The Secrets to Enlighten Your Real Self

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The Secrets to Enlighten Your Real Self

By Jafree Ozwald

“We are always looking for something. We want to find the right teacher. But I say that you are the right teacher. The right teacher is where and what you are. Person, place or thing is not the right teacher.” ~ Robert Adams

I had an experience in India when I was 25 year old which changed my life forever. I was sitting with an Advaita guru named Papaji for a few weeks, asking him the deepest questions I’ve ever had about life, only to find that he never specifically answered any one particular question.  Instead, he invited me to open myself up to a totally new way of experiencing reality which dropped every single question, problem and personal issue I had. In a matter of minutes a radical paradigm shift wiped away all the suffering in my life. I discovered a way to experience this world in a way that was overflowing with love, reverence and empowerment. The article below entails a mini description of what I experienced and learned from that exquisite Indian journey.

After having sitting for 2 weeks with Mr. Papaji, attentively listening to him articulate his deepest wisdom and practicing his approach to meditation, something very mysterious happened to me. I felt an atomic bomb go off inside my innermost being that completely obliterated all my thoughts, ego and mind. I literally heard and felt this loud BOOM sound go off inside me, and everything that I knew to be “me” was completely wiped away and gone from my typical awareness.  

This inner explosion was the most liberating experience I’ve ever had in my life! Later that afternoon I remember walking around India noticing my experience of reality was VERY different.  It was as if I had been living my entire life in a dimly lit room with no windows and suddenly the ceiling and walls were removed and the brilliant sunshine was blaring in!  I was experiencing my self, not as a person anymore, yet as an infinite source of expansive witnessing awareness.  I was a pure conscious energy that was connected to everyone and everything, and nothing less than that.

For the very first time in my life I felt free from my busy criticizing analyzing chattering mind. There was this deep powerful silence and stillness that began occurring inside me.  It felt like it extended for thousands of miles in every direction.  Everywhere I went, no matter who I interacted with, I was watching myself being reflected in everyone.  It was like the entire Universe (everything/everyone) was this perfect mirror. Whoever I was, or thought I was, was gone. What was left of “me” was a consciousness that was the entire sea with the energy, thoughts and deepest core feelings of everything around me.

Believe it or not, this experience left me with an ability to look at any human being and in a matter of seconds I could know everything and anything I wanted to know about them.  Since my mind was totally still and quiet, I could hear what was going on inside their mind and soul at the deepest levels. I could feel into the core issues that people were struggling with their whole lives, and could know exactly what they needed to heal.

Many unbelievable things began manifesting instantly for me after this inner explosion. It seemed like whatever I wanted and yearned to have, the Universe pulled all it’s energy, resources and people together to make it happen fast! I realized that the Universe wanted me to know that it was listening very intimately to my every need, want, wish and desire, even more closely than I was or ever could. 

Many deep realizations and enlightening messages were continuously downloaded into my being throughout this awakening experience.  I discovered the secrets of how we can increase our manifesting abilities, access any information we wanted, and most importantly liberate ourselves from the worst internal prisons. It was shown to me how we could heal the mind and body from any type of wound we are carrying through the power of manifestation. The Universe made it crystal clear that our thoughts and feelings shape and form every minute detail of our reality and world. However, the best thing that happened out of this atomic mindless experience over the following months to come, was it provided the nutrients and foundation for everything on my web portal.   

“Gather all courage and take a jump.
Even the dewdrop slipping from a lotus leaf trembles
for a moment, tries to hang on a little more,
because he can see the ocean…
once he has fallen from the lotus leaf he is gone.
Yes, in a way you will not be; just as a dewdrop
dissolves into the ocean, you will be gone.
But it is not a loss. You will be oceanic.
And all other oceans are limited.
The ocean of existence is unlimited.” ~Osho

I believe one of the deepest truths I had after this no-mind experience was how deeply and intimately we are connected with each other.  We are like one grand Ocean of energy-consciousness that appears to form itself as separate individuated droplets of ocean water.  Upon seeing the totality of our existence, it is blatantly obvious that we are operating under one energy source together. There is one common goal for all mankind. This goal is to merge and be unified with the one divine God source.  We are here to experience our true vastness, totally being the all-loving ever-present cosmic Ocean. It was apparent how clinging to any one thought of individuated separation is where all of humanity’s feelings of powerlessness, poverty and suffering begins and ends.

