The Universe Doesn’t Make Mistakes

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The Universe Doesn’t Make Mistakes

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“Don’t be concerned that you may make a fatal choice, because there aren’t any of those. Your Inner Being is always guiding you. You are always finding balance. It is a never ending process.’’ ~ Abraham-Hicks

Nothing that happens in this Universe is ever by chance or coincidence. We live in a highly intelligent matrix of conscious energy that is continuously unfolding in absolute perfection.  Every leaf that falls from every tree, every baby that’s conceived, every death that occurs, and unexpected random sidewalk encounter that we have, is born within this all inclusive field of alive quantum intelligence. There is simply no escape from it.

Even though the mind may believe that things happen randomly or coincidently, the reality is that we cannot step outside the field of this vast perfection that surrounds us at all times. The Universe is infinite, and in any infinite field there are unlimited number of possible energies, dimensions and outcomes. What someone says is ‘wrong’ on one side of the planet, somebody will say is ‘right’ on the other side.  It is only the mind’s creative imagination which overlays a personalized “should” upon Reality, imposing that things are supposed to be a certain particular way than the way they actually are.

To fully see, feel and experience the radical and absolute perfection of existence, we must first open our mind to accept the grander scope of the Universe.  To begin this journey, we must look within ourselves and witness the dark and lighter aspects of our own lives.  All the traumas, challenges, wounds and hardships that we’ve endured from our past need to be embraced, as well as all the divine gifts and blessings that have sprouted from them. When we can feel the sacredness of our wounding, accepting it as an avenue that was needed to experience a deeper spiritual awakening, we can experience the totality of life as a pendulum which is swinging in perfect balance and precision. From this perspective we can relax into the high and low points of our life, and meet the richest dimension of our being.

It takes a very expansive, patient and mature understanding to see that deep down the Universe is a deeply intelligent, omniscient energy field which simply cannot make a mistake in our lives.  When we open up to this understanding we begin seeing our every life event as sacred, and that no occurrence has ever been by chance. Our past then becomes a playground of memories where we can pick and consciously choose how we wish to interpret who we are, reinventing ourselves and creating a brand new future identity to enjoy. Through liberating our relationship with ourselves, we can move into seeing, feeling and understanding the total perfection that exists at the core of our being.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ~ Rumi

As we are observing how everything has been perfect in our past and inner world, we start to unravel the vision to see the absolute perfection that exists in our outer world.  We can see that even those challenging childish relationships where we played the “angry victim” role, are our greatest pivotal awakening moments needed to reveal our deepest wounded aspects which needed love.  As we learn to honor the necessity of our wounded parts, we become grateful for them, because without these wounds we simply wouldn’t evolve and yearn for real freedom.  It is only through diving into this healing journey that we discover the most sacred enlightening experience that our soul signed up to explore. We see that we needed our wounds to manifest exactly the way they did, so that we could deepen, soften and evolve beyond our resilient ego, and eventually find our spiritual journey home.

It’s good to know that one of the main reasons why we all are on this amazing planet right now, is to find and follow out our soul’s highest purpose and life mission. We are each spiritual explorers on a journey into the greatest cosmic spiritual awakening of all our lifetimes. This is our destiny and main purpose for being here. We’ve unconsciously allowed our minds to be programmed with illusions of separation and perceived limitations, just so that we could become deeply motivated some day to investigate the truth of our immortal cosmic essence.  By accepting that our mission is to transcend these illusionary limitations we can stop fighting with them, and truly enjoy our time here on Earth.  When we stop struggling and battling ourselves from within, trying to micromanage our experience, we can truly enjoy the entire ride.

As we learn how to embody the truth that we are spiritual beings, eternal souls, with an infinite amount of time to get it right, we stop stressing about the small stuff and can see that every moment of our existence is a gateway to enter the Divine.  We know that the mundane contains the extraordinary, and no ordinary event is trivial, but a deeply spiritual portal of exploration designed perfectly for our soul. We can realize that every being on this planet is an eternal soul, who is also the most important puzzle piece needed to fit perfectly, and complete this grand masterpiece called life.

When we practice becoming more sensitive to seeing and feeling the perfection within ourselves, we end up naturally healing the wounded parts of our inner world. Some people require to see the perfection first before they can feel it, others may need to feel it before they can believe it.  However you explore your inner world, the main journey is to be open and gentle with yourself.  It takes an unstoppable warrior for love to uncover, accept and find peace with the deepest fears, lacks and insecurities buried inside.

Through healing ourselves the perfection becomes evident, and through seeing the perfection we end up healing ourselves. If we don’t focus on healing our inner world, we’ll just end up becoming half functional wounded defensive humans who easily react and bleed whenever another person says or does the “wrong thing”. It is only through becoming more conscious, sensitive, and in touch with feeling the seething wounds in our emotional body, that we can become sensitive enough to feel the vast perfection that touches every atom of every galaxy in the entire Universe.

