The Secrets to Being Fearless Loving and Free

The Secrets to Being Fearless Loving and Free

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The Secrets to Being Fearless Loving and Free
 Written by Jafree Ozwald

“Love is only possible if you are fearless. The man who is afraid cannot be loving.” ~Osho

Learning how to become fearless in life is one of the most empowering experiences we can summon.  Being fearless paves the path for the deepest most heart fulfilling love and freedom to enter.  In fact there is no way that love and real freedom can enter your life if you’re living in any type of fear.  You have to give up fearful thinking if you want to experience love in this moment.  These two energies cannot occupy the same space in your body at the same moment. 

With this simple awareness it becomes a moment to moment task in life to ask yourself, “Am I choosing to live in love or fear?”  Let this life journey become a sacred playful mission of discerning what state you’re in.  By learning how to choose love, you’ll create more awareness to know when you’re coming from fear.  The practice and devotion to living only in the vibration of a fearless love will open your life to blossom fully, inviting in the most joyful states of ecstasy you can fathom.

When it comes down to it, our natural state of being is already fearless. We simply have become engulfed in the illusion of separation, wrapped up in somebody else’s ideas of panic, lack, greed and desperation.  We simply need to remember to breathe and trust that all is well, then sit back and relax into our deepest core. At the very core of our being is a power soooooo mighty, sooooo loving, and sooooo ridiculously amazing that no sensations of lack and limitation can enter it. 

It’s equivalent is like the Sun in the sky. A great ball of fire that is ten times the size of our planet is radiating at the core of our being! It’s continuously spreading warmth, creativity, light and life in all directions.  If there was any attempt to throw a spear of ice or metal to pierce through it, the Sun will simply welcome it, melt it down, and absorb it into itself.  This is exactly what we need to do when anyone tries to hurt us, sending any sharp cold unloving negative energy our way. This inner Sun practice defuses all negativity, radiates total positivity, and teaches others what the highest path in life looks and feels like.

“The moment you start seeing life as non-serious, a playfulness, all the burden on your heart disappears. All the fear of death, of life, of love – everything disappears. One starts living with a very lightweight or almost no weight. So weightless one becomes, one can fly in the open sky.” ~Osho

 Creating total fearlessness in your life stems from a constant choice to trust in yourself and in life.  This is a trust that requires no rational reason for being there, you are just choosing trust because it feels better in your body than doubt and fear.  This trusting energy is a by product of honoring this magnificent bright loving Sun that lives naturally within you. 

You simply trust that life has got your back, that it’s guiding you, holding you, protecting you and serving your highest good within each decision that is made along the way.  When you are choosing this trusting path first thing every morning, and randomly all through your day, your life will feel like a magical flow of one miracle into the next.  You will realize that with trust at the core of your being, you feel unstoppable in all that you are and all that you do.

Can I ask you a personal question?  When life brings you a challenging situation or person, how do you typically deal with it?  Do you avoid it, resist it or try to scoot around it?  Or do you meet it head with an open heart until you are empowered by it?  I find that the truly fearless loving life path requires we develop the skills of a being who is like a peaceful warrior.  This open-hearted warrior has a willingness to choose inner peace over everything and anyone’s life presents. 

Whatever the world offers you, the warrior accepts it as a gift for a deepening and softening into love.  The peaceful warrior chooses to handle life a way that only results in feelings of inner peace.  When we step into this warrior mindset, it means we are allowing our ego’s demands to become less of a priority than our devotion to inner peace.  Once inner peace is more important than the mind, than fear, than anyone or anything in this world, then we can discover what unstoppable fearlessness is like in everyday life.

I find that the secret to abiding in a long term state of fearlessness is also the very foundation of what creates fearlessness in the first place.  When you develop a deep commitment to yourself to be fearless, it must come out of rooted courage in your heart to move beyond this world of right and wrong.  You must constantly know your true Self is like this radiant Sun, a warm shining being who is filled with love and peace at the core.

Then, all of your limiting ideas and feelings of low self-esteem stop pulling at you and you eventually become free.   It’s within this continual return to loving you that you can choose inner peace as a way to navigate through your life.  You feel good about you, so you only make decisions that feel good. This creates a deep self-loving foundation that is poured into the very roots of your being.  In some ways, you are like a long term fearless love “project” who cannot quit until you are finished.  Once you realize you’ll be around for an eternity to get the job done, you’ll find the deepest commitment to yourself naturally roots itself quietly in.

