The Soul Is Never Tired

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The Soul Is Never Tired 
 Written by Jafree Ozwald 

“When you want nothing, seek nothing, expect nothing, then the
Supreme State will come to you uninvited and unexpected.” ~ Nisargadatta

An infinite source of energy is all around you right now.  You may not be aware of it, because you may be paying attention to your mind and all the other super important things it’s focusing upon. Yet, there is a source of divine powerful conscious intelligent electric energy here that they call our Soul, and when you have full access to it you can create ANYTHING you want in your life!  First you must be willing to stop leaking your energy by following all the 60,000 thoughts passing through your head each day, and simply be present to this inexhaustible connection that is within your innermost being.  It’s ironic that one could so easily miss experiencing this great power inside, as this divine energy is closer to us than our next thought, breath and heartbeat.  Yet, if we try to find our Soul using the mind, it simply won’t work.  We will overlook it because the mind is too small, logical and narrow to truly comprehend and contain this vast multi-dimensional spiritual energy.

Your Soul can only be found by surrendering the mind. When you open yourself to having a deeply intimate and personal connection to the greatest loving healing forgiving and accepting energy you can imagine, then your Soul connection comes rushing in.  It’s not that the Soul could ever leave you.  It is always here now, connected to the all the energy, intelligence and consciousness throughout the Universe.  It is always plugged into an infinite source of love and creativity.  Your Soul lives in a palace of peace, abundance and true happiness about everything, for this eternal energy is the very foundation of it’s core.  Once we let go of the mind completely, we see our suffering goes away with it, and we feel this infinite connection to an energy that has no end to it. 

Your Soul has no beginning and no end, and so it cannot enter a state where it could lack energy.  Since it has an infinite supply of life energy bubbling up from it’s core, the Soul can never be tired.  The Soul doesn’t know what it feels like to be lacking anything, as it’s always connecting to a direct spiritual line of inexhaustible divine energy. Any form of tiredness or suffering that we experience in life is because we are living in the mind.  We have believed in certain concepts about who we are, who we are not, and have forgotten that we are truly this eternal Soul. 

If we look inside our mind, we’ll see that we have been fed misguided information along the path, and educated by society to believe that we are this body that one day will die.  We have not been taught by the world to believe we are eternal beings.  If everyone truly believed this, there would never be another argument, struggle or war on this planet.  We would know only peace of being an infinite energy.  If you spend enough time alone in silence, and look deep enough inside yourself, you will one day realize that you truly are not this body nor this mind.  It won’t come from the intellect, it will come from a deeper place inside.  You’ll watch your thoughts passing through the brain and notice your feelings arising in the body, yet you will know that who you are is the eternal experiencer who is always in this moment, having some type of life experience.

Once we stop becoming so identified with the mind and body, we create space to experience ourselves as the Soul which is connecting to an infinite source of energy.  The problem is that the mind tends to strongly believe in certain thoughts and then the body FEELS those thoughts to be reality.  The mind watches a movie of a violent scene and the body starts to tense up, contract it’s muscles and prepare for the perceived battle. The body is always reacting to the mind with specific sensations, gestures and emotions.  The mind has simply become too involved with the being identified as the body, so we believe that we are those sensations and nothing more.  Even though we know deep down that every experience in life will soon pass, the mind gets identified with every thought and experience… until it is truly liberated.  This is what self-realization is all about.  When we realize the truth of who we are, this eternal being who is never attached, never over-identified, never suffers, and can never die, then we are free.  From this place it’s easy to see how ridiculous it is to get over-identified with anything of this world, and we stop the mind’s identification habit in it’s tracks.

“It is the most beautiful moment in one’s life when there is neither confusion nor certainty. One simply is a mirror reflecting that which is. With no direction to go anywhere, with no idea of doing something, with no future – just utterly in the moment, tremendously in the moment.” ~Osho

To truly transcend the mind, a soft loving vigilant awareness is the key.  When we can consistently return to the realization that we are the source of pure awareness, that which is untouched and untainted by everything, then our Soul starts flooding it’s eternal source of amazing energy through our body.  When the mind and it’s belief systems are no longer the priority, they stop obscuring the view of the Soul who is standing on the peak of the mountain, and we discover that we always were this eternal being.  This knowing is what instigates a deep spiritually liberating experience inside. 

What’s interesting about the mind is that it can be quite stubborn, and will attempt to pull you back into it’s temporal time bound challenged reality again and again and again. Whenever you try to transcend the mind with using the mind, the mind will resist.  This resistance is to be expected and welcomed as it will force you to become stronger and force you to go deeper in your realization of your real Soul Nature.  With practice relaxing into it, there will come a day when the mind will surrender and give up it’s relentless tiresome attempt of being right.  You’ll find one early afternoon that you truly are free.  The mind will have accepted that you truly are an infinite spiritual being having an occasional human experience, instead of a limited time bound being having an occasional spiritual experience. 

The long gruesome internal struggle with the mind is essential if we deem our freedom from is worthy and valuable.  The caterpillar who is about to leave the cocoon must wiggle, squirm and work hard before it’s wings are strong enough to support it’s ability to fly.  The newly planted banyan tree seed must be buried deep in the dark cold dirt, suppressed by the gravity of the heavy damp earth, in order for it to crack it’s shell and sprout up to reach the first light of the Sun.  The birth of every human baby undergoes a tremendous amount of exertion, which forces it to boost it’s antibodies and immune system so that it can handle the toxic elements of this world and survive. You’ll find that within every birth in life there is some form of struggle, and it is within this struggle that a deeper connection to spirit is created, which is exactly what every being needs to survive.

My invitation for you this week is to notice where you are struggling most in your life and welcome that experience fully.  Become the caterpillar growing your wings. Don’t try to avoid, control or resist what you’re going through for there is a deeper lesson inside it for you.  No matter whether it’s the biggest mental, emotional or physical challenge you’ve ever had, say “Thank You” to it and dive into the experience and through to the other side.  If it gets too intense, just step back from it a bit and take a full body breath, and then notice what emotions the mind has become identified with.  You’ll soon improve your ability to face anything hiding inside you, no matter how dark or depressing it may be.

A good question to ask yourself is, “What part of me wishes this situation was different than what it is?”  What part of you is not embracing this experience, seeing it as a sacred lesson of empowerment on your Soul’s infinite journey?  If you stay curious long enough you soon will see that your suffering in life is not created from the emotional sensations in the body, yet is in your resistance to the actual experience.  The sensation in itself can transform itself and become quite exhilarating and even fascinating, if you can get the mind and it’s judgments out of the way.  My greatest advice for you is to be patient and gentle with yourself throughout your process.  No matter how many times you forget, never give up on this path of finding your Soul and transcending the mind.  In time, you will see that every effort you made to get beyond this identity was definitely worth the journey.  Enjoy!!

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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