The Secrets for Transcending Poverty Consciousness Forever

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The Secrets for Transcending Poverty Consciousness Forever 
By Jafree Ozwald 

“Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence,
and I learn whatever state I may be in, therein to be content.” ~Helen Keller

Poverty is a choice that people make everyday whether they are aware of it or not.  It’s the choice to be uncreative, feel limited in resources, thinking inside the box, feeling disconnected from God, smaller than life, deeply powerless, incapable of receiving love, and not believing that anything is possible.  Poverty thinking is a disease and an unconscious choice that is based in the ignorance of our true divine manifesting power.  This unawareness is the one deciding factor as to whether someone continues to remain broke and struggling for another year, or starts to shift their energy into receiving a new online income next week.

The moment you choose to believe in any poverty based thought, you start thinking more small, limited and negative thoughts about life.  It has a snowball affect to it, where you begin to attract more limiting thoughts based in the misunderstanding that the Universe is not an infinite all loving powerful playground.  When negative thinking becomes your habit, you begin to invent thoughts that support your old poverty minded thoughts.  The repetitive cycle of poverty thinking is a social disease that festers and feeds upon itself. 

Every time we identify with the poverty mindset in other person who thinks there is “not enough”, we slowly inherit and mirror their disease.  By accepting the limiting beliefs of others, we forget our original abundant nature, and stop realizing that who we really are are all-powerful manifesting beings.  The moment we can understand the foundational lie that poverty is based upon, and take full responsibility for the suffering we are creating through our choices, then we can begin choosing a new path and acting from an abundant manifesting mindset to create a new world.

It’s good to know that poverty thinking is not our original nature. Our real inherent nature has no boundaries or limitations on what is possible and what isn’t. This original abundant mind is something you were born with, and is rooted in knowing that we are all absolutely loved, free and totally abundant.  Poverty consciousness is a limiting mindset that was inherited by your community in order to be accepted, fit in, and welcomed into the social norm. We often would rather be accepted by others than seen as an outcast who is believing they are bigger, better and richer.  If your friends, family and community never had any poverty thoughts on any level, you wouldn’t have it either.  You would only know how to be creative in ways where you’d think anything is possible, and know deep down that abundance was your birthright.

“When you become the deepest valley of reception, then the highest peaks of consciousness can be given to you. Only a valley can receive a peak.” ~Osho

When I connect with people who are struggling financially, I always find there is one thing they have in common. They all continuously choose to support their old limiting thoughts and negative beliefs around money.  Rather than actually doing something radically different and exciting to move through them, people live and hide underneath their excuses.  They become cowards to discovering their real power, hiding behind their pride, rather than revealing and healing their feelings of fear, self-judgment and financial intolerance. Each time their mind unconsciously creates this pattern of choosing a desperate needy response to life, the Universe has to respond accordingly, manifesting a similar situation.  The habit becomes so natural that they have to something very radical to alleviate this perpetual addictive state of financial frustration.  They have to accept the fact that they are a powerful manifesting being who has totally stopped following their old excuses, and is now choosing to live a life that is continuously moving through the fear.

Remember, the impoverished mindset is one that continuously resists fear, controlling the emotions and creating distractions so they do not have to feel their fear.  This type of controlling energy tends to say NO to life, denying new ideas, opportunities and people.  It abides in a feeling there is never enough to go around, and we must compete, suck it up, and live a life of compromise if we are to survive.  It thinks you must stick to doing your duty, live in obligations, always work hard, struggle to survive, and not think too big just so we don’t upset others.  It’s in this very uncreative approach to life that people escape from their true power and get to be irresponsible for their real life purpose which is to know themselves as the divine all powerful manifesting being they truly are. 

Poverty thinking is the one disease that can completely destroy the great potential of love and joy your life contains.  People continue choosing to play small, helpless, lazy, abandoned, unloved and unwanted because there’s nothing they can do about it and it is their “destiny”.  It’s actually a very selfish self absorbed way to live, never considering how to help out others, and thinking only of yourself and how your desires, wants and needs are not quite fully met.  Poverty consciousness is perhaps the most unconscious, self destructive and addictive pattern that people have which will ruin their chances at enjoying their life. 

The poverty mindset can be brilliant in the way that it will rationalize things, thinking that by consuming less resources we are thus helping the world out and saving our planet.  By spending less money we become more wealthy, and less dependant on money or the world for our survival.  Of course, there is a grain of truth in everything, and the best path is to create a world of total sustainability within a conscious loving lifestyle.  Yet the intention of holding back out of fear, and not fully honoring your true manifesting power is the greatest loss of all.  If you’re constantly holding tight onto money, you’re creating struggle and strive within yourself and always feeling that you don’t have enough.  This manifests in many forms, one will show up as your inability to contribute your full unlimited unbounded joy into your community. You cannot show up for a wild free abundant loving life purpose if you are holding tight onto anything and living in fear on any level. 