There are many obstacles to being fearless, loving and free, which are all meant to turn you into a master.  If there was one thing to watch out for on this path it is the ego.  The ego loves to hide out in ideas about what it thinks you are and what you’re not.  It is always coming up with powerful “real” ideas that you innocently believe are true. 

Ideas that you end up defending righteously, protecting until the end of time. You need to get beyond ALL of these ideas about who you are and who you’re not if you really want total fearlessness.  Do you really think who you are can be contained within an idea?  Something that can be written on a piece of paper?  Remember, at the core you are bigger than the Sun!  In fact, you are also as vast as the infinity of space that surrounds the sun.

Whenever we get attached to any idea of who we think you are we suffer.  No matter how good the idea is, we feel we have to protect and defend it, or try to grow beyond it which one day becomes an invitation for fear-based contractions to step in.  Any idea you have about you is a trap, so drop all ideas of yourself and be free!  The real cosmic truth of the soul who you really are is beyond any concept that your mind can fathom.  The pure consciousness at your core cannot be described with words. 

Once you realize you are indescribable bliss and see all your ideas about who you are holding you back from experiencing this, you will be very very careful the next time you say, “I am this, or I am that.”  Instead, you will drop into the radiant all-loving Source of Sunshine that abides at the core of your being.  This eternal source of love is who you truly are.

This life is always much more amazing than we can imagine.  The manifesting powers we have inside of us are AMAZING!  We can manifest the life of our dreams at any time.  We are super powerful manifesting machines!  What we really want to manifest is always much easier to attract into our lives than we can imagine. To viscerally get this, it’s vital that we take the time to simply soften, watch the mind, relax the body, and look deeply inside ourselves. 

Try it out right now.  Gaze deep inside yourself and find the “I” in the center of the hurricane of the mind.  Find the pure awareness that is reading this sentence right now?  What is this awareness?  What is it made of?  What is this “I” that you’ve identified as “me”.  Which one is the true you?  This exercise is meant to stop the mind so you drop into the pure innocent soul at the core.  The experience of who you really are is much more amazing than an idea of who you are. 

You are beyond the positive and negative judgments of the mind, the rights, and wrongs, and all the actions we believe are good or bad.  This is where real freedom is found…right here, right now. At the source of pure consciousness which is already here and always without an identity.  It’s natural state is free from thought, and it is the cosmic eternal blank canvas where all creativity is constantly being painted upon.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

When it comes down to the everyday practical world of always choosing love over fear, choosing inner peace over-attachment, you’ll find that there is a wild uncaged animal inside you who needs your permission to come out of hiding. This wild part of you is one powerful secret to experiencing real freedom from your suffering out in the world.  Imagine your favorite animal is inside you, hiding in a cave.  It is awaiting the right moment where its ok to be truly wild and free in society. 

It is afraid that if it comes out you will be shunned by others and excluded from your circle of acceptance. In order to be totally fearless in your life, you MUST let this wild free animal come out and dance naked in the sunshine!  In whatever small way you can, let it poke it’s head out of the cave each day, until eventually, you can fully let it out!   Each time you let your inner animal be free, you will see that fearful overly controlled human existence fading further and further away.

Lastly, it’s important to know that this life is a spiritual journey.  You are a spirit in the body, and you’re sent here to discover and know that everything is your friend… including fear.  It’s vital you create a relationship with the fear understanding that it is presented to you as a gift from the Universe.  Fear is a divine treasure meant to catapult your life into a higher expanded dimension of consciousness. 

When you’re living this as the biggest truth, you can embrace and welcome each fear that arises.  You become awake enough to know that…hey…it’s ALL happening for your enlightenment, then you relax.  You see that fear is only “real” inside your mind and does not exist anywhere “out there”. It’s merely a conglomeration of fight or flight chemicals and neurons firing in your body and brain, which you have the power to transcend by creatively using that divine space between your ears. Once you know that fear is your greatest teacher and best friend, you will become truly fearless, loving and totally free.

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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