The Truth About The Corona Virus

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The Truth About the Corona Virus

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.”  ~Martin Luther King Jr

In unsettling times we are meant to find out what we are made of. We discover our greatest fears, our true life purpose, and reveal what is truly important in life and what is not. 

What I’m seeing right now is the beginning of the greatest spiritual awakening in human history to hit the planet. Why is this? 

We are like kernels of popcorn in the cooker right now. With our hard protective shells, we are massively being heated up from the intense global chaos generated by the media network. 

As this global heat continues to increase, you must learn how to find the “I” of the storm within. Meaning you will need to learn how to detach, find your heart’s truth, and relax into the spiritual awakening process of trust, love, connection, to find out which information is true for you. 

This is the massive planetary awakening we have all been waiting for our entire lives. The planetary transformation which is happening right now is of biblical proportions and is guided by the highest benevolent powers in the Universe. 

To feel divinely guided on this great apocalyptic journey we must let go of our hard popcorn shell and expand into our greatest lightness. Meaning, we must live each day from a state of trust that is not infected by the pandemic societal fear the masses are hooked into. This mass fear hypnosis is the real virus in my humble opinion.

The stats and facts don’t match up that there should be this much fear on the planet. Even if you did get infected with Corona you have a 96% chance of survival unless you have a preexisting illness or a compromised immune system.

The Corona fear and lack of trust have a much worse impact on your mind, body and immune system. 

There is no place on earth where we can find real inner peace unless we turn deep within. If we don’t turn towards finding a higher truth inside our souls we end up buying into the fear fest and purchasing loads of toilet paper to make us feel safe and sanitary. 

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I believe nothing is by chance and there are no coincidences in this life. This global pandemic is the perfect grist for our spiritual mill to fiercely churn. The mandate to create a global lockdown is the greatest spiritual school humanity could ask for. We are all being invited to explore our metamorphosis cocoons right now. 

Your spiritual wings will begin to grow as you choose to spend more of your time Raising your Manifesting Vibration and relaxing with the fear inside your inner caterpillar shitsack. 

Every caterpillar needs ample time in their cocoon to incubate and slowly feast upon the nutrients that will transform their body and sprout their future wings. Ironically, the only food for the caterpillar to eat inside its cocoon is its own feces. How crazy is that! 

So we too must sit in our own shit, dive deep within ourselves and digest the rotten fearful negative voices and scattered energies bubbling inside us to transmute and sprout our spiritual wings. 

We must FEEL into our sack of emotional poo in order to experience a grounded sense of inner peace. This is possible when you take time every day to raise your vibration and Master your Mind.

“Learning how to be still, to really be still and let life happen – that stillness becomes a radiance.” ~Morgan Freeman 

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You can choose to not wear a fear mask, hug people you love, and remain in a higher vibration of trust and protection. I can guarantee you that the Corona virus (or something worse) will not manifest into your body if you’re constantly living at the vibration of trust, love and are devoted to fearlessness.

By being devoted to fearlessness, you will see that you’re truly on the spiritual path because you’ll feel your wings are growing strong enough to bust out of your cocoon. 

I feel the real catastrophic infection for society is the belief that other random human beings are not safe, so we should stay distant from each other and remain at home locked up in fear.  

What we really need is to breathe deeper, stop entertaining anything fearful on the screen, and spend time relaxing and intimately connect with those who we deeply care about. 

This feeling of real safety, security, trust, and heart to heart connection is the great societal cure. It is available inside us all. It has been incubating for a long time and it’s absolutely essential that it comes out into full manifestation for our survival. 

The opportunity to sit inside your safe trust-filled cocoon is available right now. Just look deeply into your friend or partner’s eyes, breathe deeply, relax your body and gaze into their soul enjoying these precious moments together. ‎

”You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” ~ Plato 

If you should take away one thing from this article, I would love it to be a practice of choosing trust over fear. You know that fear is the exact opposite vibration of love and trust. The more fear you entertain in your mind, the more stress chemicals enter your bloodstream and decrease your immune systems’ ability to defend itself.  

If you want to manifest a strong solid immune system, use the fear to push you deeper inside to find trust, faith, and connection to Divinity. 

I feel that the world’s stepping into its greatest unknown future in history right now and this is necessary for each person’s spiritual awakening to sprout. 

The insanity that’s manifesting out in the world right now is because the connection with our real spiritual essence has been suppressed by the mass media for centuries. 

