. That’s all.” ~Robert Adams

The goal of a manifesting mantra is not so focused on attaining our egos desires, yet it’s more about becoming the living master of our mind and our lives. If you are like most people, you are facing many difficult experiences in life each day, which can make you feel trapped, limited, powerless and stuck fighting an inner battle with your negative thoughts and feelings. The inner conflict you experience is blocking your creativity, love, trust, connection to Source, and stopping you from magnetizing more positive abundant experiences to you. 

By resonating with the power behind your manifesting mantra, it becomes like a great fire from the Sun that will burn through these blocked feelings and limiting beliefs hiding inside. New neuron connections and chemical pathways are created in the brain by using the manifesting mantra. You physically begin creating new pathways for these trapped negative emotions to find a way through. The manifesting mantra will pave a new path where your mind can more easily perceive the unlimited positive possibilities awaiting in your future.

The secret to discovering the power within your manifesting mantra is in embracing the fearful or negative vibrational mess that you’re currently in.  Becoming more conscious of the battle going on inside you causes a new awareness to form on what’s needed to transcend it.  Through embracing our darkness, we are forced to own the fact that we are powerful manifesting magnets and consciously increase our positive emotional energy and vibration. Once you start devoting more time to being conscious of which thoughts, feelings, or magnetic field you are creating around you, you can find the positive within the negative and free your body from its energetic entrapment.

“You can’t change the truth, but the truth can change you.” ~ Unknown

One challenge that you might find on this manifesting path is that the ego will tend to have VERY strong preferences on what “should or shouldn’t” happen in your life. The mind can get addicted and attached to ideas about what it means to be successful, loving, and what desirable outcomes should only look like. This is where the power of the manifesting mantra comes into play. The consciousness created from using a manifesting mantra cannot experience undesirable results. It only knows being at peace with what is, honoring the magical manifesting being that you truly are. 

The more often you use a manifesting mantra, the more conscious you become of what the mind is thinking. This my friend, allows you to one day become totally free from your mind.  Unattached to all outcomes, accepting the totality of life as it is, and living in such a high vibrational state that you can only attract positive things to you. When the mind attempts to fall into fear or worry, the magical manifesting energy comes in and says “oh well” this too shall pass, and allows those negative thoughts to move by like clouds through the open sky.

By using a manifesting mantra in your daily life, you’ll naturally be able to relax, and trust that many positive situations are coming your way.  The mantra expands your body’s aura to the point where you’re tapping into an infinite number of possible positive outcomes. This is where you start attracting the most juicy life experiences and serendipitous synchronistic outcomes. The mantra trains your brain and body to accept this is an all-loving magical Universe, and just by repeating this idea inside, causes your vibration right now to skyrocket! In a short time, the MOST desirable outcomes will fall into your lap, as you will be becoming a super powerful manifesting magnet for attracting every single thing that you want!

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Sending a massive enlightening life transformative experience your way…

Jafree Ozwald

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