The Secret to Ignite your Ultimate Creative Capacity

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The Secret to Ignite your Ultimate Creative Capacity  

By Jafree Ozwald 

“Cease trying to work everything out with your minds, it will get you nowhere.
Live instead by intuition and inspiration, let your whole life become a revelation.” ~Eileen Caddy

The mind is naturally creative.  It is always generating thoughts in every moment of your life.  Whether these ideas are new revolutionary self realized enlightening “million dollar” ideas or mundane complaints about the weather, it all depends on if the gateway to your ultimate creative capacity is open or closed.   Most people believe that there are only a few gifted creative individuals born in the world, while the rest of us are not so lucky to be creatively endowed.  The truth is more radical than this.  We are all deeply creative beings who are constantly inventing every detail of our lives in each breathing moment.  Every thought you’re thinking right now… is creating something.  The question is are these thoughts in alignment with what your heart truly wants to manifest, or are you still selling yourself short and settling for what you don’t want?  Either way, you are still creating your reality, inventing the dream you’re living in, in every single instant of your life.

One of the most effective things you can do to instantly skyrocket your ultimate creative capacity is to allow yourself to do absolutely nothing.  That’s right, take a vacation from talking, doing, achieving, exploring, examining, discovering, learning, growing and just practice being.  Just relax into your body, experience being alive, present to this simple soft presence that you are, and be still.  Plan to stare at the clouds floating by in the sky for an entire day!  Having nothing to do on your agenda instantly creates a vacuum-like energy, and this succulent taste of emptiness will cause massive amounts of new creative juices to start bursting from inside!  Nature abhors a vacuum, and if you can truly do nothing, be nothing, think about nothing, feel nothingness at the core of your being, you will be blown away at the creativity that naturally arises.  The only reason you may have felt blocked in your creative exploration of your life is because you haven’t been able to let go of your addictions/distractions and drop the desiring mind.  Make it a priority to be still and stop working on anything.  You’ll see a creative miracle explode from inside.

It may take you 10 minutes or 10 hours, yet once you truly allow your mind the time to relax, do absolutely nothing, and be nothing you’ll find that life is purely orgasmic.  The moment you make time for nothingness in your life, and allow yourself to feel into the essence of what absolute 100% nothingness feels like, your entire life will blossom.  It’s like hitting the reboot button on your computer.   Your bodymind system resets itself, your eyes become clear again, and you discover a brand new experience of life.  All your so called “problems” become dwarfed in the presence of your creative geniusness as you find there only exists the illusion of problems.  As you become so outrageously creative you’re able to think of 108 different new solutions to each one of these old worn out so called “problems”.  This may be one of the greatest benefits from exploring nothingness and letting it reboot your creativity muscles.  When you realize how easy it is to completely stop having problems in your life, you community will hear the greatest belly laugh in the sky.  You will be reborn as the divine flow of cosmic creative joy that you truly are.

I invite you to make the decision right now that everyday this week you are going to choose to skyrocket your creative capacity to the next level.  This means that you are willing to move into and through your dull ordinary boring thinking patterns and choose to think thoughts that increase your joy vibration.  It means you are committing to taking better care of yourself, loving who you are, becoming more gentle with yourself, and only doing the actions that give you TONS of happiness and long term energy. Sure, you may have to find a new job that you love or spend more time with those people you really love, yet how much time do you have here on Earth? 

By choosing to live at this higher frequency you may no longer be able to hang out amongst those people who have a tendency to bring your energy down.  You know, those people who judge others, condemn others, think they’re holier than everyone, and yet deep down feel like they are hiding in some perpetual complaint factory.  These people won’t be able to handle your cosmic creative energy.  It’s best to move forward with your life and just let them know you’re busy if they want to make a complaint date with you. If they are a good friend of yours and want to continue connecting with you, they will wake up and catch up with your vibration.  Yet, do not lower your divinely happy creative vibe to be in rapport with anyone.  You’re not doing a service to others or yourself by lowering your frequency, choosing to be less happy, less joyful, less creative and alive.

You are still that wildly creative child who had the most outrageous imagination.  You used to be joyfully entertained by the fantasies in your mind for 24 hours a day.  That capacity to enjoy imagination is still there. The child is still inside you right now, waiting for your permission to come out to play!   Free your child up right now and give him/her FULL permission to be free all week long!  Let her/him dance to the music, laugh at life, be silly, play fantasy, make up dumb jokes and sing songs!  In a very short time you will discover something quite magical.  That sacred stream of creativity has become unblocked, and is now pouring over you like a waterfall of yummy liquid loving light.

Every moment of your life is an opportunity to ascend to a higher dimension of consciousness.  What this means in the practical sense is only doing things, being with people and living a live that makes your heart sing!  If you cannot find what it is that makes your heart sing then find what makes it cry or become angry.  Use everything, the dark and the light experiences to push you deeper into your core.  They are the fuel that will spark the light to get your creative engines really roaring!  Naturally you are already a creative being, you may have just fogged the lamp up with all sorts of “more important” ideas.  To get out of this fog just look around you.  Notice, you are surrounded by creativity!  Everywhere you go, look, smell, touch, listen and feel life.  It is all around you, this world is a divine creation.  All of nature and the man made things all came from divine creativity.   When you truly look into life you’ll see how obvious it is that you’re the source of creative energy itself. 

It’s always good to know that there is no such thing as stepping into the same river twice.  Life is constantly providing you with completely brand new experiences in each moment.  Your job is to not try to go back to the good experiences you cherished, or resist the negative experiences that haunt you.  Your job is to be in THIS creative juicy moment that is here now.  When you let go of the banks of the river and go with the flow with life, allowing the current to take you downstream, you will relax, heal and merge with the Ocean.  You will only feel tremendous joy, bliss and ecstasy inside.  This is a natural occurrence when you are flowing along with the Ocean of momentary existence.  You don’t have to try very hard to get here, for the water in the river flow is already an intimately connected part of the Ocean. You simply have to trust the flow and you’ll naturally go with it.

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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