The Only Block to Enlightenment

The Only Block to Enlightenment 
By Jafree Ozwald 

There is only one thing that will delay your enlightenment.  There is only one place that you can hide, where the enlightened state cannot find you.  By doing this one thing, you will always block bliss from penetrating your being.  This one thing is to remain in your mind, living up in your head, and never ever stop thinking.  If you never give the mind space to rest it’s thinking routine, you can never relax deeply enough to know Nirvana. 

On the enlightened path, you realize that "thinking" separates you from entering a cosmic state of being.  Thinking only takes you away from the light of consciousness that is emanating from the core of your being… right now.  Thinking actually creates a lack of consciousness, while being allows for more consciousness to enter.  By dropping thinking, you attain this effortless Universal mind and fall into the highest levels of ecstatic consciousness. 

By living from your neck up you are only believing in your mind’s version of reality, and remain imprisoned in thought.  You cannot know the Divine Source from where all thought comes from until you drop the head. This struggling mind is what causes you to think you’re separate from Source.  It creates and holds tightly onto beliefs, morals, ideologies, traditions, grudges and thus makes you think you are not be free.  Being free of the mind is true freedom.  It is resting in Source and relaxing into this pure consciousness that you already are.

The moment you liberate yourself from the incessant chatter and dialog in your mind, you are instantly happy, enlightened and free!  The mind can no longer be bothering you with its wants, needs and desires.  It cannot because it has found something much bigger, better and more satisfying to explore.  It has discovered the God Source is within itself.  It’s true nature is divine!  The instant you realize all life forms contain this infinitely creative divine energy, you discover that within yourself.  The best thing about enlightenment is that its free, and you can fall into it at anytime anyplace.  Just simply stop thinking about anything, and it will show up.

Remember however that enlightenment is an all or nothing experience.  Either you totally surrender the ego/mind, or you don’t.  There’s no 99% surrender in the land of enlightenment.  The mind is either absorbed in the Self, or the ego is still running the big show.  Each moment anything can happen and you can swing in either direction.  You instantly step into the enlightened state when you drop the mind and surrender to the source of pure consciousness.  It’s a super simple, really it’s a "no-brainer".

This divine flash of enlightenment does not just happen from thinking only enlightening thoughts, it cannot.  If we possessed the "right thoughts" to become enlightened, then our enlightenment could be taken away when those thoughts disappeared.  Enlightenment is something that cannot be taken away because it is your natural state of being, the love that is your essence.  Your heart is where enlightenment lives, and where it is found.

So the real question to ask yourself is, "What am I doing that is blocking this natural feeling of being enlightened?"  Well, what are you thinking about?  How often are you in silence and have stopped thinking?  Clinging to thoughts is the #1 issue people have.  Dwelling on any thought takes you away from the pure presence of your enlightened nature.  It’s that simple!  Just by noticing your thinking patterns, bringing awareness to them, you start to enjoy the play and start being this big bright ball of luminescent conscious light.  From here you can easily let any thought come or go, and your brilliant beaming loving essence shines through on everyone.

Dropping the mind is easy, it only takes one little trick called a slight shift in perception.  I invite you to ask yourself one little question every morning from here on… "What is it like to completely be free from any attachment to my body, these thoughts, feelings, beliefs, expectations, judgments, etc… and feel intimately connected, free, open, alive and joyous in the here and now?"  Ask yourself this question before you get out of bed each morning for 3 days and see what happens!   This is something worth getting really excited about. 

To have this enlightening experience you must devote yourself 300% to fully being here now.  You must let go of every single thought that you are attached to or avoiding.  Any thought, idea or memory that you feel is more important than this all-intelligent divine magical Universal presence, then that becomes your God. 

When you let go of the mind, you become one with everything.  From here you can welcome everything that is happening within this experience of your life right now.  This makes existence feel very sacred and intimate.  You realize that each person, place and thing is actually filled with Divine energy and the same all-intelligent consciousness, so you end up bowing down to life everywhere you go.  Everything becomes enjoyable because you never have a problem enjoying your connection with Source which is always in the here and now.

Whatever you focus on or give attention to, this is how you make, invent and generate your reality.  If you want to become enlightened then focus on the idea that you already are, then let that thought go.  There is no need to hold onto any thought, for it is simply a changing thing. The divine experience of yourself is always going to be sooo much more amazing than anything your mind can imagine.

If thinking is the only block, then the solution and way to conquer the head is to bring your awareness away from your brain and down into your heart.  By simply focusing your attention on your heart as often as possible, you open that energy center which is the source of love, compassion and awareness.  By meditating on your heart for 20 minutes a day will alone cause you to move closer to the enlightened state.  An open heart brings on a quieter mind, where you can find this deliciousness inside.

If you just cannot stop thinking, try sitting down and pondering what the state of no-mind is like.  What would it be like to be without thoughts?  Be careful, with enough attention you may suddenly drop it!  That enlightening space tastes divine and when you take the time to fully explore your inner world, you’ll soon discover that you are not alone, you are not this mind, and that you are the master of these thoughts.

Notice how all thoughts come and they go, while you stay permanently.  You are forever here now.  Realize this, and surrender your attachment to your mind, your ego and its agenda.  Release any grip your mind has on any thought and be ONE with every atom in the Universe.  The battle is over if you are no longer fighting with it. The continual thinking head has to surrender when its faced with the heart.  It cannot win over the powerful loving presence from below.

 The great secret to entering this enlightened heart state is to begin with feeling your deepest, most emotional feelings which you can find inside.  Whatever it is… a feeling of joy, gratitude, appreciation, love, or anger, sadness, grief, apathy, whatever it is negative or positive it does not matter.  Just be real and honest with yourself, you cannot lose.  Just stop and feel what is really going on in your life, don’t think about just feel into it completely and see how everything changes.   

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Enjoy this enlightening day today!
Jafree Ozwald

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