The New World

By Jafree Ozwald

As we entered the year 2012 you may have sensed that a New World is dawning up ahead. A new consciousness, a new type of being, and a new way of relating to other is about to enter each of our personal lives. If you stop and tune into everything that is happening on the planet now, you can feel it. As everything continues moving faster and faster, we cannot help but wake up and realize our divine infinite potentiality. We are each being pulled, cajoled, and summoned to spiritually awaken by the global events around us.

Our planet’s cataclysmic experiences are the wake up calls, forcing us to turn inwards and create a more sensitive, loving and conscious approach to life. This deeper sensitivity will awaken a new kind of human being in all of us; one who is attuned to the divine within, guided by his intuition, and enlightened by his own individual consciousness. These more enlightened beings will multiply and collectively in time create a whole New World, offering a foundation of peace to this planet for the first time in many millennia. Yes, our planet is about to give birth to billions of heart centered open-minded people, and nobody is going to miss this massive enlightening ride.

So how can one get ready to enter this New World? The greatest preparation is to find peace within yourself as you are now, and within every relationship you have. When you start recognizing the divine within yourself and in everyone, then everyone you meet becomes a divine teacher showing you exactly what you need to learn next on your life journey. The people with whom you struggle the most are your greatest opportunities for deepening your compassion, inner peace and awareness. The inner peace you find will breed an even higher awareness, allowing others to respond from a more empowered loving space. This will enable you to FEEL connected with the thousands of highly intelligent, sensitive, loving and super-enlightening beings that are on the planet today.

The new enlightened beings of our future will contain a natural state of compassion and gratitude with each human being.  Every man and woman of this New World will choose to live in harmony with others, not because it is the ‘right’ thing to do, but because they will know that any harm done to the other is merely doing harm to themselves. This global brother/sisterhood will create a much more conscious and balanced state of affairs, causing all human beings to become more aware of where they direct their thoughts, actions and how they most want to impact their inner world.

The thought of a New World occurring is very contagious and will only grow exponentially. The more we think about it, the more energy is invested into manifesting it. However, the momentum is already there and this world is about to have a massive spiritual awakening that cannot be stopped. Yet, you can jump on the boat sooner rather than later. To realize what is still asleep, resistant, or righteous inside you is the first step to awakening out of this old world.

Waking up first begins with realizing that you are the co-creator of your reality, and that your imagination is the only limit you have. So be aware of the thoughts you are having in each moment, and cultivate a presence that is the witnesser of these thoughts. The thoughts you have are like clouds passing through the sky. Let them float on by. Know that you are the vast, spacious, and infinite boundless sky! Be that throughout your day and you’ll soon recognize that this vast freedom is inside you.

To truly be ready for a global spiritual awakening one must learn how to quiet their mind chatter and find stillness inside.  You can sit and meditate alone, or excel light years in growth by sitting with a conscious ‘enlightened’ teacher or someone who just radiates pure love, lightness of being, and is in absolute acceptance of everything you are. You can meet find a few of our favorite satsang teachers at this link:  Experience as many teachers as you can, let your body feel the difference and decide which is the one that resonates with who you truly want to become. And as they say, when the student is ready the teacher will magically appear.

Another step to awakening is to be conscious of each choice that you make.  Every being in the New World will understand that there are no ‘accidents’. Every experience is synchronistic and divine. You are waking up to the fact that you are The Creator of your every experience. Take responsibility now for what is in your life today and be thankful for it before you focus on what you want to be, do, and have tomorrow. By approaching today with gratitude, you open your heart and mind in each situation and relationship you have.

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May the New World blossom within you today,

Much love,


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