The Outrageous Power of Accountability

The Outrageous Power of Accountability Written by Jafree Ozwald

Do you ever get super excited about creating your ideal dream life then find that energy just fizzles out while you’re distracted doing other less important things?  Would you like to know the secrets to continuously taking inspired action every week and truly manifesting your heart’s desires?  Take a deep breath and get ready to start creating the most empowering year of your life!  By applying the following information below, 2010 is going to be your most successful year in history!

"You really can change your world if you care enough."  ~Marian Wright Edelman

The most important thing you can do to ensure that you manifest your dream life is to join a manifesting support team.  A manifesting support team is a group of inspired souls who will hold you accountable for showing up for manifesting that life that you love, and are willing to give you empowering feedback to stop any dastardly procrastination or saboteur type behaviors that get in your way.  When you choose to surround yourself with people who will help you to retire from the land of procrastination and abandon all laziness, you instantly jump on an inspired action plan to success.  When you consistently hang out with high vibrational people, you yourself become a high vibrational person inside.

"The success of the decisions you make depends ultimately on what you make of your decisions."  ~Jeff Esper

We have found that it is more effective to invite a team of people who are not close friends, family, or relatives, since they would typically rather keep the relationship with you kind and sweet, than be direct about any lack of integrity or accountability in your life.  Welcome those who encourage rather than discourage, and ask questions rather than become hyper critical when you don’t follow through with your word.  Choose those beings who are interested in building more integrity in their own lives, and not afraid to speak their truth with you in a loving yet direct manner.  If you feel that you cannot locate people according to the description we have described, we have an opportunity at the end of this email where you can join a group of like-minded manifesting souls who will support you and help you take your vibration to the next level.

“Every child is an artist.  The challenge is how to keep creativity as an artist once you grow up.”  ~Pablo Picasso

Many of us don’t realize how impacted we are by our environment and those people around us.  We are often easily swayed by the negative opinions and limiting beliefs of those around us.  Limiting patterns in others who are close to you can be infectious and often leave an imprint on you, causing you to feel disempowered, lazy, and procrastinate manifesting your dreams.  Surround yourself with people who can follow through with their promises and are impeccable with what they say they will do.  The energy, consciousness, and motivation you’ll receive will inspire you to move through that deeper stuckness that is blocking you from success.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed…nothing can be changed until it is faced.” ~ James Baldwin

Imagine what could happen by the end of 2010 if you met every week with a group of like-minded empowering manifestors who were willing to help you manifest your dream life.  The ability to remain inspired and on purpose is what being accountable for your dream is all about.  This is what sets apart those who manifest true abundance and unending success in their lives from those who settle for a mediocre existence.   Dreams do come true when you are held accountable for them.  When you know that there are people who care about you enough to ask you what is really going on, you will find yourself following through with everything you say you’re going to do.

“Every great work, every great accomplishment, has been brought into manifestation through holding to the vision, and often just before the big achievement comes apparent failure and discouragement.”  ~Florence Scovel Shinn

The more people you have helping you focus on your dreams, and visualizing that they have already manifested themselves, the faster they will materialize.  The fact is that we are all powerful manifestors.  Yet, when we are not reminded of this natural power, we tend to slip back into the old societal pattern of struggle and distraction.  You can manifest anything that you deeply desire if you keep your intention focused on your vision long enough.  The key is to reach out for support and allow the community to help you take massive inspired action every day.  By allowing yourself to be supported by other manifesting beings, you will naturally raise your vibration to an outrageous level of accountability and take massive action towards your dreams.

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Sending you a profound sense of accountability for 2010! Jafree Ozwald

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