The NEW Super Manifestor Video Goldpack

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The NEW Super Manifestor Video Goldpack!

Created by Jafree Ozwald

I am sooooo super excited to finally launch my new product that I’ve been working on for a very long time!! Through the past few years I’ve personally recorded many videos sharing the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gathered throughout my life.  I’ve taken the very best of these enlightening clips and put them together in a video package you can instantly download and view right now!

These are heart driven enlightening messages from my soul to yours, as I share with you how to reach a deeper experience of enlightenment, blissful meditation, how to become a manifesting magnet, how to move through your deepest blocks, how to create enlightening relationships, effortlessly release excess weight, naturally increase your manifesting abilities, transform anger into elation, enter an enlightened state of consciousness and much much more!

This personalized online experience will enlighten your mind, inspire your life and boost your natural manifesting abilities! This is a fun educational adventure which can become your personal daily guides to help you break through emotional blocks and start seeing yourself being capable of creating  anything your heart’s desires!  When digested on a daily basis they will ignite the “Manifesting Mindset” within you and get your life moving in the right direction.

You’ll also receive 14 Live Recorded Radio Interviews with Jafree on tele-summits and internet stations around the world, where he covers an enormous variety of subjects which you can read more in detail below.  Also, you’ll receive 5 FREE BONUS VIDEOS that are inspirational materials tol get you motivated and jazzed about being a powerful manifesting being in this life!  This entire video and audio collection is like a mini online “Manifesting University” where you can watch, listen and enjoy learning with Jafree how to start creating that amazing life you soooo deserve!

What are people saying about Jafree?

“Jafree, is truly an enlightened being and a master coach. The many discoveries I have made since working with him (even after 30 years of being in the New Age movement) have been remarkable. I am letting go of numerous work addictions that I have been struggling with for years. Suddenly, they are just easily slipping away moment by moment. Although, I knew most of this information intellectually, I am now experiencing it on a cellular level. It is an awesome experience. “It is such a great and wonderful service you do, and I am grateful to be part of it. Thank you,
Jafree! Much love and joy!” ~Natalie Helms, Corporate Training Facilitator, New York, NY.

“You are an inspiration and I’m grateful that my life is being touched by your enlightening presence. You have opened up many ‘blocked channels’ that is allowing me to take a different outlook on how I think, observe, and accept things in and into my life. I am becoming more and more aware of so many wonderful and exciting things. Thank you so much. You are a gift from God.” ~James S. McKenzie, Belmar, NJ.

“With a warrior’s persistence, childlike playfulness, a poet’s gentle heart, and a mystic’s soul, Jafree expertly penetrates into the core of your issues. He is a rare soul who carefully wields healing knowledge and psychic intuition like a sword – cutting a clear path through the veils of misunderstanding, fear and separation. He is, in fact, a bodhisattva for the new millennium… helping others to awaken.” ~Chris S., Healer, Boulder, CO

“Little did I know that when I had my first session with Jafree I would be propelled into an existence filled with possibility and magic. It’s an amazing and wonderful world now and I’m ready to play in it!” ~Pamela M. R. Ferndale, Michigan.

“Your teachings are very much in alignment with my beliefs about spirituality and universal power. Thank you very much for your help!” ~Michelle Ruiz, Madera, CA, Nurse

“You so shine beautifully in my heart and I love you. Thank you! Your enlightening materials are inspiring, flowing and I am flowing with it.”  ~Shiraz, Canada

Below is a Description of each of the Videos and Audios you’ll
Get to Instantly Experience in the Super Manifesting Video Gold Package…

The 8 Habits to Raising your Manifesting Vibration #1  – In this video Jafree shares the first set of The 8 Habits Manifesting Routine. These powerful manifesting techniques will increase your vibration so you can effortlessly attract your dream life to you. This enlightening information makes manifesting simple to grasp with suggestions you can easily apply to your life. Watch it a few times to let all the information seep and soak into your soul.

The 8 Habits to Raising your Manifesting Vibration #2 – In the second video series about The 8 Habits Manifesting Routine you’ll learn the most essential action steps which will initiate a powerful shift in your consciousness and vibration. By practicing this specific set of habits daily, you’ll dramatically increase your ability to attract an empowered new life that you’ll love!

The 8 Habits to Raising your Manifesting Vibration #3  – This last video about The 8 Habits Manifesting Routine contains insights on health and what types of food will raise your vibration. You’ll learn why sleep is so important in the realm of manifesting and how dreaming can work for you.

The First Step to Manifesting the Life You Want – This video contains the essential steps for manifesting the life you truly desire. Jafree talks about what each person fundamentally needs for awakening the enlightened manifestor inside, and totally transforming your personal reality.