I love the quote by Nisargadatta that says, “Let go of the idea that you are not aware of yourself as the ever present changeless inexpressible reality.”  What this means to me is that we are the ones responsible for creating the illusory experience that we are disconnected. Yes, everything is needed and perfect in our world. Even the wonderful illusion of separation is needed so as later we can create an experience of unification. I find that when we accept our deepest illusions, hardest feelings and most challenging pools of separation consciousness that we are swimming in, we can one day relax and float downstream merging back into the great Ocean.

We are always connected with one omnipresent self.  We are this single God source, that is weaving it’s ways through everything and everyone. It’s just that the mind gets in the way and wants something. It wants to be special, loved, appreciated and accepted by the world. Most people don’t believe this in their heart, and thus unknowingly cling to the known, trying to heal, liberate or enlighten themselves through holding to certain thoughts and ways of thinking about life. When the mind becomes narrowed down any one path for too long, it becomes fixated and tight, like a closed book and cannot receive the new insights and abundance it could grow into. 

I find that the most enlightening truth we can handle is the one that greatly increases our power, wisdom, inner peace and manifesting ability. As we evolve closer to the exotic Universal truth of who/what we really are, the Universe bestows greater gifts and more beautiful manifestations for us to accept and enjoy. The tricky part is that many of us tend to hold tight onto ideas of the past and future. What we think we know feels comforting, especially when met with the great ocean of unknowns.

In my Indian awakening experience, I found that the most enlightened and highest experience we humans can tap into is one that cannot be captured by the mind, yet it reveals itself naturally and spontaneously when the mind is truly at rest and ease.  Like the feeling we might get from a spontaneous breeze on a hot summer day.  If we soften our hearts, quiet our minds, and become deeply receptive, we can relax into it and deeply enjoy it. The head alone is not enough. It is too small of a container to take in the outrageous experience of enlightenment. The greatest experiences can only be absorbed with an open heart and soul.  When the mind is quiet something inside us instantly aligns with this infinite spiritual essence that is inside everything and everyone. 

When we devote our life to quieting the mind and opening our heart to the Divine Source, we can feel, see and know  our real self.  What is our real self?  It’s that part of you who feels deeply intimately connected with everyone and everything. It is so vast that it also has room for the experience that we are small powerless separated beings, stuck in small pools of individuated consciousness, yet it is so much more.  The real self is omnipresent, vast as the endless Oceans, extremely bright, beautiful and soooo powerful that it instantly consumes all the other versions we make up of what “reality” is.

A small warning to the beginner on the spiritual path. It can be quite challenging to just choose to step out of your “old self” and into this experience of being one with the Ocean because everyone around you won’t agree or understand what you’re going through. We have learned to lean on society for an understanding of who/what we are. Collectively, we humans have spent the past 2000+ years attempting to reconnect with this oneness through religion, because we have completely forgotten that we are already permanently connected to the God Source. We have spiritual amnesia, caused by a societal mind that was buried under the illusion that we are like swine when in truth we are divine. Seeing through this great misunderstanding, we can be liberated from our collective consciousness.  We can be free from all suffering just like how the great masters have done through the ages. This collective awakening is part of the greater plan for our planet’s spiritual evolution.

As long as this belief in separation is the main way our society operates, we must each rebel against the norm if we are ever to find spiritual freedom. The belief system that we are not ONE being is the main reason why there is still war, poverty and environmental destruction on the planet.  There still remains a belief that we are disconnected. This belief is always being projected, emanating from everybody’s mind around you. What everyone believes you are, most likely becomes what you believe is true as well. It’s safe to say that every single person you have met in life has been overly identified with this idea of a separate self (ego) and most likely will fight for upholding the belief in our separation until the very end. It takes a very clear mind, a courageous heart, and a determined soul to break free from the matrix of illusions the society is casting over our eyes.