“The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity.” ~Albert Einstein

The good news is that as we practice heightening our sensitivity, we also develop a natural protection from the unconscious pattern of re-wounding ourselves further.  The more we truly care about ourselves, the more our courage and willingness increases to look inside our darkest corners of our past.  It is from this courage that we will find true peace with all of our past emotional baggage, and an effervescent liberation bubbling throughout our life. This choice to be a healing vessel for ourselves each and every day, skyrockets us into the highest vibration and energy. By letting our wounds be guiding light in our dark unconscious, we stop avoiding our pain and start seeing the blessing it has to give us.  The day we come to know that our greatest darkness contains our most sacred source of light, we find the power to manifest a truly joyous, loving and abundant life that is fulfilling on every level.

The way I see it, we only suffer in life because we are still living a lie.  The lie is some belief that is more important than the yearning to really see the perfection in every living breathing moment.  What do you think would happen if we made our main job as spiritual beings to be free from all the lies and games we are playing within ourselves?  What if was as simple as choosing to stop playing that old 8 track tape which we’ve been rewinding again and again in the back of our minds.  Who would we become and how would we behave differently in our lives?

It is only through consciously loving ourselves that we can move beyond the incessant repetition of thoughts that our minds regurgitate daily. By consciously living in this pure state of awareness, we step into the fire of our spiritual connection and uncover our real power. With enough time spent in this silent state of pure awareness, we are able to drop the mind that refuses to acknowledge and admit that everything is perfect just the way it is. The volumes of judgments that we were inflicting upon ourselves no longer hold precedence, and we naturally slip into seeing and feeling the natural state of perfection that is already here now.

Bringing awareness to any experience in life is like turning on a bright light in a dimly lit room.  When we simply flip the switch, it becomes obvious that perfection is everywhere we look. We can finally understand why we were treating ourselves poorly and how this was an important spiritual component of the greater master plan. Through awareness, we stop ignoring those hideous things that we felt everyone wanted us to keep in the dark. When the lights are fully on, we cannot continue hiding our eyes and pretend that life is something other than what it is. In the light of pure awareness, we find the strength to make it beyond our wounded story, and discover that we already are all powerful super manifesting beings who don’t need to struggle to survive. A new type of truth is born that contains the most wholesome loving response, and this frees us from any potentially future triggering situation.

“Falling in love you remain a child; rising in love you mature. By and by love becomes not a relationship, it becomes a state of your being. Not that you are in love – now you are love.” ~Osho

I find that one of the most motivating reasons to deal with the wounded demons from our past, is that it instantly opens the door to having a deeply heart opening spiritually enlightening experience of life. The mundane becomes sacred, burdening tasks turn into opportunistic adventures, and we spontaneously find this natural tendency to laugh and play with others more often. We take the serious people less seriously, and we make more time to bathe in self-love, gratitude, and a real deep appreciation for life. When we can abide in this effervescent non-serious state of spiritual lightness for several weeks, a higher level of joy pierces through the core of our being.  We discover that a profound state of bliss follows us throughout our normal day, and what soon manifests is a permanent state of freedom that cannot be limited, blocked or stopped by any event in the outer world.

The enlightened state is nothing to scoff at, for it is a direct and continuous meeting with the God Source itself. Wherever you go, wherever you are, you feel this gentle flowing sacred breath of life coursing through your body, allowing your mind to experience complete harmony and unity with all that is. The enlightened state is a very real experience.  It is a perpetual state of expansion into a divine state of bliss. It is not a head trip that rides on a single glimpse of truth, or a past epiphany that needs to proclaim it knows something “special”.  It is not a spiritualized ego that loves sharing it’s glimpse of vast knowledge with others for strokes of appreciation. It is certainly not an intellectual experience of reality. The enlightened state is truly free from the mind, where life is directly met without assessment, analysis or judgment. Since the mind is no longer in the way, the emotional body relaxes, expands, and naturally becomes a highly receptive sensitive vessel so that more of the Divine can enter.

By being in a continuous feeling of relaxation, the highest enlightened state can easily root itself in our lives, and seeing the perfection within all things becomes obvious. One can simply sit on a park bench alongside a busy street and effortlessly drop into a blissful state of perfect meditation. The mind becomes our ally and it starts seeing the God Source in all things, acknowledging that there is nothing that could be separate from this Source.

For every moment we acknowledge that we are surrounded by perfection on all sides, the wounded self is forced to stop attempting to steer the mind.  We simply become unhooked from those past memories of feeling hurt, rejected or furious about what happened way back when. Real healing happens, and the mind is deeply quieted in every instant.  This sweet source of silence is sooooo powerful that one second of it can relieve lifetimes of screaming obscenities hiding in the basement of the subconscious mind.

I want to invite you to explore a very enlightening and personally challenging assignment this week.  Every morning this week, be curious about how your deepest insecurities, fears and wounds are not by accident, but the secret ingredient to your spiritual growth.  See how each one is creating your life purpose, and helping you see and feel the total perfection that the Universe contains.  Feel into how each pain is truly a gift, that is as important to the overall success of your life as the golden Sun above. Understand why your soul needed to manifest these specific pains, and how each drama and trauma has helped you deepen your search for the Divinity that lives and breathes at your very core.  Find gratitude for the fears your are working with today, knowing this is fertilizer that keeps you constantly sprouting and radiating into a blossoming being who is truly alive.

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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