True Freedom Doesn’t Mind The Drama

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True Freedom Doesn’t Mind The Drama

itten by Jafree Ozwald

“You are the imperishable Self. You were never born, you never did prevail, and you’ll
never die. You are the One, the all pervading One. You have absolutely nothing
to give up. You never had anything to begin with.”

~Robert Adams

There is nothing more important in life than to discover a deep personal relationship with
freedom and love.  Real true freedom is something that cannot be taken away
from you, for it already is the very essence of your essence. It is the nature
of who you are, and abides beyond the efforts of the mechanical achieving mind,
at the core heart essence of your being.  You don’t have to give up
anything to reach it, or try to create it with your mind.  You simply have
to realize there already is an eternal source of vast creative powerful
intelligent energy inside us all, available for you to do whatever you want with
it in each new moment.

The feeling of true freedom has an unlimited expansive quality to it.  It feels like life
has no walls, no ceilings, no windows, no floors and no doors.  There is a
deeper knowing that anything is possible, and you have the power in you to
change anything you want to about your life.  This understanding is
extremely powerful. When you taste it for even a single moment, you know without
a doubt that there is nothing that you cannot experience that you want to in
this life.  You feel unstoppable in reaching all that you desire.  You
know that any experience you want to manifest can be yours, and you know that we
all have the power inside us to attract everything and anything we can imagine. 

To find this freedom simply relax your body, let go of your mind, and follow your breath. Go
beyond the mechanical achieving mind and drop into the heart essence of your
very being. Feel into the energy and air surrounding you.  Surrender
completely to what is here now, in this very experience of your life.  Open
yourself up as wide and vast as you can imagine.  Feel into the feeling
that you have access to every experience you’ve ever had in your entire life.
It is all available to you now.  If the mind needs something more specific
to meditate upon, tell it to focus on unbounded spaciousness. Sending the
mind in this direction you’ll find your thoughts soon quiet and soften.  It
is in this unbounded spacious experience that we all discover our greatest power
and source of unlimited potentiality.

“When you demand nothing of the world, nor of God, when you want nothing, seek nothing,
expect nothing, then the Supreme State will come to you uninvited and
unexpected.” ~Nisargadatta

The reason that most people don’t feel free in every aspect of their lives is because are
believing in a lie. They understand that to attain freedom, they must become
free from something
.  This type of freedom is illusory and always
temporary.  The true freedom that I’m referring to is not found by trying
to avoid or escape from anything in life.  It is better understood as a
freedom for something, rather than a freedom from something.
This real true freedom embraces every problem, issue and situation as divine.
It is seeing life is the perfect teacher and how everything is happening exactly
as it needs to.  This real freedom cannot be given to you by anything or
anyone, which is why it cannot be taken away by the outer world. 

True freedom is really quite radical.  The mind can have a challenging time trying to
understand where it is, what creates it and how to grasp it. The mind cannot
imagine that in the midst of all the challenging situations you’re facing in
your life today, that you can simply rest in the most expansive freeing feeling
possible.  The mind thinks you have to achieve some goal before you can
become free.  When you drop this idea of having to achieve anything on your
inner world or outer world, you see that true freedom is always right here,
right now, always available to you and that you never had to do anything in this
world to experience it. Once you discover you have permanent access to true
freedom, you’ll wonder why you were ever wasting your time trying to settle for
the temporary state of freedom that would one day be taken away from you. 

It’s good to know that all the dramas we get to face in life are always opportunities for
deeper spiritual growth.  Anytime you hear yourself (or someone else)
making an emotional complaint, remember that this is an argument to remain
limited in power, love and unbounded freedom.  The mind tends to dwell on
what is not working instead of what is working.  It often forgets that
anything is possible.  It forgets we are divine all powerful beings capable
of manifesting anything we put our attention upon. The mind tends to dwell on
what’s not right, what’s not right, what needs to change, and thus this is what
it manifests more of.  Whatever we put our attention on grows, and when the
mind dwells on the heart of true freedom, the most amazing magical encounters
begin presenting themselves to you.

On this path to freedom I find that it is important to know yourself, and how the mind works.
The mind easily becomes accustomed to living a life filled with limitations and
self-restrictions.  In some way we humans like having tight walls and a low
ceiling around us because it makes us feel safe and secure.  Yet this is a
false security we set up so that we don’t have to stretch too much beyond our
comfort zone.  We can play the same small cozy games we have known for
years.  We don’t have to step into the unknown, we don’t have to be
powerful, love unconditionally, or really forgive others in the past who have
wronged us.  The mind can become unconsciously comfortable, repeating our
sad story of powerlessness, playing the victim in certain areas of our lives
just so we don’t have to do anything differently.  It gets addicted to the
ever pending challenge of trying to break free, without ever really knowing what
real freedom is. 

“Oh Lord lead us from the unreal to the real, from darkness to the light, from the Earth
to the endless skies, from death to eternal life.”  ~Kevin James

Have you stopped to wonder how free you actually are in your life?  How free are you
financially, in your relationships, with your energy, health, consciousness, and
in your love life?  I invite you to take a very long deep look inside
yourself this week and continuously ask yourself, “How free am I really?”
Explore all the walls of your inner prison and notice what they are made of.
What are the limiting beliefs, fears, attachments and restrictions that you
place on you?  Who would you be without ANY of these limiting thoughts and
feelings?  What would you do differently with your life?  What
conversations would you have with others and how would you interact differently
with your closest friends and family?

You will know you’ve found true freedom when you are no longer pulled down by the dramas of
life, yet are continuously empowered by them.  With freedom you will find
each moment contains the deepest level of peace you can imagine.  You will
see that nothing of this world can shake you, yet only awakens you to a deeper
understanding of your unlimited creative power.  True freedom doesn’t mind
the drama of life, yet welcomes it.  It embraces your mind’s limitations,
using them to grow beyond those old paradigms, forcing you into being all
loving, all powerful, knowing the God Source is the core of everything and
everyone, including your very essence.  When you live this truth everyday,
a natural expansive energy will take over your life, moving you effortlessly
forward into the direction of feeling unstoppable in all that you do. 

“Look within, see the Self. Then there will be an end of
the world and its miseries.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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