The 3 Secrets to Becoming a Manifesting Magnet  – Learn the 3 golden secrets that will instantly increase your Manifesting Vibration and help you to transcend any blocks stopping you from attracting your dream life. Explore what it takes to become the Master of your Reality, remove ANY blocks that you’re experiencing, and fully embrace the Manifesting Mindset. Once your fear or resistance to receiving your desire is released, you can step fully into your power and experience yourself as the divine manifesting being you truly are.

How to Manifest Your Heart’s Desires  –
This video contains the keys to unlock your mind so that you can manifest anything you can imagine. You’ll learn how to harness the divine power within your heart and live each day in a state of effortless flow. Manifesting your dream life is totally possible when you are aligned with your heart and what it truly wants to create. You’ll soon discover that anything is possible is this multi-dimensional Universe when you realize the real power that is within your heart.

Manifesting Creativity – Learning how to tap into your natural state of creativity is one of the greatest secrets to manifesting success and happiness in life. Discover the super manifestor that you are by implementing a regular creative practice which opens your energetic gateway to a much higher frequency.

You are a Manifesting Machine!  –  Get ready to learn how to become a super charged manifesting machine! This video is packed with awakening information about taking your life to the next level of empowerment. This understanding is essential for boosting your highest manifesting powers and attracting everything you want.

How to Meditate – Jafree shares his essential secrets on how to experience a profound and powerful meditation and why it is important to practice meditation on a daily basis. The information in this video provides the golden keys for raising your manifesting vibration and empowering your life in the most intimate ways.

The Secret to Meditation  –  Learn the secret how to quiet the mind chatter, enter a profound state of stillness and experience the divine truth of who you truly are. Learn how to relax your body and mind to feel the silence that is already inside you. Your breath is the gateway to total freedom, and knowing how to watch it will keep your mind continuously calm.

How Discipline Leads to Freedom (Part One) – Learn how to create an enlightened approach towards having discipline in your life. Becoming a happier and more empowered human being is a reflection of the level of devotion you have to experience the life that you love! Ask yourself right now, “How free am I in my life…really?” This video helps you to understand how discipline leads to embody your most ultimate freedom and empowerment.

How Discipline Leads to Freedom (Part Two) – In this second video, Jafree explores the vital importance of discipline and how it can be enjoyable in your life. True freedom contains an enlightened approach towards discipline which makes you become a lighter, more empowered human being. Just ask yourself this one simple question right now, “Am I coming from ego or my heart?”

The Courage to Be Real – Being radically honest with yourself and others is a deeply transforming experience. In this video you’ll learn what it takes to have the courage to be real with yourself and everyone in your life. Jafree inspires you to become the most abundant, alive and awakened being that you truly are. It’s the most fulfilling and enlightening experience to be honest with yourself, and find the courage to truly shine!

How Anger Leads to Enlightenment – Learn about the power of emotions and understand how embracing anger is an integrative part of one’s spiritual evolutionary process. Jafree’s gives his enlightening secrets about how to master unpleasant emotions and your mind. The next time you get upset about something, you’ll understand how you can become free from judging your anger around the situation, because deep down it serves a higher purpose in your evolution as a soul.

Awakening Your Unlimited Potentiality – Explore what it takes to ignite and awaken your unlimited potentiality. This video reminds us that there is an amazing manifesting power hidden inside each one of us, and it is burning and ready to come out! This video will help you to open up and feel the unlimited potential energy inside you, knowing without a doubt that everything and anything is possible!

Open Yourself to the Source of Unconditional Love – Explore the power of unconditional love and how opening yourself up to it can totally transform your ego. Learn how to take a giant step towards loving yourself and letting that pure loving energy move through everything in your life. When you do this, you find that love is in everything and everyone around you! Awakening to the source of love within you allows you to discover your real life purpose in the Universe and fully live your potential as a deeply powerful manifesting being.

How to Effortlessly Release Excess Weight –  Jafree shares his personal secrets on how to release any extra weight that you’re carrying and skyrocket your Manifesting Vibration along the way! His simple Green Juicing practice works and feels amazing to do! Every human being on the planet can increase their energy and consciousness by simply changing what they put into their mouth. Drinking Jafree’s super green “rocket fuel” juice everyday is amazing and it will totally transform your life! Click here for Jafree’s Favorite Green Juice Recipe!

Opening the Heart to Love Meditation –  This enlightening meditation will help you open your heart and find real peace within. Learn how to access love and your natural healing energy at any time that you need it. The deeper you can relax inside of your heart, the more amazing your love life becomes. The golden secret is knowing how to allow your heart to open, soften and trust in this experience of life.

Finding Peace with Nature – Jafree shares his personal experience with being outside deep in the wilderness. He talks about how nature helps us to deeply let go of life and find a higher connection. This video will inspire you to get outside, really enjoy nature and see it as a way to celebrate life! Taking time to simply be in nature is a powerful secret to opening your heart and falling in love with yourself and your life again and again.

