The Secret to Finding Peace with your Mind

The Secret to Manifestation Is Within You...

Written by Jafree Ozwald

No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.” ~Carl Jung

The mind is always busy. It’s continuously analyzing, planning, yearning, hoping, and scheming for things to work out in its favor so that life can be better than what it currently is. There is nothing wrong with this, yet it can create a feeling of stress, anxiety, and disturbance if we become attached to its perpetual pattern.  

The mind is always creating something, and 90% of the thoughts your mind is inventing today are the same types of thoughts and thinking it had yesterday. It is a very reliable machine (to say the least) that tends to formulate the same general stable version of reality it had yesterday. 

When the mind begins looking into your past and future, it’s doing this to figure out how it can get what it wants. Perhaps it wants something like success, love, peace, freedom, abundance, or a feeling of belonging to something bigger than it.  Whatever the mind wants, it cannot stop trying to fulfill that desire. It is perpetually eternally interested in seeking how it can become satisfied with its desires.

“The pendulum of the mind oscillates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong.” ~ Carl Gustav Jung

The interesting thing about the mind is that it rarely realizes that the most glorious gift of all is already available the moment it calls off its great search for more. The moment the mind stops seeking and can remain completely silent, relaxed, and open to the entire Universe that is right here right now, at that moment its list of desires is gone and it feels totally at ease and liberated. Yes, freedom is that easy.

If you have ever tried to hold the mind so it remains only in the now, you’ll notice that it somehow mysteriously pulls you away towards something else before you can catch it. The mind is very slippery and it likes to remain this way so that it can run the show and keep its machine running smoothly.  If you stop and listen to your mind, you will see. It likes to tell you what to do, where to go next, and how to get there. It truly believes it’s in charge of you.

 If you want to find peace with your mind, you’ll need to master it. Mastery comes from finding a peacefulness within yourself that is deeper than the mind. The mind doesn’t understand peace. It finds it is quite boring. If you remain in peace, silence, and stillness for too long the mind will make a fuss. 

You’ll notice the mind will start creating all sorts of disturbances to make you pay attention to it instead of the peacefulness inside. This is because there are still unresolved mental and emotional issues buried deep in the subconscious that are trying to be released and healed.  

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ~ C.G. Jung

I’d like to invite you to imagine right now what it would FEEL like to be the master of your mind. Just imagine what would a typical normal day in the life of {name} would be like when you are 100% free from the stress, chaos, and perpetual yearning habit of your mind.  Take a few minutes here and see if you can use your mind to imagine what it would be like to be free from it. 

If you really want to experience this absolute peace with your mind tonight, start with this one powerful mind melting formula. Don’t follow the mind. Simply watch it, observe it, and become so addicted to observing that you become an observe-a-holic. Become so fascinated by being 100% aware of your thoughts that you are able to sit back and choose to be at peace with each thought that arises. 

Make the watcher in you the most important thing that you’re going to be doing all day today and I guarantee you something very magical and transformative will happen. You will be able to observe any thought that arises inside your mind and not react to it. Imagine what that would be like if you had sooooo much space inside you, between every single one of your thoughts, that you could sit back, relax and feel like you had all the time in the world to explore each thought and respond to it in the way you truly wanted to. 

“Look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” ~ C.G. Jung

This ability to create ‘spaciousness’ between your thoughts is what it takes to find total harmony and peace with the 60,000+ thoughts that are flying through your brain each day. So start practicing now. Start with relaxing deeply into your body and watching where the mind is going right now and notice what is its basic agenda.  

What do you think your mind wants to achieve by reading this article? What will it want once it discovers the secret to an eternal state of peace? The mind only knows wanting, and once you give up wanting the mind is out of a job. It has nothing to do but live in peace. Very soon you’ll discover how to detach from the next series of thoughts coming your way, and learn how to observe that you are not the mind.  This very knowing is what will lead you into an outrageous state of freedom.

I keep talking about the mind as if it’s a thing, yet the big joke here is that we call the mind a thing yet truly it’s not a real thing at all. Just look inside and see, there is no mind. You have thoughts, and something thinking the thoughts, something observing the thoughts, yet where is ‘the mind’? When you look for the mind in this now moment what do you find? You find nothing but awareness. This is the truth that destroys the mind habit and liberates you from it forever.

