The Power of E-motion

The Power of E-motionBy Jafree Ozwald What is an emotion?  In the world of manifesting, e-motion stands for energy in motion.  It is where the greatest manifesting powers exist in the Universe.  Sure, you can visualize that something is manifesting until you are blue in the face, yet you have little chance of making it happen unless you have the FEELING behind your visualization.  If your body is like a car that is driving you towards the destination of your dreams, feelings are the fuel that power your manifesting vehicle with the juice it needs to move forward.  Without feelings, all you would have is a parked car stuck in the garage.  The secret is accessing a combination of excited, centered, and confident feelings which act like super-rocket fuel and will manifest you towards your dreams faster and smoother. So how do you allow yourself to really feel excited, centered, and confident about a desired outcome?  The secret is to first befriend your emotional body.  As a society we have been conditioned to remain up in the control tower of our head, and suppress our feelings below.  We may feel uncomfortable with outrageous displays of emotion, and think we should always remain in control.  From the time we were young we have internalized messages from our parents such as, "Stop crying” or “Stop being angry."  Over time, we automatically stifle our feelings, and try to become like robots that do the “right thing” and are impervious to any wild emotion that comes our way. 

Befriending your emotions simply means giving yourself permission to feel anything.  The greatest paradox about this manifesting fuel is that if you can allow yourself to feel an outrageous sense of failure, then you can also access the feelings of unstoppable success.  When you bury negative emotions like sadness or anger, you are also squashing the other parts of your emotional body such as joy, bliss, happiness, and excitement.  It’s as if you have created a shield of tight armor around your heart that keeps the feelings under control so that you don’t have to feel anything that may be uncomfortable.  The truth is that you cannot fuel your manifesting vehicle if you keep your emotions buried underground.  Once let your emotional body be FREE you’ll have all the power you need to manifest your dreams.

Emotions are truly amazing.  They are what allow you to tap into the divine experiences in life, as well as humble you to make you human.  Without tapping into your emotional nature you cannot connect with the people around you, and create the relationships and life that you desire.   So it is time for you to take off the armor that has been restricting you and truly FEEL alive again! 

Start now with this simple exercise.  Focus your attention on your heart.  Now think about someone or something that you may be protecting yourself from emotionally.  Become aware of any armor that you have around your heart, shielding you from feeling certain things.  Now, tell your shields, “Thank you for protecting me.  I no longer need you.  Goodbye.”  Gently remove this shielding by simply imagining that you are throwing them into a trash can.  Notice how it feels to be free from this armor.  Do you feel lighter and have a sense of more freedom?  It may be scary at first for you are like a new born baby, naked and new to this feeling world.  So be VERY gentle with yourself.  If you take a deeper look now inside your heart, you can feel the lightness of your “True Radiance” shining forth.   This radiance has the power to manifest anything that you desire.

The more you can tap into the depth and beauty of your emotional body, the faster you can manifest your dreams into your life.  The good news is that once you have healed yourself, you will access a new level of joy, excitement and centeredness that will propel you forward in manifesting your desires.  For more exercises on how to heal your emotional body, instantly download The 90 Day Manifesting Program at:  May your amazing emotions free you today!Jafree Ozwald 


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