Instructions How to Awaken your Kundalini  – Here are your specific instructions on how to awaken your Kundalini. The purpose of this awakening is to increase the energy throughout your body, while opening your mind to the divine essence. An awakened Kundalini connects you to your highest power and consciousness that is available right now. You can heal yourself deeply from the inside out by following his 8 habits manifesting routine and doing this Kundalini awakening exercises regularly.

The Secrets to Awaken your Kundalini – Learn Jafree’s personal secrets for awakening the most powerful healing creative energy in the Universe. The Kundalini is asleep right now inside you. When she wakes up, look out! You will be free from your ego and know you have the most natural power to manifest the life of your dreams! This video is perfect for anyone who wants to dramatically raise their frequency and step into a deep spiritual experience of life this week!

Spiritual Awakening – In this video you’ll receive a deeper understanding of the spiritual path and explore the process of awakening to your spiritual essence. Learn the secrets of the mind, how it works, why it does what it does, and what it takes for you to master it in this lifetime.

Fuel for a Spiritual Awakening – This video explores what your necessary “fuel” is to access and create a profound spiritual awakening in your life. Learn about what a spiritual awakening will feel like and how to create it. The insights you’ll receive from this video can be used as fuel to go deeper inside yourself and your path towards enlightenment.

The Integration of a Spiritual Awakening – Understand what it really means to have a “spiritual awakening” and the essential components to integrating a spiritual awakening into ordinary life. Learn what it takes to move beyond the dominating ego and truly be at peace with it’s demanding habits.

Trust Your Future – Learn how to strengthen your “trust muscles” and establish more trust in yourself and your future. Jafree shares his enlightening insights on how to increase the sensation of trust in your life. Learning how to open your “Trust Valve” and increasing your trusting ability. Trust is one of the most powerful manifesting energies you’ll ever discover. Only with trust you can start attracting truly abundant situations and positive circumstances to you, while effortlessly create the life you truly desire!

The Trusting Meditation – This 12 minute meditation will open your mind and heart to a deeper experience of trusting life. Simply sit back in a comfortable chair, relax your body completely, and close your eyes if you wish. The secret with this video is to trust that whatever experience you have, is the right experience.

Enlightening Information for your Soul – Jafree shares his epiphanies on his spiritual journey that will open your eyes and inspire you in the most interesting ways. Be sure to listen to the entire clip, because just like life, the invitation to adventure inwards becomes deeper and deeper along the way.


Secrets to Manifesting Lasting, Loving Relationships – As part of the Global Telesummit Series, From Heartache to Joy, Jafree teaches that self-love and acceptance clears the way to loving relationships with others. Jafree speaks to callers about their relationships and instructs listeners on how to be fully present to other’s experiences. This insight will lead to manifesting relationship success.

Raise Your Vibration and Find Your Manifesting Roadmap – Jafree discusses the relationship between raising your vibration and increasing your manifesting power. He explains how his books teach how to become a successful manifestor by using simple steps enabling you to let go and stop struggling.

Surrendering to the State of Samadhi – With Steve and Monica Donofrio of the Responsibility Act show, Jafree discusses the unlimited self and inner peace that can be obtained though Samadhi. He explains how relaxing into your life and letting the universe guide you, you increase your vibration so that you can manifest greater health, wealth and love. Through Samadhi you can transcend fear and experience the interconnectedness of everything..

Shift Your Vibration and Manifest Your Life’s Dream – Learn how to define your dreams, let go of your mind chatter and manifest by relaxing into your true self. On this “Law of Empowerment” seminar, Jafree Zaher together discuss Love, Manifesting and Empowerment. Learn how to develop your manifesting routine with the 8 Habits inside the Manifesting Program. By using Jafree’s guided meditations, you can shift into the love, wealth and the life of your dreams.

Awaken Inward and Manifest Abundance – Jafree talks with Daniel Gutierrez on the Awakening to Abundance show. They discuss relaxing into receptivity by listening to the Universal mind to live a life of abundance. By relaxing and accepting, you will raise your vibration and let go of needless mind chatter. Honor the negative as a teacher and grow into your true infinite being using the guidance of the Manifesting Program.

How to Heal Yourself & Become a Super Manifestor – In this interview with Julie Hart on Call to Awaken, Jafree explains how you can heal yourself and enjoy the peaceful adventure of life. He also leads us through a guided mediation to help connect you to that Universal source. With the help of Jafree’s Super Manifestor program you can learn to live in gratitude and acceptance to release blocks to your dreams.

Your Spiritual Path to Enlightenment – As part of the “Creating Your Dream Life” tele-seminar, Jafree discusses how your thoughts create your reality and shows how detachment from outcomes enables you to drop into your divine awareness, the true source of peace and security. With this awareness everything is possible. Listen to Jafree share his thoughts on attaining this lightness.

