The Secrets to Healing your Emotional Life

The Secrets to Healing your Emotional Life
By Jafree Ozwald

“All that a guru can tell you is:  ‘My dear Sir, you are quite mistaken about yourself. You are not the person you take yourself to be.” ~ Nisargadatta

Every human being was born to transcend their apparent limitations.  Every day we are given a set of specific challenges to overcome, so we can grow, learn from our mistakes, and become a stronger, healthier, happier, and smarter multi-dimensional being.  From simply living 20 to 90 years of life, we are meant to master it.  We are here to learn how to deeply enjoy this amazing blazing glorious celebration of existence. The only thing stopping us are the emotional memories from the past, in which we’ve over identified ourselves as being something less than divine. 

To start liberating our lives today, begins with getting in touch with those emotions we tend to run from and avoid. These are often feelings such as rejection, failure, guilt, shame, desperation, hopelessness, feeling lost, unloved, unworthy, unwanted and in total despair.  Nobody enjoys being in these experiences, yet the good thing to remember is that each one is temporary.  They simply come as if from out of nowhere and then, they go away.  Each negative feeling shows up because it has something exquisite to teach us about ourselves. We wouldn’t really get to know ourselves very intimately if we didn’t have them.  We only become truly outrageous unstoppable magical manifesting beings when we given such massive inner demons to overcome.

The secret to healing our emotional lives is a 3 step process.  The first step is finding out where and what are the negative feelings we’re still holding on from yesterdays emotional news.  We must pull out and look at the leftovers stuffed in the back of our Emotional Refrigerator.  Whenever we have a trauma, such as rage, grief, guilt, depression, shame, fear or any high volume emotion that isn’t fully allowed to be felt and experienced, it gets shoved into the back of our emotional closet and begins to rot and spoil.  These harsh experiences are rarely digested, and so they just sit in the most hidden secret emotional storage facilities inside our bodies, waiting sometimes for months to get triggered by an event, person, or situation to come out of hiding.

When you do an inspection inside your emotional refrigerator, what feelings do you find?  Anything you may tend to control, micromanage or cannot express is going to be rotting away at you.  What do you think would happen if you choose to explore it, be curious about it, and even express it?  There is good within every apparent bad thing.  The dark emotions that aren’t so uplifting, pull us down so we can deepen and soften into this super sensuous succulent body we are living in.  Without negative emotions, we would be as hard, automated and rigid as mechanical robots. 

Once we find out what’s being stored in the back of our emotional refrigerator, the second secret step is to pull it out and listen to it’s story.  Everyone has some emotional disturbance in their past that has deep meaning to them, even if it was not getting the chance to sit on Santa’s lap at Christmas time.  What’s the most sad, hard, cold or deeply unwanted experience of your life that is not fully digested and tends to rise to the surface for you?  How do you usually deal with it when it comes up?  Do you try to look into it, and see what it actually is?  The secret technique to this second step, is telling your story to a good friend or even a loyal dog will do, but just listen to yourself as to what the main theme of your story is all about. Listen as if you were hearing it for the very first time.

Sometimes we have so many things packed in our emotional fridge that we cannot find or see anything in it.  Let alone what is in the very very back of the fridge (in our childhood), we may tend to not see what’s in the front, denying feelings we had a few hours ago.  We may even become so blind that we believe that what we really are afraid of is not the negative feelings, but the positive ones!  We may become afraid of falling in love again, opening our heart to someone new, and letting love touch the heart of our very soul.

The truth is always much bigger than the mind can perceive.  In reality we are not actually afraid of love, because love is the best feeling in the world! What we are afraid of however is losing that love, or returning to the experience of losing that love, whether it is through feeling abandoned, rejected or ignored again. Things only change when we stop to realize that in the greatest simplicity, real love in itself is totally pure, powerful and the only real healing force we have. 

“Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.” ~ Rumi

 Since some emotional memories can be quite traumatizing to just pull out of the fridge, the automatic tendency is to push them to the back, and deal with them later when we are feeling more stable and secure.  If this is the case for you, the secret is to take it out slowly, with lots of patience and persistence.  Take an hour or two to pull one emotion out, and have a good positive conscious friend there with you.  When we take the time to face the leftovers in our fridge, we come to find out that each one contains a secret source of healing nutrient. If they didn’t have any goodies we wouldn’t be keeping them in the fridge for all this time would we?  The key is to have the courage and desire to pull them out, digest their nutrients and reap the benefits.

