The Secrets to Reducing Stress and Living Abundantly

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The Secrets to Reducing Stress and Living Abundantly 
By Jafree Ozwald 

“Nothing matters so much that we should throw ourselves into a state of panic about it. No happening is so important that we should let ourselves be exiled from inner peace and mental calm for its sake.” ~ Paul Brunton

Learning how to reduce stress is the golden key to manifesting abundance in our lives. When we are living a stress free lifestyle we have extra energy, creativity and a fun feeling that anything is possible!  We take the time to create the things we really want to do, have and become in our lives.  Each time we allow ourselves to become stressed out about not having enough time, money or energy, we shrink and feel less capable of manifesting our dream. When we can create a healthier relationship with whatever we feel is stressful, we discover a new energetic source inside.  Our real creativity opens the very moment we let go of the thing we assumed was going to be a toxic drain we had to cope with.

So what is it that you find is stressful in your life?  Is there a certain task, job, or person who constantly makes you anxious and filled with fear?  One of the most interesting things about stress is that it is a psychological disease which can be instantly shifted by changing the belief systems in the mind.  For example, if you have an intolerant boss who is constantly pushing you to be more productive, this intense energy could serve to motivate you or may create extra tension.  It all depends on your relationship with your boss.  By consciously approaching your boss with compassion, understanding the true emotional pain they are battling with inside, the stressful pressure is suddenly removed from you and also dissipates from your boss as well.

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”  ~Frank Zappa

When you take a closer look at what “stress” actually is and how it is created, what do you notice?  Many of us will blame the outer world, saying this person, event, time agenda or situation is causing us to feel stressed out and is the real problem.  Yet, honestly is this blaming approach really empowering us to be stress free?  Whenever we point the finger outside ourselves, we are missing the grand opportunity to grab hold of our inner steering wheel and direct it towards manifesting a life that we love.

The choice is always there to be responsible or irresponsible about the stressful situation we are dealing with.  We always have the option to say this situation is too much, beyond our control and can let it all go.  We also can take the path of seeing it is something that can be easily shifted with a little more time, love and patience. Ultimately in the end what matters is how we feel about ourselves inside. Whenever we take full ownership of where we are creating our own inner tension, we awaken our most empowered self and discover the greatest gift of being perpetually free from stress on the inside. 

A stress free lifestyle is easily created by prioritizing trust, patience and appreciation above everything else.  This approach is based in knowing we are connected with everyone and everything in a deep synchronicity, enveloped in the most impeccable cosmic timing one could imagine. This sweet stress free approach to life contains a natural spiritual acceptance that a higher intelligence is taking care of us. We know we don’t have to be the general manager of the Universe, and always always have to keep our eyes on the road ahead. Instead, we can rest into this deep acceptance and appreciation that all is well right here and right now.  From here a profound feeling of abundance can enter. 

The very moment we release the white knuckled grip (we didn’t know we had) on our life’s steering wheel a miracle happens! We tend to relax and know that everything in life is going to work out for the highest good.  We enter each conversation knowing our lives are this natural amazing expression of this trust.  Every action we take comes from a place of not being attached to the outcome, yet curious as to how it may unfold.  We start to live a life that is without suffering and this contagiously spreads around to everyone that we know.

With a little practice you can easily reduce any level of stress by adopting a healthy daily routine that helps you harness the power behind the wild horses of the mind. Here’s a few practical things you can do to immediately reduce the stress in your life this week:  Start your day with some form of exercise.  Do it first thing in the morning for at least 20 minutes, or until you break a sweat.  This means engaging in some physical movement you love doing that feels good to your body.  If you don’t love it, it is creating a negative stress and impacting you in a psychological harmful way.  After you break a good sweet then do some yoga, stretching your body and relaxing into your heart.  Feel the presence of your own sweet soft surrendered presence inside.  Then sit for at least 15 minutes just watching the breath rise and fall.  Repeat the words, “All is well” or some mantra that makes you feel good inside.  Listen to life, nature or the sound of existence.  Spend as much time outside all week as you possibly can.

The secret to finding true freedom from stress comes from meditation.  By consistently meditating for at least 15-45 minutes everyday, we can instantly release lifetimes of stress.  By simply making a daily habit of creating a silent space to be quiet, alone and at ease it shifts something deep inside us.  Meditation gives you the gift of observing your thoughts and allowing them to pass over you like clouds. Once you can become detached from your thoughts, seeing that you have the choice to entertain one or not, you discover a greater peace and freedom inside.  You realize you are the sky in which the clouds are passing through.

 The process of learning to sit quietly in deep meditation can feel as challenging as climbing Mount Everest. The mind is always wanting to get involved and participate in some way.  Yet, meditation is a state of allowing, having no effort and being in total surrender.  You may find that the mind is efforting to allow your thoughts to just exist without getting attached to them. Any efforting at all will engage the mind and stop the blissful state of experience from occurring. Meditation is the greatest single thing you can practice to create a stress free existence.  By simply watching the mind, surrendering to what is, not having any agenda, and being aware of that which is already highly aware of itself very miraculous things will occur.

