Trust Is The Ultimate Lubricant

Trust Is The Ultimate Lubricant

By Jafree Ozwald

“Trust is all about fearing less and loving more.” ~Unknown

Trust is the ultimate lubricant that makes everything in life easier.  It makes every relationship flow smoothly, it attracts more financial abundance, and allows for the feelings of real freedom, grace and gratitude in our lives.  Trust is essential core foundation to manifesting that life we truly love!  It is the most healing, expansive and relaxing energy which causes our hearts to open wide, so we are emotionally able to receive our dreams and desires.  When life is flowing fluidly and freely, it’s because trust is there growing and expanding inside our hearts.

The reason why trust is the ultimate lubricant is because it allows those tight, fearful rusty memories in our past to loosen up, laugh and be free again!  When we stop and apply trust to an untrusting person or situation, we create the possibility for deep healing and transformation. It gives others permission to have faults, be human, and not be so stuck in this 3D reality. Perhaps the best thing I find about trust is that it is naturally reciprocal, highly addictive, and very contagious.  The more we use it, the more we become used by it and the more fluid our lives become.

In this wildly crazy and unpredictable world, we’ve created a deep emotional need for trust.  We need and require trust to be part of our lives, trusting in ourselves and in our future.  With so many life challenges, distractions, and daily difficulties to deal with, the tendency to entertain doubt, fear and skepticism can become the rusty norm.  Yet, it is the challenge from this pushing and pulling within ourselves that invites us to diver deeper inside, so that eventually we explore what it’s like to trust 100% in ourselves.

Within this level of complete trust, we discover the doorway to the divine.  We release our grip on our ego and reveal the divine permanent essence that is hidden deep within our being.  Without the rocking push and pull of life we wouldn’t be driven to move beyond the mind, and fall deeply into our spiritual essence.  It is from the complete letting go of the outer that we can surrender and relax into the inner.  This relaxation into our core essence is the moment when true inner peace and radical deep inner healing occurs.

“When ego is lost, limit is lost. You become infinite, kind, beautiful.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

As we mature in life, we come to realize that we must continue growing deeper in trust if we are to survive. That’s right, our physical survival is actually based on trust, because it’s this heart opening soul welcoming energy which attracts the right people, situations and abundant income to enter our lives. Trust allows us to see the golden opportunities sitting right in front of our face, giving space for greater abundance to find it’s way into our future. The more trust we can tap into, the more successful we are at naturally being a healthy radiant abundant loving attractive human being.

The more often we can surrender to the feeling of trust, the more it heals our hearts, souls and lives.  Simply feeling the feeling of trusting in life relaxes our entire body and this impacts the energy inside everyone around us.  Trust is sooooo powerful!  It can transform the most impoverished, challenged life into the sweetest soul opening blossom.  When trust is given priority over fear, it can shine a light onto our entire life path ahead, even if the mind has blinders on and is lost in darkness.  Even when you think that no one can be trusted in life, that small candle light flame of trust never completely blows out.  It is always there, lit inside the core of our spiritual essence ready to burn brighter, even when we think there is no hope, possibility or life worth living for.

“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.

Ultimately remember that there is no thought, belief, or experience that can imprison you.  Your soul is always truly free. Even those experiences you wish that you never had are the “right” experiences for your soul. With trust perpetually lubricating your life there truly can be no failure.  Nobody can con you, lie to you, or steal from you when you’re a trust-a-holic.  In their desperate act of fear they only steal from themselves.  With trust, you are tapped into your highest intuition that always knows the way to love, abundance and freedom. With trust you become a truly abundant being who can see into the real future, forgive anyone who is misguided quite easily, and truly move on from all past wounding.  When we let trust be our greatest guide a miraculous life naturally unfolds.

To find the greatest resource of trust inside ourselves we must face and embrace the doubt, worry and fears that arise.  We must dive beneath them, sink deeply inside ourselves, and consciously observe that this doubting, skeptical, negative mindset is not who we want to become.  We must continuously and gently set the fearful mind aside, and open our hearts to the unknown.  We must be willing to take a leap of faith into the vast Universe, open our secret jar of trusting lubricant, and spread it generously all over our lives!

When you discover your inner source of trusting lubricant, apply it to all of those unpredictably fearful situations which you feel cannot be trusted.  Sure, you will find resistance from these anxious, worried and fearful parts, yet think of them as young innocent ignorant friends that simply need your loving assistance.  These fear based attitudes are simply trying to protect you from getting conned again, hurt again, keep you away from those who’ve done you wrong.  Let them know they’ve done their job and that the real reason they’re here is so you can let them go and come into feeling, seeing and knowing this divine all-powerful manifesting trusting being you truly are.

“Fear is that little darkroom where negatives are developed.” ~Michael Pritchard

Here’s a few questions for you to ponder…  How would you FEEL in 24 hours if you trusted each and every experience you had throughout your day?  Who would you become if you trusted every person you met and every conversation you had?  What would your face look like and heart feel like 5 years from now if trust was your main operating feeling all day long?

Notice what happens to your body when you trust in the feeling of trust.  All those controlling anxious parts seem to instantly transform and let go. The truth is that your innermost being naturally desires to melt into each moment of existence, and give itself over completely and freely.  It craves to find the ease and simplicity in life, which means knowing how to l trust in everything, every moment and everyone is aligned with the divine.

This lubricating feeling is all about letting go of control.  It’s about dropping our attachment to our story of who we are and who we are not.  It means we welcome the past and the future, yet we are free from it.  We don’t need to be in control of this moment of your life, because the Universe is guiding this vessel.  The lubricated life is about surrendering and opening to what is with an open heart.  It’s about forgiving your relentless fanatical part who is holding on tightly to what you think will bring you happiness, and resting in the grace that is alive and present inside you right now.

Yes, the mind can be completely obsessive and fanatical. It tries to change things, manipulate people and resists the natural flow of energy that is moving through our world.  Sometimes the mind can become such a control freak that we feel like we can’t find peace and relaxation, no matter what we do.  The easiest way to unlock and unblock the mind is always to apply a liberal lubricating dose of trust.  This sweet sexy energy will instantly loosen the rusty bolt lock hold the mind has on life.  In a moment, a hardened situation can magically open up and allow your entire energy field to relax and soften.  Once the mind can trust in trust, we can surrender to that spiritual source which is beyond the mind.  As the mind starts the habit of trusting, the resistance to that worst person or circumstance disappears, and we create an opening for the Universe to support us in developing a more desirable situation.

“The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind. But the goodness of a person spreads in all directions.” ~Unknown

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Have an amazing trusting week!

Jafree Ozwald

“There are no accidents or coincidences in this world. Nothing is by chance. Everything you’re experiencing is a direct manifestation of where you’re focusing your energy, attention and consciousness.” ~ Jafree Ozwald

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