Trust Your Future

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Trust your Future 
Written by Jafree Ozwald

“Nurture your mind with great thoughts,
for you will never go any higher than you think.”  ~Benjamin Disraeli

Trust is something that you simply cannot live without.  It is the essential core ingredient for manifesting a life you truly love.  A life without trust is one of struggle, poverty and deprivation.  It is only with trust that you can create abundance, be vibrantly healthy, have enriching intimate relationships, and open your heart to a higher purpose, mission and love.  It is through the energy and feeling of trust that you can access the natural power inside you to create any desired future that you can imagine.

The secret to trust is relaxation into what you are grateful for.  The more grateful you can be for what is here now, the easier trust effortlessly rises within you.  When you can be grateful for something in each moment of your life, an immense trust will find its way into your heart and take over your life.  You will naturally get absorbed into the feeling of trusting your future, and when you are trusting in the future of existence, great blessings will flow your way.

The world around you may not go exactly how you planned and turn upside-down, yet if you have trust you’ll see that its actually a fun entertaining play to enjoy instead of a gripping nightmare.  With trust, you become so deeply rooted in the core of your existence that nothing can shake you.  You become like a mountain, immovable and fiercely strong.  The trusting roots give you the power to do and create anything!  It is only with trust that you can leave your house, adventure out into the world, and have new intimate heart opening experiences with new people that are healing for your soul.

“Remember the emphasis on the heart. The mind lives in doubt and the heart lives in trust. When you trust, suddenly you become centered.” ~Osho

One of the greatest secrets to instantly start building bigger “trust muscles” is to consciously let go of all tension that is currently holding in your body.  Check your jaw, hands, stomach, shoulders, back and anus.  Notice where you are holding on the most, and ask these parts to relax, trust the process of life and let go.  They may communicate a specific memory or trauma that they are holding on to from the past.  Just let this go and relax deeper into your heart center.  Focus on your heart, imagine a golden lotus flower is blooming there as often as you can during your day.  Hold this image and feeling for as many seconds as you can.  Practice each day until you can hold it for 3 minutes.  This meditation will bring a deep opening and healing throughout your body, as the heart is the source of where trust is born.

If any fearful beliefs or negative attitudes should arise during this meditation, let them into your heart.  Anything that is blocking or protecting you from trust is coming from fear and ego, simply let them melt and surrender to the golden light from the lotus.  Let the golden light merge and melt with the darkness.  This is about surrendering yourself to a deeper experience of your life. Let your heart be fluid, open, at ease, and let the light of pure consciousness do all the work for you.  Let it shine upon all uncertainty and see the negative belief for what it truly is!  Everything is unfolding perfectly, effortlessly, and exactly as it needs to.  The Universe does not make any mistakes…ever!  Nothing is by accident.  This is a brilliant play of consciousness where you have nothing to fear.

As long as you are alive, remember that your life is one big long experience of learning how to let go.  One day you will have to let go of this body and mind, so the more often you can practice letting go, making space for the new, the more room you have to allow more good things to enter your entire life now.  When you can push yourself to get beyond your normal untrusting comfort zones, you’ll feel better about yourself, that you have grown and start to see new things manifest.  This is when you get to see how clear and devoted you are to your spiritual path, and how to master the art of being beyond control and listening to your inner guidance.

A real master of life knows deep down to trust that each experience in life is the right experience.  Lean into this one pearl of wisdom and it will carry you through the most challenging of times.  Only by trusting each experience that is given to you, can you relax enough to feel and hear the voice of Grace divinely guiding you.  When you are truly quiet and listening to God, being super open and sensitive, you can discover the most sacred and divine aspects about your self that you never knew even existed.  It is only through this sweet sensitivity to life that we can experience the source of real freedom, love and bliss.

