The Secrets to Access the God Source

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The Secrets to Access the God Source

By Jafree Ozwald


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“Turn within and you will become free and liberated,
because it’s all a dream.” ~Robert Adams

Perhaps the greatest secret to accessing the God Source within you right now, is training your self to slow downl. Yes, slow your entire life down. Walk slower, talk slower, eat slower, breathe slower…try doing everything for the next 48 hours as slow as you possibly can. This will open the portal. When you are able to slow the mind down, it will relax into the present moment where the Source of this sacred energy abides.

The next awareness to practice is realizing throughout your day that whatever it is your mind is seeking, desiring and yearning to acquire… is already here now. What you really want in life is happiness, and the mind believes this comes through abundance, outer pleasures, freedom from something and others approval. As we all know, the outer world never fully satisfies our never ending desiring mind. What we really want is all found within the now, inside of this creative intelligence of God Source consciousness that is beneathe the core. It is the foundation and very fabric of reality. To arrive you have to give up everything in your mind, and completely surrender what you believe, think and feel is your entire life.

“Things in the world are not. They are fleeting phenomena passing on the screen of consciousness, which is eternal and stationary.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

Letting go of attachment to your life is huge, yet by letting go of everything important to you does not mean you will never manifest it. Quite the contrary. By letting go of attachment to the ideameans you’re creating more space for it to manifest effortlessly for you. The mind is used to pushing, forcing, manipulating and making things happen through its will power. When it comes to enlightenment and discovering the God Source within, you have to give everything up because this Source of energy and consciousness is so immense, so infinite, and deeply penetrating that it needs all the space you can offer in you to come flooding in.

As you let go of attachment to your life, you will naturally realize that this pure enlightened scintillating consciousness is within everything. Since it is everywhere, it has no need for ownership of anything. Because you are the original source of this consciousness, it means that you don’t “own” your mind, your physical body or your emotions. You do not own your beliefs, your possessions, nor your desires. You own nothing. You are the aware space that is beneath everything, beyond this mental, emotional and material world. Break all your limiting belief systems and discover this liberating truth, and you will realize that and you are already free.

Whatever it is you feel you must give up in order to have real freedom is going to be extremely challenging. Nothing great in life was accomplished without some major obstacle being overcome. Giving up attachment to your life doesn’t mean that you will live in a cave in the mountains and eat rice all day long. You will have your same life, yet you’ll have a healthier relationship with it. You will feel more connected with your family, friends, your partner, parents, siblings, co-workers, and everyone in your community. You will simply feel more relaxed around them, because you are more internally liberated. Whatever it is that you are attached to in this world is worth letting go of to receive total freedom, bliss and enlightenment.

By discovering this all pervading God Source consciousness is always here now, you realize that you are never ever alone. There is no separate physical you when you are pure consciousness. Who you truly are is non-physical. Your loneliness comes from the idea that you are this separate every person and physical body in the world, and have forgotten you are this eternal God Source  consciousness. All you need to do is remember this truth, and relax into the core of it for 3 weeks in a row. This will reprogram your system to stay on this new path and eventually take hold of your and your life. Within a few months of surrendering to this understanding, you will become free from all emotinal pain, attachments and any level of suffering for the rest of your life!

“If you do not have mastery of your mind, you cannot know the mastery of existence.” Yogi Bhajan

God Source Exercise : Every morning and evening in bed, place one hand on your belly and another hand on your heart. Breathe deeply into this space until you FEEL this heart and belly energies are merging as one source. Breathe into this merging feeling and rest in the deepest place of peace you can experience inside. Let your body and mind become very still and unmoving. Do not force anything to happen, just relax, be playful about it, and know that the more deeply you can relax into your life, the more amazing results you will experience.

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Jafree Ozwald

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