The Old Worried Woman and The Bus

I have heard that an old woman was traveling on a bus, and she was anxious, worried, and continuously asking what stop it was. The stranger sitting by her side said, "Relax, don’t be worried. The conductor will go on announcing what stop it is, and if you are too worried I will call him here. You can tell him where you want to get off so he can keep a note of it. You can relax!"

He called the conductor and the woman said, "Please remember, I don’t want to miss my stop. I have to reach somewhere very urgently."

The conductor said, "Okay, I will make a note of it–although even without your asking I will be announcing each stop. But I will make a note of it and I will come to you particularly and tell you whenever your stop comes. But you relax, don’t be so worried about it!"

She was perspiring and trembling and looked so tense. So she said, "Okay, you note it down–I have to get off at the bus terminal."

Now if it is the bus terminal, why worry?  How can you miss it?  There is no way of missing it!  This is the whole message of all the awakened ones: that you are not here to achieve something, it has already been given to you.   ~Osho  


Drop your worried, frantic, achieving mind and all of your ego projections.  The moment you do your life becomes a joyous adventure!  Your heart will open, your relationships will blossom and everything will seem to shine as if it was brand new.  You can train your mind to be free from worry and fear and find the infinite Source inside you.  This is the only way to freedom.  Our guided meditation to awaken your kundalini will help you do this.  Instantly download it today at this link:

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