Spiritual Steps to Samadhi and Enlightenment – On the Inspiration for Your Life show, Sheila Gale asks Jafree to describe his spiritual journey and explain how with Samadhi consciousness the feeling of oneness with the universe opens you up to a world of abundance. Jafree explains that by using the steps described in the Manifesting Manual, you can wake up to an internal acceptance of everything. Following the 8 Manifesting Habits will help you to embrace life in a playful and relaxed way.

Your Spiritual Connection with the Universe – On Inspiring Stories of Transformation, Jomo lets Jafree explains how to root yourself in trust. In realizing that you have all the power of the universe inside of you, you find freedom. Jafree suggests that you question your limits. Drop the ego and you will be the essence of love and welcome everyone.

Secrets to Meditation: The Mind is Like a Fishbowl – In this Manifesting Accelerated interview Jafree encourages listeners to relax and trust that the Universe provides exactly what is needed for growth and freedom. If you stop fighting the universe and surrender to it, you will transcend addictions and raise your manifesting frequency. Jafree’s guided mediations and the 8 Habits routine will enable you to relax and trust into a deeper, more loving and fulfilling life.

Connection between Manifesting and Enlightenment – On the Wide Awakening show, Julie Hart and Jafree discuss how to allow energy to follow through you with a sense of oneness with everything. Jafree explains how to use your breath to connect you to yourself and the universe. With the willingness to surrender, all is possible..

Spiritual Secrets to Becoming a Super Manifestor – In an interview with Celia on Creating Your Dream Life, Jafree shows how to be aware of your thoughts and detach from them. Open up to your true self and trust the Universe instead of your ego. The universe is listening to your thoughts, good or bad and will challenge you so that you can grow. Once you let go of the controlling mind, you are free to manifest anything.

Overcoming Blocks to Discovering Infinite Possibilities – Jafree speaks with Nina Stein on Manifest Infinite Possibilities about the steps to enlightenment and the role of meditation and exercise to release a creative, energetic channel to divine connection. He encourages the listener to allow everything, honoring both good and bad. Jafree guides a meditation to shift blocks and honor both sides of a situation..

Finding Balance by Riding the Edge of the Coin – Jafree and Sandhan at Expanding Times have a conversation about finding the balance between a spiritual and daily life. When the two sides of a coin, self-determination and pre-destiny, meet, freedom is found on the delicate balance on the edge of the coin. Jafree leads you through a guided meditation that promotes relaxation and consciousness to open up your awareness of this alignment.



Manifesting a High Vibe Video – Turn up the volume on your energy! Watch this video to enlighten your consciousness and crank up your Manifesting Vibration! This short inspiring 4 minute experience will wake up the enlightened manifestor within you and start turning you into a Manifesting Magnet!

Enlightened Beings Meditation Video – This is a 4 minute enlightening meditation journey that will relax you deeply and create a higher shift in consciousness, bringing more peace, stillness and clarity into your life. By absorbing these powerful heart opening messages, you’ll start to awaken the enlightening being within! This video is a meditation support that will help you step into a very deep life transforming experience by simply watching this video first thing every morning for 3 weeks in a row.

The Super Manifestor Video – Jafree shares his personal experience of how the Super Manifesting Program was born. This video creates a better understanding of his enlightening approach that blends the worlds of Manifesting and Spiritual Enlightenment.

Money Affirmation Video – This highly inspirational video will help you to increase your financial frequency and visualize being financially abundant and free! Anything that the mind can conceive is achievable when we believe it fully with an open receptive heart. This video is a powerful tool that expands your financial feelings so that it’s easier for you to attract more abundance into your life.

The Super Manifestor Video – This experience will inspire you to step into the powerful manifesting being you truly are! This little enlightening adventure will ignite that flame inside you so that you get excited about creating the reality you desire! It’s amazing how easy and effortless it actually is to become the manifesting master of our lives! Simply follow the 8 habits manifesting routine in chapter 9 of your Manifesting Manual for the next 90 days and you will totally transform your health, wealth, relationships, and spiritual connection.


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“Your way of expressing these concepts always attracts me, and nothing, but nothing compares with it– the tone,
the depth of spirituality, I can’t put it into words. Your Manifesting Manual is something I can read over and over
and soak up.” ~Diane Abbott, Spain

“Absolutely Incredible! When I started applying what you taught, money started pouring in from everywhere! I even found my Soul Mate by using your Universal Secrets to Receiving Unlimited Success! Now whenever I need or want something I just ask for it.” ~C.W., New York

“I contacted Jafree 12 months ago to help me change my financial situation. I have followed his plan faithfully and I went from $90,000 in debt with no direction, to where I am now out of debt and financially free!” ~G. K., Colorado

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Jafree Ozwald

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