We have been programmed from birth to ignore our Divinity, feel ashamed if we do feel it, and reject our sensuality as well. This is the shit that we all now have to deal with inside our fecal cocoon. 

I find it a very interesting thing that the word ‘Corona’ means the outer atmosphere of the Sun and in Spanish it means a ‘crown’. There is a positive within every negative, and corona is the spark of light that will ignite the greatest global spiritual awakening fire the world is about to see.

 It may not be obvious to you, yet a fierce new world run by higher more evolved enlightened beings is blazing through the collective consciousness with its awesome wings spread wide paving the way through. 

If you have been deeply or mildly infected by the fear pandemic from overexposure to terrifying untrue media predictions and have been secretly freaking out inside, please do not continue to entertain your mind with this nonsense. You are going to be ok… I guarantee it. 

No matter what happens far up ahead, you’re going to be better than fine. Even if your mind is wrapped up in the worst possible future, remember…it is all an emanation of the mind. Reality is always much more amazing than what the mind thinks it is, and you are not the mind. You are soul, a spirit, the light of consciousness and you will continue to exist, on and on and on and on…for eternity. 

That’s what souls do. You forgot this and may forget it again unless you realize the TRUTH of who/what you actually are. The Corona spark is here to awaken your crown (chakra) so you permanently remember your true eternal identity and fully wake up from the dream.

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You will begin to feel a greater spiritual truth when you focus on it more frequently (every day if possible). Write a post-it on your bathroom mirror that says ‘I Am An Infinite Soul That Cannot Die’. It helps.

Putting your attention on your spiritual essence all day long will help you dissipate the plague of media fears that others are in. Whenever they arise, without falling ignorantly into their clutches, breathe deep and focus on your spiritual essence. 

You’ll soon be able to recognize that every fear you have is not real, yet simply a manifestation emanating from your mind. 

As you wake up, you will stop aligning with the dramatic angry/victim global fear catastrophe story that others are clinging onto, and even use ‘their shit’ as fuel to strengthen your wings.

“Stop all physical activity: sit naturally at ease. Do not talk or speak: let sound be empty, like an echo. Do not think about anything: look at experience beyond thought. Your body has no core, hollow like bamboo. Your mind goes beyond thought, open like space. Let go of control and rest right there.” ~ Tilopa

I also recommend during this global cocooning experience, that whenever you’re talking or listening to other people (in the media too) that you practice focusing on the Source of Consciousness inside of them This practice will breed true fearlessness, and keep your body truly at ease. 

Practice concentrating intensely on the consciousness radiating out of them by seeing the light coming out of their eyes and feeling the energy and radiance of what this consciousness actually energetically is. 

Stop paying attention to their fear-based ego-filled words and look only into the source of their consciousness. This is the best therapy for them and you and can free you both from having a fear-based conversation in minutes.

After a few hours of this simple awareness practice, your mind will automatically LET GO of many layers and levels of anxiety, fear, and unconscious suppression. Yes, all of the fearful beliefs that pester you will fade in the background and you’ll find yourself pleasantly entertained by them instead.

Try it all day long while the world is hibernating in this massive lockdown, its the perfect time to explore something powerful and transform your vibration! 

We can only heal our old scars and fears by facing them and diving through them into our most inner incubation chamber where we feel the most challenged by trusting life. 

Trust the process. Practice trusting that beneath everything is a divine benevolent God behind it all. This is what we all know is the ultimate truth at the core. 

If you need help transcending fear… I’ve got the gift for YOU!!

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These healing meditations will help you to sleep better, find your intuition, manifest money again, trust life again and feel at peace with any catastrophic fear rising within yourself.

This is your time to shine. Have faith in the impossible. Remember that Divinity is everywhere… inside everything and every atom, and it never ever makes a mistake. Focus on finding peace by digesting your inner muck. Be with it as if it was a lost orphan needing your guidance to find its way back home. Enjoy your fear detox!!

“When the ego is lost, limit is lost. You become infinite, kind, beautiful.” ~Yogi Bhajan 

Sending a massive enlightening life transformative experience your way…

Jafree Ozwald

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You can simply learn how to increase your consciousness, raise your vibration, and redirect your thoughts away from what you don’t want and towards the direction of your life’s greatest dreams. 

“Give love and unconditional acceptance to those you encounter, and notice what happens.” ~ Wayne Dyer

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