The Purpose of Your Life

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The Purpose of Your Life Is…


To Love.

Love yourself, the Universe and Everyone in it!
Feel the gentle soft divine presence that naturally flows
from the center of your being.  Connect it with every thought,
thing, and person that your mind conceives.

To Awaken.

Realize that you are intimately connected to the God Source.
Know that God is the center of you! There is no separation.
That is the illusion. Entertaining the illusion is what perpetuates suffering.
You instantly heal yourself by honoring the fact that
the God Source is your very core essence.

To Heal.

Forgive yourself and others for forgetting that this is all a grand master play.
Deepen yourself in compassion for everyone who threatens you,
criticizes you, or shreds your ego in anyway, for they are craving love.
Having compassion for others will enable you to forgive yourself one day.
You deserve to be free from any pain or tension you are carrying around.

To Enjoy!

Celebrate this divine opportunity to love who and what you are!
Self gratitude will heal and release any pain or delusion from your past.
You’re here to enjoy this gift of life immensely!
Start by expanding all your ideas about who you think you are
and drop into the relaxed grounded center of who you really are.

By exploring these purposes of your life you
will discover your essential nature which is unlimited,
divine, all powerful, highly intelligent, manifesting energy.

Written by Jafree Ozwald

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"Through reading the Manifesting materials, meditating, and application,
I am living all the time in expectation of my heart’s desires being fulfilled and this really blows my mind. I am a novice but look what is happening!

1. I am losing inches off of my waist and my stomach is flattening without exercising.
2. My personal relationship is rekindling in a more authentic way.
3. My business is thriving at a faster pace than before.
4. My emotional, psychological, and mental factors are improving day by day.
5. My spiritual path is active and strong as I am loving God more and more.
6. My energy level is up, up, and up.

Out of all of my miracles number 7 is the best. I am no longer a victim
and for that I say thank you Jafree for blessing us all! Much love." 

~Muriel Walker, Gainesville, Florida

Sending lots of joy, love, laughter and lightness your way,
Jafree Ozwald

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