The Samadhi Breath

The Samadhi BreathBy Jafree Ozwald & Margot "There is one way of breathing that is shameful and constricted.  Then there’s another way; a breath of love that takes you all the way to infinity."  ~Rumi

Samadhi is a state of complete relaxation about your life, where you become the living realization that you are always infinitely connected to the Divine.  If you want to truly master your life, you must first master your mind.  One of the easiest ways to become the master of your mind, is to master your breath.  The Samadhi breath is a kind of “breathing exploration” of this divine intelligent loving Universe that you are swimming in with all its wondrous things, beings, and infinite dimensions.  To access and tap into your Samadhi breath start with being present to this moment that is happening right here, right now. 

The reality is that your body will continue breathing with or without your help on its own accord.  It requires nothing from you to continue breathing, and any manipulation of it just creates a physical contraction and retraction from entering Samadhi.  To find the Samadhi Breath, relax deeply and completely into each breath that is flowing through you.  Notice how your lungs expand and receive the life giving air.  They are already doing their job, inhaling and exhaling the life force on their own.  There’s truly nothing you can do to stop it completely, so just surrender to it and ALLOW for your most natural state of full deep wholesome breathing to occur.  If your breath is shallow, fast, up in your chest, simply allow for your breath to be where it is and it will drop down into a relaxed, deep, smooth, rhythmic space.

Samadhi Breathing is not something you sit down and consciously “do it” for 20 minutes, then go back to your normal way of living your life.  That approach would make it a time-bound, limited and narrowly contained experience which is the opposite of what the experience of Samadhi is.  This is a higher conscious state of being that becomes integrated by your own inner devotion to explore, experience, and rediscover the Infinite Divine Self that you truly are.  It’s being conscious of your ever-flowing breath all day long!  Now you may think it would be impossible to live in the real world and be at the same time conscious of your breath.  Yet, you’ll find that this practice simply brings more awareness to the task at hand.  It is your breath which is that one thing which is continuously pulling you into the present moment where your life is. "Without full awareness of breathing, there can be no development of meditative stability and understanding."  ~Thich Nhat Hanh

If you start watching your breath throughout any given day, you’ll notice at certain times your breathing becomes extremely shallow or almost held back by some force.  It can even feel as if your breath has stopped completely.   I call this moment the Golden Gateway to quieting the mind and entering Samadhi.  This silent passage cannot be forced however, it must be allowed to occur.  Any forcing is just engaging the mind and trying to control the natural abundant flow of life, which gives no room for the vastness of Samadhi.  The few moments of deep Samadhi stillness that are found in this breathless state can only be maintained by diving into the experience of stillness, and letting go of any identification with thoughts, thinking or the mind.  This consistent release is what will allow you to become more free and empowered in your world. 

The more frequent you are in the Samadhi breath the more you’ll be releasing your internal thoughts, ego and attachment to your identification.  This ego is just a habitual energy that is constantly trying to manage, manipulate or control your life.  It is a blessed, wondrous and mysterious identity, yet it truly doesn’t exist.   It is like a shadow of your real Self, a fabricated illusion of who you are.  If you become attached to it, it runs your life through fields of resistance and suffering.  Just remember every shadow is just an absence of Light.  The Light (your Self) is just being blocked by figments of your imagination. The good news is that the authentic and blissful state of Samadhi is just a breath away!  It can naturally come by practicing this deep allowing and conscious kind of breathing as you go through your days!  

Sometimes your breath may tend to fill your body up like a balloon expanding throughout the Universe.  This often occurs as a way to stretch beyond your limited ideas of yourself and “pop” your consciousness into the next dimension.  Again, nothing can be controlled, manipulated, or forced in any way to access Samadhi.  It is the deepest experience of allowing you can fathom. However your breathing occurs, don’t judge it.  Simply allow for it.  Let allowing be the greatest guide to show you the way home.  The key is knowing that something bigger than you IS allowing you to safely let go of trying to control your life (and breath), as well as it’s allowing for you to relax into the experience of pure Being.

"For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth." ~ Sanskrit Proverb  It may seem obvious or even bizarre that such a simple thing such as “allowing for breathing” can access a tremendous state of peace, bliss, and enlightenment.  Yet, do you really think the Universe is masochistic and would make this heavenly state of Samadhi so difficult to reach?  The Samadhi state is so close to you, closer than your next breath of air and can quite easily be experienced.  The only reason you haven’t found it up until now is because you are either searching outside yourself or efforting to much inside yourself.  Either way the ultimate "goal" is to be resting in this divine awareness that is already here now.

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