The Most Sacred Blessing of All

The Most Sacred Blessing of All 
Written by Jafree Ozwald 

You are an eternal being on a sacred roller-coaster ride called Life. It’s got tons of twists and turns to it, a massive uphill climb, a gigantic downhill drop, 24 loop-da-loops and many divine unexpected moments along the way.  You have the choice in every moment how you’re going to ride this ride.  If you’re going to grab on tighter with white fists clutching the fake steering wheel, or are you going to sit back and let your hands fly high in the air.  However you decide to live your life is totally perfect, just know that the choice is always here to let go of everything in your mind and raise your hands in the air.

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.” ~Albert Einstein

You are here to discover how EASY it is to be in constant state of joy on this wild journey.  All the thoughts, experiences and feelings you encounter everyday are meant to do one main thing…to bring you fully into the now.  This is where you can breathe and feel this overflowing abundance of peace, love and sacred consciousness. This peace is the most sacred blessing of all and provides the ultimate freedom.  It allows you to unravel yourself and find the God Source within.  Start with investigating your connection to this ever-present awareness that is within you, always watching you.  Know it intimately and truly dive into your personal connection to it.  Within your heart you will you find it, it has always been there… here…always. Being at peace with your mind creates the time and space to explore your life’s greatest possible experience. Remember, whatever you focus on expands…

“Ecstasy is your very nature; not to be ecstatic is simply unnecessary.” ~Osho

Quiet the mind and you master THIS moment.   Only then do you discover the divine purpose of your entire life. An awake aware mind lives in bliss and can manifest its desires 1000 times easier than a non-meditative mind. You can easily discover this Extraordinary Bliss within you through meditating on the eternal soul that you are.  The constant discovery of this eternal being that you are is much bigger and better than any thought or experience you could ever have. It is the greatest blessing we can ever discover because it frees us from all of our suffering instantly!  Once the mind stops its perpetual search “out there” and simply is being present to the eternal being that is here now, everything becomes very clear and instantly blissful.

“The quieter you can become, the more you’re able to hear.” ~Chinese Proverb

Whatever it is you most crave to experience in this lifetime, it is easily found through mastering this mind. Meditation is the link we’ve been missing our entire lives. It is the gateway to an eternal river of inner-bliss that naturally unfolds successfulness in everything we do. Like taming a wild horse, the mind can get crazier and wilder the more we attempt to control it. However, the more often we sit still, allowing for this quietness inside, the more your mind will discover the freedom to play, laugh with life, enjoy the play of duality and transcend all suffering. Only with a calm centered mind and body, we can explore any unknown and are metaphysically opening up the greatest manifesting channels of energy in the Universe.

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” ~ Albert Einstein

If there were only one purpose for meditating, it would be to transcend the drama and illusions created by your mind and deeply realize that you are the God Source behind it all. This constant realization will be the end of your suffering forever!!  To embody this cosmic understanding simply takes letting go of ALL the ideas you have about who/what you are, and being open to the simple essence with you.  This is the secret to connecting with the infinite essence inside.  The magic all starts and ends with letting go of every idea about who you think you are. This lets the simple experience of being alive become a sacred daily blessing.  Simply being an eternal being, breathing, walking, talking, connecting with others automatically opens up full access to your unlimited manifesting powers.  It also perpetuates a healing awareness in you that will allow you to attract more of the most positive loving experiences and people that you desire. You become a being of light, overflowing with joy, love, self-appreciation, self-approval, and self-love.

If you want total freedom from suffering right now, realize this one simple truth as many times as you can in the next week.  You are an eternal being and will never die.  This is a profound spiritual awareness and will come and go in your mind until you root it.  These roots are drilled into the soil of your body when you decide you are ready to awaken to a higher state of consciousness.  When you choose to bless yourself in this way, then the real blessings start to pour forth. 

 “To be ecstatic is natural, spontaneous. It needs no effort to be ecstatic, it needs great effort to be miserable.” ~Osho

I invite you to wake up tomorrow morning and consciously choose to meditate for 15 minutes on the idea that you are infinite, eternal, and will never die. Return to this awareness throughout your day and you’ll experience a tremendous shift in your ability to be patient and also see an increase in your manifesting abilities! If you’d like to dramatically improve your ability to manifest anything you desire, I recommend doing the Super Manifesting Program! It will help you to permanently integrate the knowledge that you are an infinite Soul who has absolute power to create anything you desire. This simply powerful daily experience will help you to see, feel and experience the true power behind this amazing manifesting body-mind you live in… enjoy!

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Sending lots of sacred blessings to you!

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