The Secret to Manifesting your Dream Life

The Secret to Manifesting Your Dream Life

By Jafree Ozwald

There is a way of living your life that is so conscious, so purely intentional and alive, that you are guaranteed to manifest the life you desire.  It happens when you understand certain basic manifesting principles of the Universe, that your thoughts create your reality, and that you are the sole conscious creator behind each thought you choose to entertain.  This revolutionary empowering lifestyle manifests when you realize that it happens when you stop efforting, scheming, and trying to become richer, more loveable, successful or even more conscious.  It simply reveals itself when you realize that you are consciousness itself unfolding reality as you decide to perceive it all around you.

The reason life can be so challenging is because of one main obstacle.  You get over-identified with your mind and certain thoughts it becomes attached to or avoids.  Your mind may get “hooked” like Velcro to certain roles, feelings, memories, and experiences that make it feel trapped, like a spider in its own web.  Instead of playing the powerless victim role, start weaving the web you want to weave, and consciously snowball enlightening empowering experiences to you from a more enlightened perspective.

One of the greatest secrets to spinning a new web around you is knowing how to unhook your mind from the thoughts it’s attached to.  This occurs naturally through knowing this pure divine consciousness that you are.  Be curious about it, especially if you “think” that you know who you truly are because you don’t.  This consciousness is truly unknowable, and cannot be pinned down as something that you understand once and are done with it.  It is as infinite as this Universe, and is here for you to explore for your entire lifetime.  You job is to gently unfold it, and discover this dynamic divine being that you truly are.

Experiencing yourself as a natural powerful manifesting being in this wild and crazy world can be easier and more enjoyable than you think.  In fact it can be a direct doorway to knowing the Divine within you.  It can provide more evolutionary progress for your soul than anything else you could be doing here on Earth.  Imagine that you are like a flower unraveling its petals to the sun, welcoming the warm rays of light in.  You are this flower, who is willing, wanting and ready to be exposed to this true Divinity inside you.  The secret is being vulnerable, truly open, and honest with yourself.  The love of your own essence is already inside your heart here now, behind your mind, welcoming this divine warmth to come pouring in.

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