The feeling of being poor is so terrifying for some people that every thought and action becomes about avoiding that experience. Many people in this world choose to become insanely rich based out of their deepest fear of being broke.  This avoidance however morphs into another type of poverty consciousness, as it never allows the mind to relax and rest into its divine original nature.  Any type of non-relaxed fear based thinking is going to have a feeling of poverty connected to it on some level.  Be aware that poverty consciousness is a very sneaky beast and it can show up in your life in a large variety of forms.  It may be as obvious as feeling you don’t have enough money to pay your rent each month, the paranoia that someone may rip you off, the idea that there is only one soul mate in the world for you, or the idea that you have to eat everything on your dinner plate, even if you are not hungry.  Just know that if any thought is formed out of fear, it is based in some level of poverty thinking.

The first step to transcending poverty consciousness is to find out exactly where it is showing up in your life and in your thinking.  It is only through the awareness of these negative thoughts that you can liberate your mind from repeating them.  The moment a limiting thought flows through the brain you must step back from it, see it from a distance, and don’t emotionally buy into the story that accompanies it.  When you are able to identify exactly where, when and how you emotionally fall into your poverty stricken belief system, then you have a chance at moving beyond it.   Yet, you must keep a very close watchful eye on poverty thinking if you’re ever going to get beyond it.  When you can see how you justify being stuck, poor, or happily struggling then you’ll be able to find a way to invent a new story about how good it feels to no longer live in a world filled with excuses. 

People often tell themselves that its easier to remain stuck in just having enough to survive, than to own up to the fact that they are a super powerful manifesting being who can have anything they desire.  If they owned that empowering thought, it would either mean their whole life was some sort of failure or they were a completely stupid and ignorant person.  So people make up all sorts of wonderful “feel good” stories about their poverty, saying that its more holy to be poor, or its not ok to take “too much” and this takes up their energy for remembering we have an infinite supply of creativity, love, energy and consciousness available.  These are the ingredients which actually create money! 

 Living in poverty consciousness is living a lie, based in deep denial to knowing the magical manifesting potential energy inside you.  The consequences for continuing to believe in such a deep misunderstanding are the experiences of struggle, pain, desperation, and lack.  The more money you feel you don’t have the more busy you become to fulfill this need.  Poverty thinking creates an energetic distraction from knowing your intimate connection with the God Source. The mind is obsessed with being right, and for it to admit how its choosing each day to remain stuck manifesting more poverty stricken situations, would completely destroy it.

No matter how rich or poor you are (even if you’re a gazillionaire) the ego/mind will be addicted to wanting more.  It will always tell you that you need more and no matter how hard you try, you can never completely satisfy the demanding desiring ego. It’s purpose is wanting, wanting, wanting and wanting more wanting!  This incessant wanting creates the feeling of poverty.  So its important to remember that our ego is not designed to know what true satisfaction is, this is the purpose of the soul and discovering your spiritual nature.  The mind doesn’t have the time to be curious about this divinity inside you.  It wants you to believe its a lie, and that you need more stuff if you ever want to be happy. This lie that more things equals a better life is very deep, and if accepted over time it may cause you to lose sight of your source of true happiness, which is in your life purpose and spiritual nature.

“All the greatest treasures are hidden behind that which we wouldn’t want to be with. You’re this ultimate mischief and brilliance. All the wisdom, compassion and treasure is within…so where are you going to hide it?” ~Pamela Wilson

 To completely break away from poverty consciousness you simply have to commit your life to a new way of being.  You have to totally retrain your brain to believe that anything is possible, and trust that the Universe is your friend who is always looking out for you.  You have to want to believe that you are naturally a powerful manifestor, and this world is your manifesting playground.  Perhaps the most hidden secret to transcending poverty consciousness is also the most powerful one which is this.  Ultimately, when we can truly relax into the core of our worst feelings of poverty, the peace found in that relaxation contains an unstoppable resource of abundance, love, healing and creativity inside it.  It is only through facing our fear that we can be released from it.  What happens this is we find a state of total emptiness inside that also contains our greatest fullness.  We do nothing and merge with everything.  By looking deep inside ourselves, feeling acceptance of our spiritual nature, we can discover this unlimited power to manifesting anything we can imagine. 

It comes down to dropping out of the head and into our heart, that we finally relax, and discover the natural state of abundance inside.  The heart contains the greatest freedom that is truly freeing and life enriching.  The feeling of great abundance naturally comes when you live from the heart and abide in feelings of gratitude that are already there. Check it out and see for yourself!  Imagine what would your week be like if you lived from your heart, and only practiced gratitude for the life you already have?  Its first through accepting the idea that you are enough, that can later manifest into the experience of having enough.  If you’re thinking for one minute about what you don’t have, it means you’ve missed 60 seconds of feeling loved, rich, and abundant about what you do have.

Poverty thinking is a cheap way of getting scraps of love, which ultimately end up costing everyone in the end. It can be very enticing to stay in as other people around you don’t want to leave their habits, and thus will give you tons of extra sympathy when you’re broke and struggling in the dirt with them. Its all about believing in the lie that you are not an all powerful manifesting being that creates all suffering.  This lie is the greatest sin one can ever make.  It is the original missed mark of mankind, and is causing you to miss out on the deep source of  joy that is at the core of your being.

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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