The Quiet Mind Meditation

The Quiet Mind MeditationBy Jafree Ozwald   "A mind that has been stretched by a new experience can never go back to it’s old dimensions."  ~Oliver Wendell Holmes   Have you ever tried to stop thinking?  It is like running up a mountain of warm butter, you only slip on it and sink deeper into the thoughts as you try to get rid of them.  This is the same as “trying” to keep the mind in the present moment.  This moment is so fast that the mind cannot catch it.  It is like trying to catch a hummingbird that moves so quickly and freely that it FLYS off to the next tree before you can even see where it’s at now.  When the mind relaxes completely and becomes one with the present moment, this is true meditation. When there is no mind present, what’s left is the observer who watches the thoughts drift by like passing clouds.    Although you may think of meditation as concentration, focusing, or a type of visualization, true meditation is actually the opposite.  Concentrating and visualizing is good for manifesting since it engages the mind to stay focused ON what it wants, and OFF of what it doesn’t want.  True meditation is an absence of mind and a stopping of the Ego-mind program that we are trapped within.  True meditation starts the moment the mind stops.    A state of true meditation is characterized by having no thoughts, no focus, no mental imagery, and no inner commentary.  It strengthens you mentally, emotionally and even physically.  It allows you to bring more energy and power into the manifestation of your desired goal, as well as stay focused on your desired outcome without becoming attached to how it comes your way.  True meditation liberates our being so that we have more clarity, energy, and drive to visualize!  We are either the slave or master of our mind in each moment.   If you cannot stop your mind from thinking, you are the slave to it. True meditation is mandatory if you want to free your mind and learn how to really raise your Manifesting Vibration.   "The whole world is a cyclone.  But once you have found the center the cyclone disappears.  This nothingness is the ultimate peak of consciousness." ~Osho   The more often and longer you discover this total stillness and silence inside, the more you will master your mind.  You will find the greatest truths in your own stillness, which may be like sitting in the center of a great cyclone.  From this very center of your being, no chaotic situation in life can upset you.  Look inside yourself, there is already a deep silence within you!  There is always a subtle gap of quietness between each of your thoughts.  Find the gap and you have mastered this moment right now.  This silence is the place where you are the commander who controls the direction of your life.  In those moments of absolute stillness, your magical paradise is readily available.    During true meditation, you may think you are sitting silently doing nothing, and absolutely nothing is happening.  There are actually trillions of things happening inside and outside your body.  Just sitting doing totally nothing is quite an amazing feat.  You are balancing in between your inner and outer worlds, non-attached to every experience you have, and discovering that you are truly the center of the entire Universe.  Your non-doing naturally taps into the entire Universe and everything within it!  This expansiveness is what allows you to open up your highest manifesting energy channels in the Universe.  When you are truly doing nothing, your mind relaxes, and you channel the God-force through the core of your being.   "Just possess yourself and you have possessed all. Be the master of yourself and you have become the master of all." ~Osho   Experience a quiet mind and the profound effects of true meditation by instantly downloading our new FREE 12 minute guided audio meditation!  Please send this link (below) onto others who want to learn how to silence their mind chatter as well.  Enjoy!   P.S.  We have created many powerful guided meditations that can dramatically boost your ability to manifest whatever you desire.   You can instantly download them online at our new e-store:   Many blessings to you,

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