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The Secrets to Lucid Dreaming

By Jafree Ozwald

Lucid Dreaming is truly one of the most amazing liberating experiences any human being can have.

When you are Lucid Dreaming, you will be able to do whatever your heart wants to do. There are zero limits and no boundaries on what’s possible. You will get to experience anything and everything you can imagine doing.

In the Lucid Dreaming state, you realize you’re conscious while you’re asleep and the power of the entire universe is inside of your mind’s imagination. So anything you imagine becomes your reality that very moment. Anything and every dream is possible to experience in this magical lucid dreaming space.

It took me about a week of practice with the techniques below before I started to naturally lucid dream. In my first lucid dream back in 1992, all of my greatest fantasies inside me came true in what felt like 3 minutes. It was absolutely amazing! I was flying everywhere going places meeting people doing things that I always wanted to do. It was the most exhilarating super fun trip of my life.

Every lucid dream I’ve had since then has been different and unique depending on what was important to me in my life at that time.

So, the easiest way I’ve found to lucid dream is this…

Get a permanent marker pen, and write a small capital letter “D” on the back of each of your hands where you can see it easily.

Every time you see this “D” (for Dreaming) randomly throughout the day, stop everything & ask yourself these 2 questions…

Am I dreaming?

Is this all a dream?

Really stop your mind and feel into the deepest ‘reality inquiry’ you can summon. Explore the feeling in your heart about this question, and dive deep within where it hits closest to home for you.

Try to slow way down to bring more time and more awareness into this inquiry each time you randomly see the “D” on your hand. Approach the inquiry as if it were a fun dream inquiry workout at the gym.

Relax deeper into your mind and body each time you repeat the inquiry until the question becomes like some super ‘hyper-now’ state of awareness.

IF you happen to become super aware that your consciousness is creating everything, look directly into the Source of consciousness and stay there as long as possible.

Take as many minutes as you can to relax into pure consciousness, slowing everything down and bringing more awareness to the curiosity if THIS moment right now is all a dream.

Eventually, you will see and feel the possibility that your entire life is all from the imagination of your dreaming mind, creating everything you think is you with your own creative imagination and consciousness.

Do this entire self-inquiry practice as many times as you can each day but always do it randomly & spontaneously.

And lastly, in the minutes right before you fall asleep at night, hold the intention deep in your heart from your most thankful protected warm loving space that you’ll wake up INSIDE your dream in the next few hours.

Hold the intention to remember your dream first thing in the morning and immediately record it on your phone or write it down somewhere.

Finding a super protected warm-hearted healing space is the key to feeling safe enough to “wake up” during your dream.

You can easily astral travel anywhere in the universe anytime you want, as long as you always feel super safe and protected from anything harmful.

It’s helpful to imagine surrounding your body in a bubble of protective white golden light that’s connected to the purest power and love of God for the ultimate safety and security.

It’s important to create a sacred Dream Journal and the deep commitment to write down all of your dreams and whatever tiny intimate details that you can remember first thing right away every single morning.

The more you practice recording/writing down and remembering dreams, the bigger this conscious lucid dream muscle will grow! 😀

Why does this Lucid Dream technology work?

The daily thoughts we think are stored in your subconscious mind and resurface sometime during dreaming at night to be cleared.

For example, if you feel incomplete with a situation in your life you will often dream about that person or situation at night (on some level) to find a feeling of release, completion, or peace with it.

By repeating the thoughts “Am I dreaming? Is this all a dream?” these ideas will eventually ‘hiccup’ from your subconscious mind sometime during the night while you’re sleeping. When they do, you will become aware that you are dreaming within your dream.

As long as you have a strong interest and intention in remembering everything that happened when you wake up in the morning, your mind will automatically remember it.

Just like anything in life, the more you practice it the better you’ll get at it. Just keep practicing this whole process every day until lucidity actually happens.

Depending on how much you meditate and how conscious you are of your thoughts, it may take a few days, a week, or a month before you become deeply sincere and conscious enough in your approach that lucidity fully manifests itself.

And the most important thing of all is to have fun with this journey and don’t take this life too seriously… because it is ALL a big grand dream! Enjoy!!

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