“God is there only if you surrender. Surrender makes anything God. Surrender gives you the eyes, and everything that is brought to these eyes becomes Divine.” ~Osho

Another powerful thing to practice is being aware of when you’re generating positive or negative stress. All positive stress comes from joy and excitement, and the latter from fear.  Both types of stress are 100% created from your attitude towards the outer world, which can be changed by shifting your mindset.  One child who sees a garden snake may run away screaming, while another will stop to curiously investigate it.  When we understand that ANY stressful outer event is NOT the actual cause of our pain, yet is always created by our mind’s interpretation of the event, then we can take our power back and turn a negatively stressful event into a positive encounter.  The more we understand the cause of our anxiety or tension, and how and why we created it, we can then recalibrate our mind to develop a new approach and attitude about the situation.

It’s vital to be aware of the power of negative stress in our lives, and is something to be dealt with and not ignored.  It is the killer of every dream, goal and fantastic adventure.  This hard heavy stress is very serious about life and is the underlying cause behind every disease known to mankind.  It is what creates the emotional tension, destroys marriages, creates feelings of poverty and is what blocks us from truly healing ourselves on every level.

All negative stress is created from a deeper resistance to life.  When we are not fully accepting what is, this is what initiates the cause of our pain.  When we judge that a certain person is not good for us, and we create a wall of resistance around them in our mind. Yet ultimately, where does this wall show up?  It is actually felt inside ourselves, protecting our own heart from getting hurt.  If this inner wall is not removed at some point, the consistent tension can produce painful emotional symptoms or even a physical illness down the road.

The person who lives a life filled with negative stress often functions like a horse with blinders. No matter what occurs, they continue walking straight ahead, thinking they have no choice where they are looking, and not able to see the beautiful planet they are actually living on.  These blinders are caused by very narrowed or fixed ideas about who we are, what will bring happiness, and where in life we are going.  This type of mindset is unable to stop and smell the flowers along the way.  The mind cannot open to the unknown, and misses out on the abundance of love, creativity and possibility that the Universe is penetrating us with in every direction.

The person who knows how to deal positively with stressful situations has developed the habit of seeing all 360 degrees of life.  They can see their judgment as it arises, welcoming the apparent source of negativity, and then look for some positive outcome to come out of it.  They don’t make any assumptions that any event or person is good or bad, they simply step back and witness the mind if it creates a label or judgment. This allowing approach is perhaps the most enlightened approach to dealing with stress available.

The allowing approach gives space for the negative experience to be there, yet does not give it any more energy.  The person can continuously be in love with life, open to each new moment and thinking positively about what life is giving them.  This is the most powerful manifesting mindset to adopt as the mind tends to exponentially expand in positive feelings and energy, thus increasing the ability to attract an abundance of positive things in the world.

“Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane
by those who could not hear the music.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Through my years of working with clients in hypnotherapy I found the greatest secret to helping someone step through a negative stressful pattern was showing them how to stop being attached to the story inside the mind.  When a person could step back from their mind and see it as if they were watching a movie, viewing “their reality” from a more distant vantage point, they could realize that it’s all happening inside the mind.  These people tended to have much less reaction to any future stressful or painful movie scenes. 

Another technique is simply noticing the source of the fear that is underneath it all.  What is the voice of the anxiety saying who is running the show?  Practice listening to what this negative voice is saying inside, yet don’t buy into the emotional negativity.  Have compassion for this voice, hear the minute details of their story, yet practice listening for what it is that this challenging hurt voice really wants to experience. You may find the negative voice inside of you is the key that unlocks the door to the deepest healing you’ve ever had in your life.

“Don’t rely on the mind for liberation, just have faith and act on it.” ~Nisargadatta

Total freedom from stress happens as a by product of a relaxed open mind.  Most of us would agree how easy it is to become stressed around an overly demanding impatient person who also has complain-a-holic tendencies.  Yet, what if they are a teacher, training you in the mastery of life program on how to abide firmly in the positive manifesting mindset?  What if they are a spirit guide who is testing you, showing you how to set a healthy boundary with toxic people, instead of being a doormat who ignores taking care of yourself?  Sure you may not want to be socially rude by walking away the moment they start sharing all their complaints and dramas, yet if you don’t take of you…who will?  When will be the right time to take care of and your heart’s needs? 

When we develop a greater sensitive responsibility to ourselves, we are choosing to care for the deepest inner need of our heart.  This is the need to be met with love.  Coming from this place we are stepping onto the path to freedom and creating a stress free lifestyle.  By devoting yourself to taking care of your heart, and stepping away from any draining situation or relationship you are engaging in, you can instantly feel empowered and free again. What’s amazing is that the stress you once felt with that person or situation can morph to become the most enormous feeling of liberation inside. You are then able to fully perceive the vastness of the Universe, feeling a true sense of divine relaxation all throughout your body.

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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