The Manifesting Meditation

The Manifesting MeditationFound online at: Become a Manifesting Meditation Master!Right now, you have the power to manifest an abundant financial situation, loving relationships, the ideal satisfying career, optimum health and a spiritual awakening!  This is all possible by increasing the vibration within your body, with your mind, and holding the vision of what you choose to experience in your world.The Manifesting Meditation below will help you manifest your life dreams and desires faster and easier.  Feel free to do this manifesting meditation as many times as you wish, and share it with whomever you please. It’s possible for everyone to start living a more empowering life that they love! Below is the explanation and the instructions…have fun!!Manifesting any desired outcome happens when we are imagining that we are experiencing what we want, while being open and receptive to the Universe.  The more open and trusting we can become, the easier those things, people and experiences we want just magically materialize into our lives!  The key to manifesting is staying connected to the FEELING as if your desired outcome is already here now! This is where the experience of meditation comes in.  Meditation is a quieting of the mind, where we come into a deep place of silence, inner peace and stillness inside.  Meditation empowers you to hold on to your vision, while tapping into the infinite reservoir of fuel behind the manifesting machine that you already are!  When we bridge the gap between these two experiences of Manifesting and Meditation, we create a vehicle that will skyrocket you towards your desired outcome!Important:  Before you begin the Manifesting Meditation, decide on what you want to manifest. Take some time to think about this and decide on one thing that you are willing to do this meditation on for at least the next 3 days. Now it may take you more or less than 3 days to create what you want, it just depends on how high your vibration already is, how big are your emotional and mental blocks to receiving and experiencing your desire, and the magnitude that you feel your desire holds for you in your future. Once you decide on what you want, start to SEE and FEEL yourself doing this one thing. Now, get ready to experience The Manifesting Meditation!!The Manifesting Meditation Sitting comfortably on the floor, with your back against a wall and start to relax your body.  Say to your body, “relax” and command every muscle, bone and cell in your entire bodyto totally let go and relax. Allow the mind to quiet and the body to soften.  Relax EVERY muscle and cell in your body to the point of becoming very silent and still.When the body is totally relaxed, you will feel somewhatspacious, or a feeling of timelessness.  Then imagineat the base of your spine a golden river flowing with powerfulenergy that is gently rising up like from the center of the earth into your body.  This is a warm flowing healing energy that isconnected to an infinite Source of abundance, love and goodness.Allow it to move slowly up into the base of the spineand let it collect there for 5-10 minutes.  Use your breathto pull up more energy if you want to, until it fills the base of your body.  Now this golden energy is very powerful.  It is the manifesting energy!Allow it to move up in an 6-8 inch diameter column of light into your solar plexus and stomach. When it feels like your body is tingling,warm or very “alive”, focus on it rising up into the belly, heart, throat and brain.  Just by focusing on these parts of your body, the golden energy will flow there.  Now, allow this river to come upand fill every cell in your body with Golden Healing Energy and Light!Your breath is the “pump” for your golden manifesting energy.  Gently, yes very gently, use each inhale to SLOWLY pullthe energy up the spine and on the exhale let the energymove through and out your hands, eyes, and mouth.  Your hands, eyes, and mouth are your manifesting “projectors” (like movie projectors) that channel the Golden energy/light to form into the images that you want to manifest.See and feel your desired outcomes being created on a big screen in front of you!  Stay in this powerful projection stateabout 10-15 minutes, replaying the scenes you love and puttingthe movie on “still pause” in the scenes you truly love.When you are finished with your manifesting meditation,just relax and enjoy the rest of your day or evening. To increase your vibration exponentially, you’ll want to tap into your body’s full potentiality.  This can be done by opening up the energy in the following areasof your life: Mental, Financial, Physical, Energetic, Spiritual, Social, Inspirational, Emotional, Sensual, Power Foods, Detoxification, Purification, Relaxation, and Restful Sleep.  The 8 habits Manifesting Routine found in, “How To Raise Your Manifesting Vibration!”  is guaranteed to open up these areas to their fullest potentiality.  You will see a major difference in your ability to manifest by applying these habits to each area of your life.  The ebook can be downloaded instantly at the following link: Enjoy!
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