“What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts
build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind.”  ~Gautama Buddha

Trusting that your future is going to be bright and flawless is just like trusting in anything else in life.  Just because you don’t know yet what’s about to come, doesn’t mean you cannot trust it.  Mastering the vibration of trust comes from learning how to trust yourself.  This means paying more attention to the little voice inside you that knows, than the voice that doubts and doesn’t know.  It is as simple as that!  We all have a sixth psychic sense and it is real, the Russian scientists have proven it.  This inner sense can naturally perceive and know things that are about to happen.  It is the all-seeing aspect of your soul and it will forewarn you, if you are listening.

The key to increasing your sixth sense is listening.  Imagine you have a spiritual guide, a teacher, master, angel or higher being that is beside you all the time, helping you find your way through life.  This person is real, lives on another dimension so you cannot yet physically see them, yet they are here.  By tuning into your personal guide on a regular basis you become used to hearing the messages, insights and answers you need.  You know what is coming your way.  The more you practice opening your senses (being more sensitive) and quieting your mind, the easier it is to hear. The more you let go, relax and trust the guidance within, the clearer the messages from your higher intuitive Self become.

Now perhaps you have been hurt, betrayed, abandoned many times in your life and have a really hard time opening up to trust. You may be asking yourself, “How can I trust in something or someone that may not be trustworthy?”  The secret here is to stop looking “out there” for trust and start looking inside yourself for it.  You are choosing trust simply because it makes you a bigger, better and happier person.  You are doing it to improve your vibration!  Sure some people will label you as a fool, yet those people deep down wish they had the courage to let go and trust, as their entire lives are wrapped up and trapped in fear.

If you are deeply challenged with opening to trust, ask your self this simple question, “How do you want to look back at your life when its all over?”  Wouldn’t you rather see someone who lived their life overflowing with trust rather than doubt and fear?  Each moment is your investment into how you are going to live the rest of your life.  Your hands are on the steering wheel right now.  The choice is always here to trust, and continue trusting the feeling of trust.  Just because it FEELS good!  When you have learned how to trust yourself 100% of the time, you will have mastered this lifetime and will never fail at anything you want to create.

Devoting your time left on earth to this constant trusting practice is one of the most rewarding decisions you will EVER make.  It will help you to spiritually grow, blossom in your relationships, finances, health, and become a blissfully radiant loving human being.  The most amazing news of all is the feeling of coming home to yourself.  What you have been seeking for your whole life is already available right here.  You are the Divine All Loving Abundant Soul you are seeking for out there.  All that is needed to connect with this Divine presence that is you is to quiet your mind chatter, be very very still, and listen to the silence within.  This connection is your pathway to Trust, and your passage to freedom.  This pure unbounded state of love inside you shines brighter and effortlessly burns through any old fear.

“Feel yourself being quietly drawn by the deeper pull of what you truly love.”  ~Rumi

If you are challenged with visualizing the golden lotus and don’t feel anything, do not give up!  Do the meditation for at least 3 days before you can expect to feel any shifts.  This is about building a new future.  If you feel that you are always filled with fear and worry, notice this and know you can grow beyond this stage of life if you consciously choose to.  Simply start with repeating affirmations, trusting thoughts which calm your mind such as, “Everything is exactly as it should be. It feels sooooo good to trust in life. I am a lovable and trustworthy person. Deep down everyone loves me. Love is all there is.”  You may feel its a lie a first, give it a few days to sink in…its amazing what is possible here!

Try repeating and FEELING these affirmations for a few minutes before you fall asleep tonight, and then again first thing upon waking up tomorrow morning.  Get into the habit of doing this all week!  You can simply make the choice to practice telling yourself that you can trust in life, because you deserve it!  You’ll soon see that you start to breathe in a new way that is free, relaxed and more spacious.  You feel you have all the time in the world and are free from worry and fear!  Are you ready for this?  The secret is to practice, practice practice and let life be your greatest guide.  Have fun and remember the force is already within you.  Enjoy!

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Sending lots of love and trusting lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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