“Observe the mind. When thoughts come, ask to whom do these thoughts come to. Always watch, witness and observe. Do not get caught in thought. Just surrender.” ~ Robert Adams

To be free from societal programming, we must first be free from our ego. For our ego to even exist at all, it must hold firm onto some belief in its separate nature. If it doesn’t do this, it will feel very lost, confused and afraid and eventually give up.  The ego must believe that it is a separate somebody rather than an omnipresent nobody.  It’s been trained to believe it is a drop of water and not the entire Ocean as well.  This individuated approach to life has a great payoff of creating a feeling of power, control and direction in life. Without the ego we might believe that all our outcomes and manifestations show up because we are the Universe, and the Universe is making everything happen. Without the ego we would only have a feeling of love, abundance, true empowerment and real inner peace in life.

The greatest truth of can find is going to be the one that liberates us from this limited contracted mind/ego. The truth that frees our spirit is the one that brings forth the deepest feeling of joy into the lives of everyone around us.  This truth is found from intimately knowing our real self, our permanent unbounded infinite spiritual nature. Only from exploring what it feels like to be at ONE with the Ocean of life, can we be free. This exploration is what leads us to find full self realization and true liberation in the end.

I’d like you to do a radical experiment with your life right now. I invite you to relax into this idea and feeling that you are separate from the Universe right now.  Rest deeply into the feeling that you are not at the core of the God Source right now.  Start with becoming very curious about this idea, feel into what it actually means until you make friends with it.  The goal would be to let yourself completely melt into the feeling of separation, and have zero resistance to it. 

With a little practice you might discover what it’s like to be connected within your experience of separation. The most healing, loving, magical, empowering source in the Universe is in everything, so its also in this experience of separation.  The more you can relax into it, the more you open your heart and quiet your mind, to find that the experience of deep separation dissolves itself naturally on it’s own accord. Within the core of separation, we will discover the most profound, powerful, unstoppable and intimate direct connection to this pure channel of intelligent conscious energy that breathes our very core.

So just dive into the deepest root of all your problems, faults, self-criticisms and personal issues. These are where you feel the most separate and disturbed. Don’t wait until it’s the right time to do it. Just relax into them everyday whenever and wherever you are.  Make it the number one priority of your life to find this loving divine connection that is already here. Trust that it is already here even if you cannot find it right away. Act as if you are being held like a newborn baby in the most loving caring mother’s arms. By simply resting into this feeling of separation and you will make amazing progress on your spiritual path in a matter of minutes!

“You are the Supreme Being, and yet thinking yourself
to be separate from it, you strive to become united with it.
What is stranger than this?” ~Ramana Maharshi

I find that when one begins their spiritual path, there is this feeling that who we are is more unreal than real. What I mean by this is that it can be shocking to discover that what we thought we were our entire lives, is not real.  We truly have no clue as to who/what we really are. We are that which is beyond what the mind can understand. We are like the infinite edges of the most massive movie screen you can imagine, which has no end to the colorful creative possibilities it could contain. Our freedom comes from knowing our undefinable nature. When we realize that we are more like a blank multi-dimensional creative canvas, and not all the scenes and stories from the grand film, something inside of us feels very vast and free. 

I invite you to sit back and take a good look at your life.  Take one evening to investigate all the wonderful, horrific, typical, unusual, and peak states from your life. Notice if they sum up everything about who and what you are.  Is there anything more than this?  Ask yourself, “What is my real self? Who am I without all these experiences?  Do I still exist without these memories and if so what exactly is that?”

Our real Self is beyond the greatest mystery anyone could explore. We are much more amazing and magical than this separated mind/ego. We are bigger than all the life experiences that are projected onto us and into us. We are also much more than the pure witness, awareness and consciousness. We are the totality of it all.  We are that which life gets to play, dance and sing all of itself through. The separate limited suffering self is a comfortable habit.  One that that can be dropped by simply knowing how to stop identifying with it.

“You are neither consciousness nor its content. You are the timeless source…the supreme reality. Trust that.” -Nisargadatta

The discovery of the real self is a profound spiritual exploration. The realization of who we truly are is a timeless experience that eventually becomes the death of our ego and the beginning of real freedom. Ironically, it is our deepest innermost battle for freedom, our resistance to total surrender, that perpetuates the ego.  When we stop fighting, we begin clearly seeing. The truth is revealed when there is no more need to push, pull,  prove or fight for anything.  When we stop the struggle against what is, the ego’s clouded existence drops and something greater enlightens our way.

