The Manifesting Power of Affirmations

The Manifesting Power of Affirmations

The Manifesting Power of Affirmations

Written By Jafree Ozwald

The words you say to yourself are the most powerful manifesting vehicles.  Each message that you think internally and say out loud carries a certain vibrational energy that programs your mind and the cells in your body.  The words you use actually create chemicals in your brain that bring you experiences of inner peace, love, abundance, or struggle. 

If you are struggling in your life and you’d like to program your body-mind for success, start by using affirmations daily.  State what you want as if it’s already here now.  Say to yourself “I can easily attract all the abundance, love, and joy that I need.  I am a powerful being who can manifest any amount of money.”  Notice how you feel inside just thinking these thoughts.

The most powerful affirmations are short sentences that only use positive words.  They do not include the word “NOT” or “DON’T” or any negative words telling the Universe what you do not want.  Affirmations only state what you do want, as if it is already happening here now.  Therefore, they will always strengthen you and make you feel confident, empowered, abundant and free.  If you examine the word “affirmation” you can see the word “firm” is contained within it. 

This means that the message is creating an energetically FIRM feeling inside your body and mind.  It is strengthening you each time it is thought, felt, and repeated.  Its power grows each time it is emotionally felt.  When you repeat an affirmation with FEELING, you are programming it into the cells of your body and attuning your body to continually experience this new empowering sensation in your future. 

By using daily affirmations, you will soon find yourself moving from being the victim of life’s circumstances, to being the gentle master over every challenging situation in your life.

“Start believing in yourself and the world will start believing in you.” ~Vijay Thadani

How do affirmations manifest your desires?  The first thing to understand is that your body is a powerful manifesting vehicle.  The thoughts you think create a vibrational energy that acts like a blueprint, which the Universe uses to generate circumstances in your life.  Every time you use affirmations in your mind (or out loud) you are sending out a blueprint of your “request” or “command” into the Universe about who you are and what you are manifesting.  

Each word you think and say out loud carries a vibrational quality behind it that increases or decreases your “manifesting vibration”.  This vibration determines how easily and quickly or how slowly and difficult it is for you to manifest your heart’s desire.  You’ll find that thinking only positive thoughts and using ONLY positive words will manifest ONLY positive circumstances.  Negative thoughts and words can only manifest negative circumstances.

The more a word is repeated, the more it tends to influence your mind, emotions, and life circumstance.  So watch what you are thinking and saying!  If you are repeating a sentence every day for years that is dis-empowering for you to subconsciously hear, then it is lowering your manifesting vibration and causing havoc in your life.  Whatever you hold your attention upon is what grows and manifests. 

So really be conscious of the words you allow your mind and body to experience.  Affirmations are the most effective and efficient way to reprogram your internal software to manifest success.  This reprogramming allows you to maintain a more positive state of mind throughout your day, and simply makes your life more relaxing, loving, and successful.

Rather than continuing to tolerate and be defined by negative voices that are constantly being regurgitated inside your head, you have the choice to choose thoughts and feelings of abundance, joy, and freedom!  These positive thoughts will automatically bubble up inside your mind throughout each day as you practice repeating them.  Test it out for yourself and see what happens. 

Try this experiment tomorrow morning when you wake up…repeat the word “YES” to yourself for 2-3 minutes and FEEL yourself saying “YES” to everyone and everything in your life.  We’ve found that the most powerful affirmation in the English language is the word, “YES”.  This simple one-syllable word is completely affirming and can quickly transform your body-mind. 

Try this quick experiment to see the power of affirmations in action.  Say the word, “YES” out loud.  How do you feel when you say that word?  Now, say the word, “NO” out loud. What do you notice after saying this word?  Most people find that the word “YES” gives them an expansive energy boost, and makes them feel more positive, while the word “NO” creates a mini wall of tension in their body.

“Think of yourself as on the threshold of unparalleled success. A whole, clear, glorious life lies before you.” ~Andrew Carnegie

Here are 3 tips to making affirmations work miracles in your life:

1. Choose those affirmations that work best for you.  After saying an affirmation out loud, check-in with your body to FEEL the quality of energy inside you.  If your body feels more expansive, alive, and more energetic after saying the affirmation, you have chosen the right one.  The words that resonate with your body-mind on the highest levels will bring about your desired results faster and easier.  On the other hand, if you notice that your energy either remains the same or feels contracted in some way, the affirmation you have chosen does not resonate with you and it’s time to look for a better one.

2. Recite your affirmations out loud with positive energy.   It’s good to practice using your voice to affirm to the Universe what you want.  The more strong and affirming your voice can become, the more likely you’ll feel the strength of this feeling in your body.  The more conviction you can feel, the faster the results will show up in your life.

3. Repetition is key to your success.  The more often you repeat the same affirmation, the faster and deeper it becomes programmed into a very deep level of your psyche. We recommend that you repeat your affirmations daily for at least 45 days in a row.  This way they become embedded into the deepest corners of your DNA.  The more often you consciously repeat and affirm who you want to be sincerely from your heart, the more frequently those same thoughts tend to resurface naturally on their own, resulting in the creation of the abundant and successful life you desire.

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Sending many blessings to you,

Jafree Ozwald

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