The Secret to Letting Go

The Secret to Letting GoBy Jafree Ozwald

"To "let go" is to fear less, and love more." ~Author Unknown

In a world of wildness, where every day is truly unpredictable, there is a need inside of you to trust each and every experience you have.  With so many distractions to deal with, your being desires to melt into each moment of existence and give itself completely and freely.  It craves to find the simplicity in life and know how trust is so easy to find.  Letting go is about forgiving yourself from the relentless tyrant who is holding on.  Healing by revealing that part of you who is gripping tight onto these particular ideas of who you are.  This fearful part is protecting you fromaccepting the divine being you really are.

To let go truly in life takes the courage to trust all parts of yourself.  Even the unpredictable ones, which we feel cannot be trusted.  Deep inside ourselves and others is this trust, and knowingness how to naturally and easily let go into this trust. Often when we are trying to manifest something that we really want, we may want it sooooo much that we become attached to it and stop trusting.  Then we try all sorts of strategies, techniques and exercises to get "unattached" and yet our desired outcome just seems to get further and further away.  As the wise Buddha once said, "Attachment will lead to suffering."  When you become overly attached to any thought, feeling or idea, your body becomes rigid and you feel that this thing MUST manifest in order for you to be happy, or find peace with life in some way.  The truth is that joy, peace and relaxation is available now.  Your situation will change in time.  Being attached to ANY desire simply causes it to manifest slowly and arduously.  The more you can hold your desire gently, yet firm, it will manifest into your life as fast as it can.   The great secret to letting go of attachment AND manifesting your desired outcome, is to consciously let in the FEELINGS that your desired outcome is already taking place.  This may seem impossible while in the face of your desire, yet remember that one of your main jobs on this planet is to trust, let go, and know that the Universe is conspiring in your favor.  It is listening very attentively to your every thought and feeling you have.  So repay the favor by trusting it back and letting go of the grip your mind has on your future.

When you actually make this leap of trust your body will immediately relax since it believes on some level it has already manifested its desire.  The difference between truly visualizing your outcome manifesting for you effortlessly, and trying to visualize it happening to you is defined by how immersed in the FEELINGS of trusting the Universe you can be.  Often when you visualize something you want to manifest, your body gets more tight, worried and frustrated.  The secret is remain present to the feeling that your desire IS manifesting, the Universe IS listening, and practice allowing IN the feelings of relief, trust and the satisfaction of having already achieved your desire.

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