The Natural Born Manifestor

The Natural Born ManifestorBy Margot Zaher & Jafree Ozwald

Who is the natural born manifestor?  It’s YOU!  That’s right you have always been and will always be an amazing manifestor who has the power to instantly and effortlessly materialize any thought into the physical world.  The key words here are instantly and effortlessly.  The experience of instantaneous manifestation occurs when we release all of our internal blocks and resistances to having what we want, and feel as if our desire has already manifested in the here and now.  This may seem impossible, ridiculous, or miraculous, yet it is as natural as the warmth from the sunshine above.  We are all born with this innate ability to materialize thoughts into physical form and can improve upon this gift by learning how to harness the power of the mind.  To do this, all that is needed is a constant positive focus of our energy into the image and feeling of what you want to manifest as if it is ALREADY HERE NOW! The most ironic thing about learning how to manifest is that you already are a powerful manifestor!   If you have a mind and a body, you are a manifesting machine.  No matter what you do, think or believe, you can never turn off the manifesting valve while you are alive.  The manifesting power is something you cannot lose, create, or develop.  It is your essential nature.  Once you understand that you cannot NOT manifest, you will surrender to the manifesting master buried within you.  After you have integrated the understanding that you cannot stop from manifesting something, amazing synchronicities will happen to you.  Somebody will suddenly call you with the right piece of information you were JUST looking for, or you will meet that perfect person who introduces you to that group of people you were dreaming of connecting with.  Your life will become a living synchronistic event for you to enjoy! Although you are not always aware of it, whatever you think about is what is being manifested.  Wherever you attention flows, energy goes!  You are always manifesting something, whether it is a compulsive worrying habit, an intimate relationship, your next meal, or a large bank account.  Whatever you think about will grow, and become your experience more frequently down the road.  Now the big question is… are you manifesting what you really want, or what you really don’t want?

The secret to manifesting ONLY what you want in life comes from shifting into a higher manifesting vibration.  When you are "vibrating" with joy, enthusiasm, love, and trust, you will automatically attract things that resonate at this higher frequency.   We guarantee that if you experience The Entire Manifesting Program for 90 Days you will start manifesting your heart’s desires faster and easier!  Download it instantly at:  Many blessings to you,

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