If we could train our awareness to remain only in the now we’d live the rest of our life feeling always safe, secure and happy. Yet, in reality, if you try to train awareness, your willpower will have to constantly be in control to direct it, and you’ll feel like an elephant on a leash that has not been potty trained, and this will create all sorts of problems. 

The need to control anything in life creates tension in the body, which soon will give rise to a feeling of hardness, and rigidity, which leaves you feeling separate, and disconnected. If you want to ‘control’ this wild beast, there is only one thing you can do.  Pay more attention to the awareness than to the thoughts moving through your mind. 

Bring awareness to the pure scintillating consciousness that is radiating from your being. Do this for 15 minutes right now and soon you’ll see the relentless mind chatter will be calm and at peace.  Only through relaxing into an unfocused space that is deepening in silence and stillness, will your mind relax, find peace, and be of service to you.  

Dive into this consciousness and a feeling of timelessness, deep peace, and a powerful silence will move into you automatically. There is nothing you need to do. In this silence, the ego will bow down and become a disciple of you. The ego will listen to you, and obey your every command.  

This is what it means to find true freedom and inner peace in this lifetime. You must liberate the ego which comes from this experience of mastering “your mind.”  When the mind becomes your greatest devotee and is a true disciple of you, then you can experience the totally liberated Divine spirit that you are, and bask in the peaceful essence of your very being within every moment of life.

“Man can learn nothing except by going from the known to the unknown.”  ~ Claude Bernard

Mastering your mind is all about being curious about one thing. The infinite moment of now. When you are fully here now, you’re naturally aware when you’re lost in thought, or when you’re opening up to an experience.  This means you are capable of noticing when you’re thinking that you’re having an experience of life, versus when you’re actually immersed in this life and having an experience of you.  Pay close attention here and really notice the difference.  This simple ancient Jedi mind trick brings you one step closer to finding the source and conscious essence of your being.  

This mind trick will let you drink from the erotic juice of the sparkling infinite soul who you truly are. You are here to know that who you are is beyond your mind, your thoughts, and your body. This consciousness is what absorbs the mind and releases it from its prison so that you are free from it.  Take this moment right now to choose to be aware of your awareness, which is aware of your thoughts, ideas, actions, and forms.

Being aware of each thought the mind is having, life becomes profoundly deep, intensely powerful, and extremely meaningful. Only from this space of pure untainted awareness, your total being becomes incredibly alive!  In this space you’ll find a cosmic silence in which you’ll discover true freedom. The mind cannot find it, only the silencing of it allows for the discovery of it.  

If you want to rid all chaos from your life, spend time in nature in silence for at least 48 minutes everyday. Do this practice every single day for 21 days in a row if you want to see the transformation occur. It is magical. You will see the ego fall away on its own accord and bliss will come pouring into you all day long.

In bliss, you’ll find an end to the endless mind chatter. You’ll live in the silence of the heart, feeling a great peaceful relationship with your mind and a sense of oneness with your breath. This connection between a quiet mind, an open heart, and rooted state of being flowing at one with your breath, is the great sacred secret to being fully here now and discovering total freedom in this lifetime!

 You are here to find an experience of freedom that is more amazing than anything you’ve ever imagined before. The day will come when silence has been made your home, and the mind will begin to relax as freedom is found behind your every breath. Follow the breath and not the mind and an overflowing abundance of peace, love and prosperity consciousness will be revealed. 

Freedom is the ultimate state of being. It is our most natural state and it is available now. There is no need to look anywhere in your life for it. Stop whatever you’re doing for one day and look beneath your mind to the heart of your being. Get to know that ever-flowing current of peace which is always free from fear. Only if you truly dive into your heart, will you find it. It has always been here…always. This is the entrance to the Divine being that you are. Open yourself up fully to it and the most joyful sweet loving freedom will pour itself over everything that you do.  

The soul comes to the incarnation to learn something. You learn best to involve yourself in the game; loving watching yourself with humor and love. ~Ram Dass

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Sending lots of love, laughter and lightness,

Jafree Ozwald

“Not only does God play dice, but… he sometimes throws them where they cannot be seen.”  ~ Stephen W. Hawking


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