The Secret to Releasing Any Addiction

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The Secret to Releasing Any Addiction
By Jafree Ozwald

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, yet nothing can be changed until it is faced.” ~ James Baldwin

Life is meant to be filled with challenges, which are simply opportunities in disguise.  This is the cosmic set up which causes everyone to evolve and grow.  The real battles you are here to fight are not outside your body with another person, organization or country.  This is old school, and how the Neanderthal mind thinks.  The evolved being is a deeply responsible and sensitive creature, who knows the real war is fought and won within themselves, wherever their own personal inner conflict resides.  Once you find this true sustainable inner peace that remains irregardless of the situation or circumstances you’re given, then you’ve found something that will allow you to truly master this world.

We are all addicted to something. Every single person on this planet is facing some form of addiction on some level.  You may be addicted to a lifestyle, money, a person, a feeling like guilt or neediness, a memory from your past, a victim story, a repetitive thinking pattern, the high from caffeine, alcohol, sex, cigarettes, food or perhaps depressing thoughts about your life.  Whatever you do, don’t judge or criticize yourself for whatever you’re addicted to. There’s a zillion things that the mind can easily get hooked by, yet the real question is, “Are you willing to transcend it?” 

What makes someone an addict verses a user (or abuser) depends on their level of avoidance to pain and their attachment to pleasure.  An addict won’t take a few focused minutes to dive into and through the hard stuck feelings they have inside.  They’ll find a happy distraction that lets them avoid their feelings.  The TV, alcohol, pot or tobacco creates an entertaining escape which provides a temporary sense of relief.  The addiction is then slowly formed from the habitual escape route of doing what does not allow you not to face those unhappy feelings which you want to ignore, fix or bury deep inside.  The addict has found a comfortable velvet rut in the world of avoidance, and has accepted the idea that their habit is simply who they are.  The addict stops reinventing themselves, and lives in a dead fixed ego paradigm that is not open to a field of infinite possibilities.

Once you find out what it is you’re addicted to, ask yourself one or all of these questions every morning. They will help you to regain your awareness of the conscious sensitive being you truly are.  Ask yourself, who am I without this addiction in my life?  Who would I be if I were truly free from this addiction this weekend?  What would I like to creatively do with this extra time, energy or money that was once spent on this addiction?  When I’m free from this addiction what does my face look like in the mirror?  How will my heart feel once it is liberated from this addiction?  It may take weeks or months to find your answers, yet keep asking these questions over and over until your mind becomes crystal clear on what your personal answers are.

Freedom from addiction starts with being a warrior for the truth of who you are.  You are not your addiction, no matter how bad it seems.  The running water of a stream is not the old river banks which keep it flowing in the same direction.  Who you really are is a constant flow of energy and consciousness.  It just so happens that your thoughts and feelings keep moving in this one particular repetitive pattern.  If you really want to liberate yourself, start with finding out what your deepest emotional need is that you are not getting met.  What feeling is your heart really longing to experience in life, yet is being masked over by this addiction?   Make a list of what feelings, thoughts and sensations you MOST want to experience, and notice what its going to take so that they are actually the priority over your addictive habit.

If you have to have something (or someone) in this world in order to be happy, then that addictive thing, experience or person can only cause you to feel powerless in its presence.  If you cannot easily say no and be at peace inside without it, then it is destroying your ability to manifest your dream life.  The actual powerless experience is what you’ve become addicted to and is the real culprit.  The physical substance is just a cover up hiding those not-so-happy feelings you are trying to avoid. The real saboteur however is the unconscious rut you’re willing to live in everyday.

If you try to push away an addiction without understanding the root of it, you’ll only replace it with another “better” addiction or return to the old habit a few months or years later when a stressful life situation arises.  The reason for this is that the unconscious mind is still associating pleasure with the addictive substance.  It is only when you bring consciousness into your actual habit that you discover that you’ve already transcended it.  You find this old repetitive pattern is just lowering your energy and actually not giving you the joy you’re heart is longing for. 