As long as we continue to pursue this life thinking we are only a separate being, limited in power, love, abundance and self expression, we will get attached to goals thinking they will make us happy.  Be very careful not to think that these limited ideas have anything to do with who you are. The concepts of ownership, “my life, my body, my thoughts, my stuff, my reality, and my mind” are the ONLY thing perpetuating our human experiences of suffering. Drop these ideas and see what is left. Nothing is actually yours and everything is yours when you realize your real Self.

There is no more need for the feeling of possession when you see that we are infinite spiritual beings already intimately connected to everything. Why would we need to attain something when we already feel connected with it? Desires only form out of separation. When we sit and meditate on who we are, looking deep within inside ourselves, eventually the mind will become quiet.  When this occurs, we experience the truth that we are eternal beings filled with a great love, magic and lightness. By knowing this inside, we naturally start living it. 

We really don’t have to be afraid of letting go and trusting our real Self.  The one source will move us, guide us, and shape our minds to reconnect with the hearts and souls of everyone.  Living from this space, we finally reach a sense of peace with everything in our lives. Everyday, we wake up and begin practicing being as vast and unlimited as the great infinite Universe we are surrounded by. By playing an active role in life, living out this realization in the sea of people around you, then something dawns on you that you are truly free. 

 When you see the world clearly, that everything is an expression of you (the real Self) you stop hearing what you don’t want to hear.  You stop seeing what you don’t want to see, and stop feeling what you don’t want to feel. Your mind is only fixated on the brilliant diamond of consciousness that it’s found.  You realize that the world is your mirror.  Everyone is always reflecting back to you who you are.  If you see an unhappy person, that person is inside you. When you’re truly enlightened, the experience of the divine awakening being begins showing up in everyone, in the most interesting ways. You are in an ever flowing river of gratitude all day long. So become courageous on this path! Take the risk to meditate, and quiet your mind all day long. Soon, you’ll come to know that what it means to be self realized.

“Remember to love yourself. Worship yourself. Pray to yourself. Devote your life to yourself. Find joy in yourself because God dwells in you as you.” – Robert Adams

I have one last fun little experiment for you to play with. Take 15 minutes to do this exercise.  Hold an intention to move down out of your head and relax into your heart. Your head will be sneaky, and try to take over many many times, yet just bring your energy into your heart space. Imagine your heart is your favorite flower opening its petals up to the great Sun. Feel the light entering your heart. It is melting any walls you have inside around feeling loved. Now pick one person in your past who you are not 100% at peace with.  Let these warm walls around your heart melt away and merge with the heart of this person too.  Feel the sun light is also inside their heart.  Let go of whatever the mind judges about them.  The goal is to be 100% at peace with this person for the rest of your life!  When you can do this successfully with one person, do it with EVERYONE from your past. Take this on as an invitation to be at peace with everyone on this planet in the past and future. Practice this and imagine how that will be. 

Healing simply happens when we are deeply authentic and real with ourselves. When we each stop repressing the truth of who we are, and are open with how we are honestly feeling, our real Self receives full permission to come out of hiding. Then its easy to see the truth.  We can easily stop being sooooo invested in the opinions of others. We can no longer hesitate, recoil, and retreat in fear of another’s disapproval. It’s your choice if you are ever free from “The Judger” inside you who is not ok with others as they are and you as you are. There exists a deeper mature part which can accept everything inside you. You can stop trying to pretend that you are more “adult like” than how you really feel inside.

“To identify oneself with the body and yet to seek happiness is like attempting to cross a river on the back of an alligator.” ~Ramana Maharshi

Merging is from the highest path a person can take. Moving into your most enlightened self comes from seeing that everyone is you in disguise.  It’s up you to remember who you truly are. With enough meditation practice, there comes this realization that you are in me and I am in you. The divine real Self that we all are is impossible not to see.  You realize it is everywhere, and has no actual boundaries. It is not terrified of intimacy with anyone, It loves letting go, shape shifting and merging with everyone in the Universe. It knows that if you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all.

I hope you can find your real Self from reading this article.  Read it again and again if you don’t get it the first time.  Eventually, the gold will sink in and you’ll naturally dive deeper within yourself and liberate yourself from the controlling separating ego-mind. My greatest advice to you is this: Be gentle with your exploration. Be compassionate with what you find. This life is the deepest mystery, and the more we can uncover who we are, the more we see that we have just scratched the surface and there is sooo much more there is to be revealed.

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