The Spiritual Cyclone of Life

Written by Jafree Ozwald

In life, we may find ourselves getting caught in what I would call a Spiritual Cyclone. This is the situation when the head gains more control over reality than the heart, and you feel like a goldfish spinning around in a toilet bowl. The mind dominates the moment, grasping onto each and every thought that passes by, thinking that THIS thought will bring me some grain of truth, peace or finding the “reality”.

When you bring all of your attention into the present moment you can find the center of any cyclone, no matter how big it is. It may take you a few minutes (or hours) to find the still point, yet once you do it is the most wondrous, divine and orgasmic experience. This is the purpose of the cyclone because at its very center there resides a deep stillness and divine awareness. This is no ordinary awareness, this is looking at the world through peace-filled eyes and an open heart bursting with appreciation.

How to access this spiritual space when trapped within the chaos and suffering? Look towards the stillness that is found in the very center of your innermost core and being. It is only in this place you will discover peace. A powerful spiritual knowledge exists here that will make you VERY aware that there is nothing to fear.

Abide in this center for the next 24 hours and you will see. Commit to living daily from this space and you will feel a deep surrender to this divine creative Universe. You will find yourself manifesting a rich life, full of meaning, clarity, depth and bliss in every connection with everyone you meet. Eventually, you will discover that YOU are never separate from The Divine Source. Be patient and yet persistent with the process of surrender. One day you will see that everywhere you go is the infinite source of love, intelligence and power.

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