The Universe Is Listening

The Universe Is Listening…

I wanted to tell you about a personal experience I had the other day that truly made me deeply understand how connected we are to the Universe and that it is conscious, alive and always listening to us. 

My story starts in Boulder Colorado.  I was driving around town with my wife, and suddenly we both had the idea to pick up some organic veggies while we were in town.  We like getting our groceries at this place called "The Vitamin Cottage" since they have amazing organic produce as well as the best prices around.  So obviously I wanted to get there before they closed since it’s good 25 min drive back to our house.


Anyhow, it was getting to be about 7:30pm and I kept thinking in my mind, “I wonder when they close?  What time do they close?  Is it earlier on a weekend or weekday?  I really would like to know exactly what time?”  I remember being VERY focused on these thoughts driving there.  When I arrived I saw the lit up OPEN sign and with relief we pranced in without caring for a moment about the time they close.  We made it!


This is where the story gets interesting.  That night there was an extremely wild and vivacious clerk working, who was literally announcing for 3 minutes (I kid you not) over their loud speaker,  “Here-yee here-yee Vitamin Cottage people…we close at 8pm!  Yes indeed folks…we shut the doors at 8pm!  Not 9pm folks, not 7:45pm, we close at 8pm!  Yes 8pm, every night of the week its 8pm for sure, including weekends people its still….8pm!   Eight eight eight…did everybody hear me?”  


Now to this day I been there at closing many times…and have never ever heard anyone repeat the time they close so many times.  Coincidence?  I think not.  It is the Universe listening…enjoy!


Many blessings to you,

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