We instantly realize our full manifesting potentiality when we have access to all our emotions.  Emotions give us our energy and power.  We can only feel total freedom in life from consuming and digesting all those hard memories and feelings that keep regurgitating up inside us.  We must pull out the nutrients from the pulp.  We must extract whatever gold we can find in our leftovers so that we can stir them into the compost of our soul. To try to toss out an old traumatic leftover that you’ve kept for a decade or two without sucking all the goodies out would feel like a sheer wastage.  Each emotion contains the right energetic nutrients you need in your life.  When you’ve totally cleaned out your emotional fridge there will be a healthy spacious positive “empty” feeling inside you, instead of a negative empty feeling that seems to be missing out on life or lacking something.

You’ll know when your emotional refrigerator is all cleaned out, as there will be a deep healing expansive feeling that simply blasts your heart wide open.  When we deal with our emotional doggie bags and empty them out completely, we have more time and space for yummier goodies!  Life is trying to pump us full with amazing experiences.  Every day we are given a new one to consume, yet if we are still dealing with what’s hiding in our fridge we cannot digest any one experience fully.  We carry our emotional fridge with us wherever we go, and it can become quite easily stuffed, if we don’t eat the new dish served before we have finished up the old. Before we know it, we are filled the rim and the last thing we want to do is open up, trust life and let in love.  Which simply means we are too busy being a tightly sealed container of rotting leftovers. 

“Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?” ~Robert Browning

The third secret to healing our emotional lives is to immediately feel, deal with, and release whatever emotions we have in each moment.  If there is something traumatic that occurs today, we must take the time immediately to experience the feeling and practice releasing it.  This means feeling into the core of it and finding peace with what it is.  This is the most healing approach we can have. This way you become truly liberated in each moment from the inside out.  The undigested emotions that are still there, will only force us to reach a deeper place of freedom. Within our deepest darkest emotions is the energy and motivation to get beyond them. 

The body is a very interesting metaphysical machine in that when heavy emotions are stored in our body and not consumed, they will physically manifest as extra weight and fat.  This blubbery protection agency acts as a guard to protect us from the deep pain we are in underneath the surface.  We stuff ourselves to keep the pain away, and use food as a feel good vehicle to find love. If you’re the type who is thin, fit and you think your fridge is spotless, and you don’t know what your leftovers are, just ask your closest friends who know you well.  Anyone who you’ve allowed yourself to be close to or real and authentic with, will know what you’re hiding. Just open yourself up to this person and allow any leftover feelings from your past to resurface.  Ask them to help you dig deep, and sift through your emotional fridge with you. 

Give yourself permission to feel into any emotion that arises, allowing it to become as strong as it needs to, and this will bring up all the goodies that are hidden.  Soon you might get a strong pungent sniff of a leftover oozing out of a container from your childhood!  Yea!  These are the best tasty morsels to be cherished!  Don’t try to avoid the strong pungent odors and cover them up with a sweeter fragrance!  Simply reheat, pull it apart and attempt to digest it. The few morsels of nutrition you find, will awaken you to new patterns of feeling, believing and seeing this amazing world that is all around you now! 

“Life is a mystery. The more you understand it, the more mysterious it becomes. The more you know, the less you feel that you know. The more you become aware of the depth, the infinite depth, the more it becomes almost impossible to say anything about it.” ~ Osho

If possible, and if you’ve got the stomach for it, reach into your darkest leftovers from childhood and release everything out with a great catharsis!  Go somewhere safe and yell, scream, hit some pillows, just do whatever you need to do to get that energy out!  The full understanding of how this explosion will help you and why these experiences had to manifest in your life will come to you at the right place and time. 

You don’t have to first figure out why your dad or mom had to beat you, and why you deserved that experience to clean it out your fridge.  The past is a dead thing.  If you want to continue putting energy into avoiding and ignoring old rank experiences inside you, this doesn’t allow room for the fresh succulent mouthfuls like a luscious love,  juicy joy, or a sweet sensuality to move in.

 If you’ve found yourself becoming triggered by the smallest things in life, it’s a good sign that you have some  leftovers and they are starting to rot and smell.  If you find people are avoiding you, it means you’re desperately needing a deep cleaning. There is something very powerful and liberating about releasing all the pent up emotions that are buried inside us.  I often wonder if this joyful feeling of letting them go isn’t the main reason why we tend to hold onto them in the first place. Many wonderful insights and deep realizations that can only occur through deep emotional cathartic release. 

You’ll find that over 95% of diseases simply disappear when there is no longer an emotional attachment hooked into your body’s memory around certain traumatic events.  We really have no idea how much joy, healing and freedom is possible inside our bodies until we get a whiff of clean air when the emotional garbage has left the building.  The key is to be patient with your investigation and use every little thing that triggers you in life as a light bulb to locate the doggie bags that are hidden deeply in the past. This is all part of the experience of the deep inner cleansing process.

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Sending lots of cleansing and healing,
Jafree Ozwald

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