Only through consciously meeting with your habit can the mind wake up and truly stop returning to the substance for its pleasure fix.  By bringing a conscious state of pure curiosity into your habitual experiences in life, your consciousness will naturally unravel these pattern and slowly free you from the addicted identity you’ve molded around yourself.  When you bring consciousness into any experience in life, you transcend the experience no matter what it is.  You stop identifying yourself with the experience and the experiencer having the experience.  Something transcendental happens to you, and grace opens the doors for you to enter the divine.  You find that you are the awareness that is beyond all experience. 

By consciously experiencing the substance that makes you high and crave for more, you have to surrender every bodily sensation to the experience deeply and completely.  Once your body has fully digested the experience it will naturally let it go on its own accord.  For example, if you’re addicted to smoking cigarettes, each time you light one up, do this smoking meditation.  Bring all your senses to your experience of the cigarette.  Consciously inhale the smoke deeply into your lungs, and let the smoke fill your entire being from head to toe. Its best to smoke alone so that you will not be disturbed by anyone or anything.  Hold the intention to fully explore your addictive substance, as if you were going on a date with your most intimate best friend.

Get to know this smoking energy intimately and whatever you do, don’t let the mind focus on anything else but the experience of smoking.  Each puff of smoke is a very rich experience and you will want to remain present with it.  Just notice how your throat and lungs feel each time you take a puff.  Feel all the sensations it brings to your body.  Don’t let your mind make any assumptions, expectations or get distracted by anything but your smoking experience. This is the golden key to transcending your experience and it can work with any addiction.  Once the mind as brought full waking consciousness into your experience, it is fulfilled and doesn’t need to repeat it in the future.  It then becomes effortless and easy to give up your addiction.

Your system is brilliant and it simply knows on a deeper level what the greatest joy life has to offer.  Once you are truly fulfilled with an experience you may try to return to do it again many times, yet you won’t be able to.  You’ll be satisfied and satiated.  When you consciously allow yourself to experience any toxic substance fully, totally, and are completely surrendered to it, it can no longer have a grasp on you.  Please use common sense with this exercise so you don’t overdose on any substance.  Physical death would defeat the joy of transcending your addiction.  It is the suffering ego trip that wants to die (not you), so this is getting curious about what you can do to bring more love, joy and consciousness into your life.

  You are the master of your mind.  You are always the conscious chooser behind each choice you make.  There is nothing forcing you to continue having your addiction except your own unwillingness to see it for what it really is.  If you really want to let it go bad enough, you will find a way to get over it.  You already know that its not good for you, yet when you let this deeper unfulfilled need to be met from way down inside, your craving will completely loose its drive.  You will know exactly where you can find pure joy and happiness again.  So be honest with yourself about your feelings.  Be real with your pain and find out what truly soothes you.  This is the fastest way to finding true freedom and actually transcending any addictive habit. 

 Addiction cannot find a place to live in a life that is filled with joy, appreciation and gratitude. To truly defeat addiction in the short and long haul, you will need to increase your vibration and skyrocket your energy soooooo HIGH that you are naturally uplifted about your life.  Life is already so amazing in its ordinary state without a toxic substance.  The key is the level of consciousness you are bringing to your experience of life.  A life filled with consciousness is a life of mastery, lightness and love.  You will find success in everything that you do, and only through consciousness can you discover that you have the power you need to move beyond any addiction.   

My invitation for you this week is that you bring a deeper inquiry and curiosity into what you are addicted to.  Befriend your addiction so that you get to know yourself on a much more intimate level.  Discover what painful feeling or memory this habit is covering up for you.  Look at what you most don’t want to feel.  Dig deep inside yourself and let your addiction be the guide that pushes you deeper within.  Let it entice you to understand who and what you really are.  There is an amazing strength inside you that is powerful enough to let go of your addiction.  By getting to know yourself on a very deep meaningful level you’re taking back the reigns, and empowering yourself with the strength to let it all go.  The discovery of who you truly are is huge and may be the main underlying reason your soul decided to take on this habit in the first place.  

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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