Training your Manifesting Muscles

Training your Manifesting Muscles

By Jafree Ozwald & Margot Zaher

Each of us was born as a perfectly unique and divine “manifesting being”.  This means at birth we all contained the intelligence, power and consciousness to instantaneously manifest our desires with joy and effortless ease.  However, throughout one’s life there are certain distractions that have caused our “Manifesting Muscles” to become lethargic and fatigued.  It may not be important why we are missing or feel we lack manifesting power, yet the greater question is how YOU my friend can get it back! 

If this is the first time you have heard about manifesting, then it’s a good reason for not going to the gym and working out your manifesting muscles.  Yet, once you know you are truly a powerful manifesting being underneath, then it is your responsibility to empower yourself by stretching and strengthening your muscles.  Wouldn’t you like to regain your natural ability to attract anything in life you desire?  When we receive a powerful manifesting workout, we are reconnecting with that relaxed, freeing place inside that is experiencing Heaven on Earth.  The world is filled with golden opportunities everywhere you look, and there is a deeper knowing inside that you can and will have it all.

Manifesting our desires is something that comes spontaneously, easily, joyfully, not in any forced way.  The actual physical manifestation of any desire you have is simply a by-product from the depth of silence, stillness, inner peace and meditative state you live in, as well as the clarity and emotionally charged feeling you have wrapped around already attaining your desired outcome.  Manifesting your ideal outcome is more about learning how to see it, feel it, and let yourself receive it. This means training your mind to be focused, silent, so you can rest deeply into your innermost being where only pure stillness resides.  These manifesting meditations are the workout facility and training wheels for the mind, that keep it centered and focused and clear on what you want in life, instead of having an untrained mind which will obsesses and worry about what you don’t want!  Remember, whatever you consistently focus on, is what manifests into your life.

At first it may seem amazing that our desired outcomes miraculously “show up” in our life without us physically doing anything.  Yet when you understand the divine omnipresent nature of our mind and know how to train it, you can allow for most outrageous manifestations to occur.  It is the obedient mind that can allow your desires to effortlessly materialize and take form.  For once your mind is truly at peace, centered and clear on what you want, you will find your desires manifest themselves spontaneously on their own.   When you find this obedient mind, a profound state of connection to Source will arrive at your door, and you’ll experience all your desires are just “showing up” because you are not attached to them anymore. 

If you have trouble finding inner peace with your mind, there is something you can do about it.  Train your mind to find the stillness, peace and your true abundance inside.  Once you stretch and strengthen your mind, it can relax and allow you to be the natural manifesting being that you already are.If you want to experience a powerful life changing manifesting workout, instantly download our manifesting materials online at:

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